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41 120 Bars
42 On Me

This song is fire man! Should at least be in the top ten, really good verses from game and kendrick

Game and kendrick again killed it! game 's third verse was fire!

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43 Bulletproof Diaries
44 Big Dreams

When I Get rich this will be on repeat

45 All That (Lady)

Sounds like old school I love it

46 Game's Pain

Best song by far!

47 Hallelujah
48 Jesus Piece

This is his best song! No way it should be down here

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49 Pray
50 Ol' English

Great and deep stories, great song to smoke a blunt to

How can you forget that one

Ol' English! What a chill track! Great lyrics!

Used to think that I was hard, so I stole my brothers Glock / And that's the day my life changed cause that night he got shot / Killed by another Crip over his Rolex watch

51 Better Days
52 400 Bars

Pretty incredible he can rap so solid over 20 minutes

53 Drug Test
54 Angel

One of the greatest yet one of the most underground songs.

55 Compton
56 Money
57 Runnin'
58 One Night
59 Special

Underrated song

60 El Chapo

Sick Beat and Sick Lyrics

Very addictive xO

That BEAT though. - AlphaQ

It's the best

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