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21 Creed Creed

Terrific movie, Sly's acting is just perfect in this movie, no doubt, he should have won best supporting actor.

Well...he got a golden globe... (sad not an oscar) but whatever awards this is still my favourite movie

22 The Specialist The Specialist V 1 Comment
23 Victory Victory

Pele up front ossie Ardillies on the wing Bobby Moore at the back Michael Caine in midfield and Sly in the sticks! great line up great movie

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24 Assassins Assassins
25 Escape Plan Escape Plan

This is great cause it makes me wanna get out of high security jail

It is full of unpredictable surprises till the end.

Full of action and a nice twist at the end. - Grayson

Having Arnold in the movie doesn't hurt

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26 Death Race 2000 Death Race 2000
27 Daylight Daylight

Melodramatic but, oddly, real survival movie. Good cast.

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28 F.I.S.T. F.I.S.T.
29 Rocky V Rocky V
30 D-Tox
31 Shade Shade
32 Oscar Oscar

This is one of the funniest movies I've seen by Stallone. You may die laughing while watching this

33 Grudge Match Grudge Match

It's a an awesome fighting movie and it's really funny, but action is better than funny! Add me on YouTube Claude13able

34 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot
35 Paradise Alley Paradise Alley
36 The Good Life The Good Life
37 Get Carter Get Carter

The musical score and how scenes were enhanced by music was inspiring in this movie...should be studied by future composer/mixers

38 Avenging Angelo Avenging Angelo

Love this movie, it is funny an romantic also with a little volience in it.

39 Bullet to the Head Bullet to the Head
40 Driven Driven
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