Best Tom Cruise Movies of the '80s

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1 Top Gun Top Gun Product Image

This movie is undoubtedly Tom Cruise's finest performance and also happens to be the film that made him a superstar. He shows how to be cool, how to be determined to accomplish a goal and how to be a caring person. His character had the style, the confidence, the charisma, the emotional depth that made it so appealing to everyone.

I was 18 years of age when this movie was released. Top Gun was one of the most iconic and unforgettable movies of the Reagan era! Tom Cruise as Maverick personified "COOL". His charisma and confidence demonstrated that when you believe in yourself, anything is possible. Over 30 years later, every generation can identify with the magic of Maverick and the IceMan!

Every actor in the world needs to sit down and see this movie to learn what true style is all about. No wonder this movie made Tom Cruise a superstar

The movie that made him the top gun of Hollywood

2 Cocktail Cocktail Product Image

Tom Cruise is so hot in this movie - MaverickRide

Despite what some might say, it is a pretty good. - Drewstar

Crap movie but tom is certainly handsome in it

3 Endless Love Endless Love Product Image
4 Rain Man Rain Man Product Image

Has some great emotional scenes from Cruise

Wonderful film! Dustin's best performance, and Tom's great too!

5 Born on the Fourth of July Born on the Fourth of July Product Image

Tom deserved an Oscar for portraying Ron Kovic and he was better than Daniel Day Lewis. - MissionImpossible

6 The Outsiders The Outsiders Product Image
7 The Color of Money The Color of Money Product Image
8 Legend Legend Product Image
9 Risky Business Risky Business Product Image

I still remember how I fell in love with this movie just by seeing Tom Cruise on the poster. That's the power of Tom Cruise's charm

This is the movie that made Tom an icon in American pop culture, he was only 19 when he improvised that scene where he danced in his underwear which is why he's the best actor in Hollywood. - MissionImpossible

10 Taps Taps Product Image
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