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21 Chemical Logic

great one

22 Start a War

One os the sickest sounding songs I've ever heard. Definitely their best song ever. This song also got me into this band a lot.

Theme from sd! Vs. Raw (the first), really sick! Best song ever of static-x.

23 Invincible
24 Otsego Amigo

Honestly what got me into static-x. Fast paced and insane, yet controlled at the same time.

High Voltage aggressive song with super fast vocals that scare little children - PsychoSandman33

25 Pieces
26 Otsegolectric
27 Dirthouse

Complete with numerous Dio pauses for effect. Love it!

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28 Cannibal

This song is Just Too hard For some Fans Too Understand that's Why it is so low on the list!

29 Wisconsin Death Trip

Get Upon This Wisconsin Death Trip! Title track of their best album. Awesome to just headbang and go nuts on

30 Get to the Gone

30? pft. Should be way higher. Brilliant Static X track. One of my favourate running tracks.

31 Set It Off

Awesome chill atmosphere then super aggression in the chorus which is one of the many reasons I love this band so much

32 Otsego Undead
33 Monster
34 The Trance Is the Motion

Very underrated song by Static-X and probably their most adventurous, needs to be in the top 10.

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35 Behemoth

How Could This be So Low This is One Of their Best Songs.. The WALKING DEAD!

36 Chroma-Matic
37 The Enemy
38 Night Terrors

A really awesome tune love the vocals should be in top ten!

39 Lunatic

Favourite track off Cult of Static and one of the best songs by the X. It's also on the soundtrack to Punisher Warzone

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40 All in Wait
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