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1 Cigars of the Pharao

Best of TinTin

2 The Secret of the Unicorn

This has a very thick suspense and treasure hunt quality in it

Tintin is generally too underrated

I watched the movie based on this comics and it's great.

3 Calculus Affair

Nice mystery as well as comic relief by Haddock

Love the action mystery and suspense in it

One of best creation.

Like it very much..
Funny, action-packed, well plotted..

4 Tintin In America

Too Good. Bad for gangsters of Chicago

At last a top ten tintin list with In America on it. My all time favorite Tintin book love it from start to finish

Its not my top favorite comic. But it's my top favorite episode of 90's T.V. series

The best!

5 Destination Moon

Probably the best tintin book ever!

In this I learn't one thing. Never call Calculus a goat.

Don’t call me a goat,

6 Broken Ear

Stunning sketches and pictures,great story as well.

The best tin tin has it all, fun, adventure, mystery, plot, and the great alcazar! a masterpiece!

7 The Black Island

Probably the most thrilling TINTIN ever.

This is absolutely fjkbssdfkljb

Great storyline.The beast,the money printing and thompson and thomson riding the plane!

8 Tintin in Tibet

My childhood memories

Beautiful, visually and storywise. Elegant, simple, yet very deep. Brilliant!

Tintin in Tibet has the double meaning about friendship. I love Chang as the characterism of his best friend from China. The atmosphere is also beautiful and the chinese budists. A masterpiece!

I think this should be at the top. it's so amazing.

9 The Blue Lotus

I was pretty disturbed when I found Cigars of the Pharaoh in first place. There were a handful of loose ends at the end, all of which were "tightened" by The Blue Lotus. I'm going to say nothing about the plot due to spoilers, but I will say that Tintin first met Chang in this book. So Tintin in Tibet, which is one place higher, and features Chang heavily, could not have happened without this book. Now, already breaking my spoiler alert rule, I never would have expected old Rastapopoulos as an antagonist. Then again, if he wasn't that, then Hergé may as well not included him. The madman who tried to cut off Tintin's head was hilarious, and his "experiment" with Snowy was comedy gold, lie the rest of the book.

Really exciting and spooky

The story is so good

Its on a differemt level

10 Flight 714 to Sydney

The artwork is amazing and so is the twist in the tale, as well as the fact it takes place over only 24 hours. Some critics say it is just a lame action piece. There is a lot more going on especially with the developmental psychology of Carreidas and others if you look past the machine guns. The only better artwork was in the Picaros possibly.

This was really scary

Love it!

The Contenders

11 Explorers on the Moon

The storyline is very good! Nice twist!

Simply entertaining

12 King Ottakar’s Sceptre

The best tintin book. enough said

13 Red Rackham’s Treasure

Love all the books, but for some reason, this one was the one that captivated me the most. For one it has the debut of Calculus and the bits set in the ocean and on the island were very well thought out.

Debut of professor calculus

This book has funny moments too

Claculus is so funny, "more to west"

14 The Shooting Star

I just love this book but I don't even know specifically why

I like how this one has more fantasy in it and the part with the giant mushrooms and it is the most exciting.
1. The shooting star
2. Destination moon
3. Cigars of the pharaoh
4. Tintin in America
5. Red rackhams treasure
6. Secret of the unicorn
7. Crab with golden claws
8. The broken ear

15 The Seven Crystal Balls

This and Prisoners of the Sun are the best Tintin Adventures. But truth be told, I love them all.

Most terrifying one!

16 Tintin & the Land of Sharks

I couldn't find the book but I read it online and It was good

Tintin goes back to Syldavia! I agree it was an episode/movie first, but it has been a book too.

17 The Red Sea Sharks
18 Tintin and the Picaros

Artwork is amazing, although it has been dated too strongly with 1970's references so is not timeless in that respect. The main characters some say are lifeless, but this is progression and they have lived and experienced many adventures which would change us as well. It has a finale air to it and is fitting as it is the last TinTin adventure

19 The Crab With the Golden Claws

So thrilling and good

Though Tintin wasn't the main protagonist in this case due to this entry being the First time we meet haddock it was still a great story.we also meet first mate allan who happens to be my favourite Tintin villain.The Thom(p)sons
were hilarious in this especially the ending when they accuse Omar Ben Saalad of selling opium which he denies and then just as he is about to pull the trigger,allan breaks the book case behind him down saving the Thom(p)sons!

20 The Castafiore Emerald

Simply the best

21 Prisoners of the Sun
22 The Land of Black Gold
23 Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

With simple drawings, Tintin in the land of Soviets is one of the most attractive Tintin magazines out there

This was the very first Tintin book. it was in black and white but it was still an instant classic

24 Tintin and Alph-Art

Even though it is unfinished, the classic action is entertaining. the simple sketches are nicely drawn and the fact that it doesn't have a canon ending makes it one of the most important tintin magazines

25 Tintin in the Congo

Story is best and jokes and ideas are fabulous I liked it

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