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1 Tekken 3

Unbeatable game

Hey. I think it is the best tekken game. My favourite character, ancient ogre Was the final boss of this game.

I Love this game, it brings back so many memories, my favourite characters and still are to this day, Nina Williams and Ling Xiaoyu

Best Tekken game for many reasons...

- Most story driven Tekken game so far
- Took risks unlike the other Tekken games; many characters were not present for the sake of the story
- Introduced some of the best Tekken characters ever
- Had the best soundtrack of all
- Major advancement in graphics, still holds up
- Best character and costume designs
- First Tekken game to introduce new game modes
- Best intro video ever
- More fluid movement and gameplay
- Very high replay value

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2 Tekken 5

No question

The best tekken ever.

Good character roster, and the small bits of story sprinkled throughout the game with the character-specific sub-bosses and indeed the final boss cutscene keeps you trucking through the story with every new character just to see their ending. Later games seems to have disregarded this enjoyable formula, and have also disregarded another very important lesson from Tekken 5, that the boss is enjoyable to fight if he is challenging within reason. Azazel from Tekken 6 and Jun from TTT2 are conversely completely damn unreasonable with attacks cheaper than a Christmas tree in July, making the player more likely to just throw the controller away and go kiss girls than to keep bashing their head against that particular brick wall.


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3 Tekken 4

I don't know why people hate this game it had great stages and soundtracks the endings were good and the intro was so badass they took back kazuya paul and law were serious not joke characters like in tekken 5 cool costumes too and there's nothing I don't like about tekken 4 maybe they don't have that many characters but still it should be higher on this list

Whoever wrote the "Worst tekken game this was so boring this is what ruined tekken, tekken tag 1 was the last good tekken game tekken tag 2 SUCKS ASS hope tekken goes back to its roots tekken 5 was okay but please compare it with games like tekken tag and before(T3 T2 T1)" comment on this list is an idiot tekken 4 was the last tekken game to be serious and like tekken 123 up to tag not 5 that's when things started getting bad it wasn't as serious characters were potrayed as jokes and the story started to suck you're saying the complete opposite tekken tag tournament 2 was awesome I don't know maybe you're just blinded by nostalgia

I wanna see t4 character designs stages soundtracks, darkness, seriousness in future games put only characters with unique fighting styles not clone ones give me that atmosphere clear visuals makers should love tekken's story spend time on it as it was before tekken 4 is the best in the series realistic not cartoony shiny dirty graphics as now

Perfect atmosphere, the game showcases memorable soundtracks which fit each stage like a treat, not to mention the tone of the game was a comfortable transition from its predecessors with improved character designs and development. The mechanics were solid and modes were plentiful!

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4 Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Great game, albeit with a few failings. The entire game is non-canon, so the story is all around a bit silly. Indeed, the removal of sub-bosses and introductory cutscenes make the ending cutscenes the only character-specific bits of story to be found in the game at all and they're either goofy, short or goofy and short. The final boss is also incredibly cheap, for example having one attack that freezes you in place, drops you to 1 HP and then dumps you right in front of her so she can finish you off with a kick to the shins. As you can see, though, all my gripes are with the story mode, and that should tell you all you need to know: gameplay-wise, Tekken has never been better than in this game.

I love the special win poses, tag throws, tag assaults, everything about this game is amazing. Tekken 6 was all right... A little bit of a disappointment. But this game made Tekken amazing again after the disappointing Tekken 6.

Ugh Jun made me cry full of happiness. its been 20 years since she last appeared and I missed her so much

I love it that they bought all of the classic characters back especially Jun Kazama.

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5 Tekken 6

Best tekken of all time... even better than 5 in my opinion - DarkKnight2005

Amazing game in Tekken series. Nice moves and the players are also great. My favorite character is Bryan Fury.

Tekken 6 was awesome it's great it's even in the arcade

This Is A Great Game But Its Just weird
Ex: Churches Product Placement - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

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6 Tekken 2

My favorite game is Tekken 2. Tekken 3 is good but it doesn't have Kazuya or Jun. Jin is so overrated and is basically a copy of his parents. Tekken 4 is cool because of the storylines, the graphics, and the new characters. Tekken 5 is fine, mainly because of returning characters and some storylines. Tekken 6 is underrated because I like the scenario campaign. At least you get to pick which character you use unlike Tekken 5. The tags are awesome and the original is one of my favorites. In short, Tekken 2 is best of the best game series. - CDShark

Tekken 2 is my favourite game out of the whole Tekken series, my favourite character is Michelle Chang

Tekken 3 is better but the soundtracks was much more awesome and it had lee and lei

This was one of my first fighting games!

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7 Tekken Tag Tournament

Just the best. 4 and 5 are complete crap, this is the best.

For me, this Tekken was the best in the series for pure fighting and fun, it ignored the limitations of the story/timeline and instead offers a massive variety of characters from tekken 1, 2 and 3. This game is the middle point between the freedom of tekken 3's fighting and the limitations/balancing of tekken 4 and onward, I feel this should be higher than Tekken 6 by far because of how much effort was put into this game.

I think Tekken Tag Tournament should be higher on the list. It's as good as Tekken 3 and has the same feel but it's enhanced in a few ways. Better graphics, more characters (almost all previous game characters at the time). The only thing it lacks is any stories but that's only purpose. This game should at least be number 2 or 3 on the list.

My favorite Tekken game is Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 4 but I also like Tekken 3, Tekken 5, Tekken 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I really did not like the storyline for Tekken 6 so crap and everything else about Tekken 6 is fun. - special-ops

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8 Tekken 7

Pros - Great balance, great mechanics, decent visuals, more lenient controls for online play, great
combo system, all characters feel fleshed out.
Cons - Music is underwhelming and pales in comparison to previous entries, stage picks aren't
balanced (two helipads, two volcanoes, only two/three infinite stages, only one floor break),
story mode/arcade mode is wack. Where is Mokujin?

This is a really good Tekken game and it deserve a better position.

Amazing visuals and awesomely balanced game play. This has to be the best tekken

Is this game even out yet?

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9 Tekken

It doesn't hold up too well now. But if you look at what it was for the time, it's pretty impressive


10 Tekken - Dark Resurrection

Why isn't this higher!? It is by far the best game gameplay and content-wise. Took T5 and made it even better than it already was. It's on PSP but the graphics are still some of the best on the system. Greatest hits for sure. - Silver_Thunder

It is available in psp and it has awesome graphics

This and tekken 5 should be swaped

It's good

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11 Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Love this game

12 Street Fighter x Tekken

Pretty good game

13 Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

This Tekken game was great

14 Tekken Hybrid

Ok game

15 Tekken x Street Fighter

This Game has been in Development Hell for 8 GOD DAMN YEARS! and since then neither Namco or Capcom commented about the game.
Just wait and see this game will beat Duke Nukem Forever's 15 years in Development Hell - s646451

Isn't this already on list?

The person who added this is most likely talking about new game that might be released some day called "Tekken x Street Fighter"
And no, it's NOT Street Fighter x Tekken, it's Tekken x Street Fighter

16 Tekken Advance

A very good Tekken game for the handled

I have this game and it is pretty much Tekken Tag Tournament without characters except Xiayou, Yoshimitsu, Nina, Law, Hworaufjsdf, Paul, King, Gun Jack, and Jin. The boss is Heihachi but I don't think you can get him but good game for GBA

17 Tekken Revolution

Because Is Free to Play. Have a Perfect Definition of the characters. Have the Special Art. No have that ORRIBLE bound system. Have esclusive characters. Yes this is the best :))

Perfect Graphic. Perfect Characters. This is the Best Tekken cause IS free to play and cause is Only For PlayStation Gamers!

18 Tekken HD
19 Death by Degrees
20 Tekken 3 (Mobile)
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