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Okay, so that's it, which TVXQ song (When They're Still 5) that you like the most? VOTE HERE!!!

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1 Mirotic

I love Mirotic! The music video is really good as well, but the song is just... Wow. How much catchier can a song be. I've heard many songs, from SS501's Love ya to Cnblue's Love girl and this has to be one of the best I've heard! Keep up the good work!

The very first song of tvxq that I listened to and I fell in love with changmin's high note :3

I love how everyone sounds in Mirotic and the song is beautiful and is definitely one on TVXQ's iconic songs.

You're talking about a blood surging song.

2 Love in the Ice

This song is so close to my heart, I love the lyrics, specially Yoochun's part, 'Your back view resembles the white falling snow, melting down slowly. ' This is one of the absolute mentions in my '3 DBSK Songs I love the most' besides Mirotic and Bolero. Thumbs up to this song, AKTF!

I love this song. Whenever I listen it I feel some one is there with me protect me.

This is song is so calming and somehow manage to heal my heart whenever I'm sad

I adore all of their songs, but I love this one the most

3 Bolero

I love this song. A song that made me cassiopeia and love them

Best ballad song ever!

Love this song and them too

This song resembles about me n people out there. Beautiful song forever

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4 Doushite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?

This song is really catchy. Love the music video and the concept. One of the best song by the TVXQ.

Such a great song. their voices really shine.

WOW... It's supereb...Nice melody ever...

It's the best song that I have ever listen.

5 Stand by U

It's perfect and Junsu wrote the lyrics

6 Purple Line

So good!

Amazing. And I love the most Japanese version

This song is awesome!

I just like the song

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7 "O" - Jung.Ban.Hap.

Has been stuck in my head for years!

Is a wonderful song

8 Hug

Miss this song :(

So catchy! Beautiful song

It's a sweet song

This song their first debut n I guess its already be a legend around kpop world~

9 Rising Sun

This song has it all, great dancing, power show, stick with a ballad, cool lyrics, amazing singing, fast tempo as well as slow, explosive and calm, many surprising moves. A real show for a hungry audience and to listen to... I never get bored!

One of the most amazing song by dbsk. Their music is fantastic. It tells a wonderful different story than other mainstream Korean music

It's just beautiful. Intense, amazing choreography, amazing vocals, and it never gets boring

Really powerful
Whenever I listen it what I feel like

10 Share The World

My most favorite song

The Contenders

11 Survivor

One of their best upbeat track in Japan!

12 Summer Dream

This song gives the best summer feel ever!

13 Wrong Number

So smooth, darkie, sexual! Mirotic and Wrong Number are my favorites! - KpopAllOverTheWorld

One of their best upbeat track, beside Mirotic and Purple Line!

14 Catch Me

This song r so fabulous by their track song!

Super catchy and great vocals!

One of my favorite song ever

This is best songs

15 Hi Ya Ya

Summer song n I want to o vacation while hear this

16 Heart, Mind, and Soul

In this song, the harmonization is so perfect! All TVXQ's song are PERFECT HARMONIZATION! AKTFLF DB5K OT5 CASSIE BIGEAST DAEBAKK!

17 Tri-Angle
18 Something

Love this song very much!

Love the jazzy feel!

LOVE the brass incorporation!
Also catch

19 Spellbound

Amazing song... U-know and Max both were looking so hot and charming. Love ya! I'm really spellbound, the song is also amazing.

The best song ever.

Changmin voice is beautiful
Go Yunho
Go Changmin

20 Tonight
21 Wasurenaide

This songs (both lyrics and composition) is created by Jaejoong, and not to mention, this is one of their best ballad.

I love this song its so memorable. The lyrics shown dbsk current situation now, jj always now how to put the members in their best vocal position ( look at jyj in heaven album most songs created by jj brings out the best vocal of yc n js). Love this "don't forget" song.

22 Picture of You

One of their best ballad song in Korea, and this is also the last MV from them (in Korea)... That making us so heart-breaking just by watching the MV!

23 Holding Back the Tears

This song always makes me cry, it's really sad.

I really love their voices in this song!

24 9095

Another song created by Jaejoong (the composition), but heck, this song sounds so damn sophisticated! It's like made by an expert! One of the best track in The Secret Code album! And without doubt... The best TVXQ filler track (beside Darkness Eyes) ever!

25 Darkness Eyes

Just listen to the song, this song is not too over-the-head, but the arrangement and the lyrics too! It's so cool...

26 Asu Wa Kuru Kara

My first favorite song of TVXQ, and one of the best ending song of One Piece! This song is so easy to listen!

27 Lovin' You

One of their best ballads... This songs dynamic make it sounds fit for a heart-breaking song! And the MV is so sad!

28 Yakusoku (Promise)
29 Scream

I'm SCREAM about this song~

30 Whatever They Say
31 Kiss the Baby Sky

Kiss the Baby Sky is the second track of Tohoshinki (THSK) 25th Japanese single which was released on 21st January 2009. This song was composed and written by Yoochun.

32 Why (Keep Your Head Down)

First song after TVXQ became only two. And one of the strongest, if not the strongest, song since they went duo. Love this song.

33 Begin

If you want to know about TVXQ's ability to blend about melody and harmnony, this is the perfect song for you! A Very damn gorgeous song! And Jaejoong's voice is so lovely here...

I love tvxq

34 Break Out!

We will never forget this song, Cassie! A song that make up for "AKTF"!

35 Step by Step
36 Keep Your Head Down
37 Good Night

This song is so cute

38 Mideoyo (Believe)
39 You Only Love
40 Proud

This song makes me cry, it's so beautiful!

41 Believe

This is a beautiful song their harmonies are so on point I love it

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