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41 Rokkugo

Love that song I even dance to it

42 Someday Someday

I never listen this song sorry but I love choi siwon

43 Walkin Walkin

This song literally got me crying and smiling at the same time. Shindong's "Walkin to the day" made my day

44 Haengbok Happiness
45 Hero
46 Devil Devil

I love this song, it's very catchy and mature!

Devil is such a catchy song and gets stuck in my head all day.

I really like Sorry, Sorry but to be honest...Devil is better.

PLUS they look really hot in the music video!
^just watch the'll understand my thoughts. Oh and the song too 😂

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47 Sunflower Sunflower
48 Only U Only U
49 Let's Not
50 Hate U, Love U Hate U, Love U
51 Feels Good Feels Good
52 Promise You

Hits me the meaning of the song...

53 Believe Believe

The perfect ballad song! The melody & the lyrics so romantic. Even Kyuhyun & Sungmin loves this song - Haedictator

Even I love this song and its romantic wording
Love you super junior especially sungmin oppa

54 Disco Drive Disco Drive
55 She's Gone

My very first ultimate favorite song from super junior... loved it!

56 Monster Monster

My favorite song, I could listen to it all day long. I always feel like the lyrics are talking to me, just like that.

57 Angela Angela
58 One Love One Love
59 Butterfly Butterfly

I love this song, it's totes adorable! Butterfly needs more love people! ; )

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60 Reset Reset
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