Top Ten Best Tech Decks

Yes, there IS a difference of quality in tech decks, and here's a list of them.

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21 5boro

Love there brand and were in American wasteland

Grip tape is everything in this tech deck - Birdhouse

22 Santa Cruz

That's cool simpsons fish tail

Great graphics and the boards look really cool but not very good for tricks


Great decks and easy to do beginner tricks like kickflips, and I honestly like the series two Santa Cruz more than Series Two Toy Machine.

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23 Tech Deck Pro Skater Board

Brilliant to do tricks on due to its broad deck! This should be N.O. 1

24 Tindur
25 Expedition One

I have a tech deck its brand was expedition one that's why I voted expedition one

I have the expedition one tech deck, I like it because it can do many tricky flip

Hi I'm keval expidition tech decks are dope its good for grinds, and rotation tricks and always look out for the enrique lorenzo deck!

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26 Tony Hawk

One of the worlds best sk8ters sick graphics awesome reputation overall brilliant only bad thing is they are pretty rare but must be the best

Best skater ever sept for Danny way of course

27 Bulldog
28 Real Skateboards

I have only 17 real boards but they seem to do better then all of my other stuff so I like them allot

It works well with any jump. I had a lot of fun with it but sometime its bad. Mabey you will like it if you get one. I loved it a lot mostly becasus it work like magic.

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29 DC

It's a unique board and slim & HAS A GREAT Designs
Cool graphics and a cool & smooth board :)
Trick master and can do back flip, kickflip, oli, impossible, spin and
Much more.

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30 Baker

so sick. mine lasted for 4 years. okay pop

I have baker and it is good because it is easy to do tricks and has a nice pop

Baker is the best I had it for 4 years I have it still

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31 1031

Best graphics ever on 1031's!

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32 Stereo

It's pretty good deck, been using it for a while. Good tech thought. Its great!

Stero is one of the best tech decks to skate on and it had better grphics then all the over tech decks and it is better qulity, if you don't have a stero you are rubbish on a tech deck, so you better get a stero fron dazed because I got mine from there today and the board is lieght wieght

33 Sk8 Mafia

I like them more but they just came out with them - zachsmith

34 Shut

Very high pop and good for grinding and sick graphics. I think it shold be in the top 5 teck deck.

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35 The Simpsons Longboard
36 Powell

sick graphics. I have the mike mcgill retro board - David55721

the "street lights" board is sick

There sick I've got the caballero bored

37 Dogtown

All I need to say, "A 1st".

38 Creature

Best techdeck I've ever had (i always lands my tricks when I'am using it)

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39 Enjoi

Enjoi tech decks is the best tech deck I ever had I landed all my tricks on my enjoi and I never will swap it with any other tech deck it has a really great popp and the grip is insane good

Wow enjoi is epip I can't believe that it came in 56th place that's ridiculious

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40 Foundation Skateboards

Cool designs I have the one by corey duffel its pretty good. The boards are also pretty good for some tricks.

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