Best Songs From Three Days Grace's Transit of Venus

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1 Chalk Outline

Amazing song.. Three Days Grace at their best in this song... Can't stop listening to it! Absolutely awesome!

My favourite song of all time! - abhisheksrivastava

This is one of their best songs ever made. - Alpha101

love this song! It is most definitely one of my favorites I could just keep listening to it!

2 The High Road

Three Days Grace is my favourite band, and because of that, it kind of breaks my heart to say this, but this, in my opinion, is the only good song on this album. Human was way better. I loved most of the songs on it, and I think Matt does a great job on vocals, but even that felt a little bit emotionless compared to the first three. Three Days Grace will never make another album better than One-X, because there is absolutely no song on that album I could say was any less than amazing. That album was, and will always be a masterpiece to me, with the self-titled album coming to a very close second! Life Starts Now also had some great songs, such as Last To Know, Bitter Taste, World So Cold, Without You etc. But this one was definitely not one of my favourites. Is this the worst album I've heard? From Three Days Grace, yes, but overall, definitely not, so at most, I would give this album a 3/10, for this song alone. Sounds a bit negative, but this album was kind of disappointing in my ...more

That was me who wrote that before I made my account. I love this album now. - 3DG20

Unlike most people, I didn't find this album THAT bad. Sure, it's not as good as the previous albums, but there are still songs that I genuinely love off this album (that and it's EONS better than Human). This is my favorite one simply because I could relate to this message personally (which is why I love a lot of this band's music).

Pretty much the only really good song on the album. I'm a die hard Three Days Grace fan. They're my favorite band of all time. It's sad how the quality decreased from Life Starts Now to Transit of Venus.

That was me who wrote that before I made my account. I love this album now. - 3DG20

This one is better than Chalk Outline and should be #1. And, Unbreakable Heart is the only 3 Days Grace song that I disliked. Put this at #13.

3 Unbreakable Heart

At first, the only songs I liked on this album were "The High Road" and "Chalk Outline", but now that I've listened to it again, I think most of the songs are great, but "Unbreakable Heart" is my favourite because it's such an inspiring song.

That was me who wrote that before I made my account. Now I love almost every song. - 3DG20

This one stuck out immediately to me. They have some great songs in this album but Unbreakable Heart just sounded amazing!

I love the meaning to this song and even though this song sounds a little electronic its refreshing to here something different that's not pop or hiphop

Great song, but creepy ending.

4 Misery Loves My Company

This should be at No.2 Come on People! - OasisFeelsLove

"I am not alone. Not beaten down just yet."

This song should be No2, I listen to it before I go to bed

Why is this so low at the LEAST it should be No.3 they play it like crazy on the radio here in Orlando, FL - OasisFeelsLove

5 Sign of the Times

No idea why, but I can't stop listening to this song. - 3DG20

Adam’s vocals in this song sound pretty trash

6 Give in to Me

Definitely the best after The High Road and Chalk Outline!

The BEST song of Transit of Venus, no doubt! The thrilling awesome chorus makes it more fantastic! It seriously deserves to be on the top of this list. Everyone, please vote! 3DG Forever!

The best cover I've ever heard, unbelievably phenomenal... MJ would have been proud of this song if he was still alive!
Thank you 3DG! - ahmedhiari

A beautiful rock verson of the great michael jackson

7 Expectations

HATERS go to HELL! - abhisheksrivastava

8 Anonymous

Its one of the best songs

Such a nice song...
i feel so sad when I see
good song at the bottom of the lists. - abhisheksrivastava

9 Give Me a Reason
10 Broken Glass

Throw to the floor

In my opinion the best song from this album.
Sad from hearing the band is going to end

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11 Happiness

The lyrics is amazing as well as everything

12 Time that Remains

The acoustic guitar makes another type of music. I love the rhythm and the lyrics aren't bad.

13 Operate

Why is this not higher, it is such a great song and should at least be in the top 5

#4 would be good for this song

I love the sond to this song, its angry but not insane

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