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21 Oblivion

Perfect for Tom Cruise and to appear on a science-fiction adventure. Oblivion only represents his religion of Scientology and it's good.

It's very underrated. The critics were idiots for disliking such a sublime movie. - MissionImpossible

22 The Outsiders
23 Vanilla Sky

Though this movie still made over $100 million at the box office, I still feel like it is underrated. This is probably the most impressive performance Cruise has ever given in a movie (and he has many). This was truly an award-calliber performance and an extremely intriguing and thought-provoking movie.

It's an underrated remake of the Spanish movie. Tom and Penelope had great chemistry together, not to mention that Cameron Diaz was amazing as the jealous lover. It's among my favorite Tom Cruise movies. - MissionImpossible

Huh! What's this movie doing down here? It most be at the top of this list it's such a powerful moviem a very heart touching movie, so sad

Favourite movie ever! So emotional and thought provoking

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24 Legend
25 Far and Away

This movie always gets forgotten because it wasn't the major blockbuster so many of his other movies were. I think this movie is timeless. It is emotional and exciting and powerful. Cruise and Kidman are great together in this one.

I love Tom Cruise. I hate Nicole Kidman. - MissionImpossible

26 Born on the Fourth of July

As far as Performance wise goes, This is Tom Cruise's best film. - Drewstar

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27 Valkryie
28 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

The stunts were sublime especially the airplane scene. Hats off to Tom Cruise for being the bravest actor in Hollywood. - MissionImpossible

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29 Jack Reacher

Awesome movie! Flawless direction!
If you need a movie which would hit your brain, this is it. This is a movie for people with high IQ who always look for flaws in a movie. I challenge you find me a single directorial flaw in this movie.

A smart action thriller... Worth watch movie

He's the perfect Jack Reacher. The action scenes were superb. - MissionImpossible

30 Days of Thunder
31 Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

One of the best movies of tom cruise

AWESOME MOVIE: Bet you that U will surely enjoy it!


32 Cocktail

That film is the reason why bartenders look cool, and let's not forget Tom who did an amazing job and still deserves credit for being an iconic actor. - MissionImpossible

33 Endless Love
34 The Color of Money
35 Rock of Ages
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