Best The Sorrow Songs

The top 10 best songs from Austrian Metalcore band "The Sorrow"

The Top Ten

1 Crossing Jordan

Powerful, catchy chorus backed up by groove based drumming and guitaring. An emotional quiet section and ending make for a very meaningful and accessible song.

2 Follow the Lights

Such emotion, such imagery make this song the band's greatest of all time. A powerful, tear jerking chorus and a hauntingly beautiful bridge section are enough for The Sorrow to make their way into your heart.

3 Buried In the Deep

Simply outstanding song, The Sorrow at it's best. Great growl parts followed by a thrilling refrain, a great build up overall and of course perfect instrumental parts. What I like most is the variety of styles with the melodic/harmonic background vocals, amazing ending in my opinion...

Their best song in my opinion, closely followed by Savior, Welcome Home. Buried In The Deep has got everything, great lyrics, great riffs, perfect harmonic and melodic parts as well as unique growl/scream parts. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it :D

4 Knights of Doom
5 Where is the Sun
6 A Reason
7 Reach for the Skies
8 Burial Bridge
9 The Dagger Thrust
10 Draped in Misery
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