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41 Invincible

This is too far down for such an epic song. Should be in the top 10

The most epic song. When I hear it, I imagine myself fighting thousands of enemies in fantasy world. Drums are the best in this song.

This song makes me feel invincible

Another blatant snub, "Invincible" boasts one of Bergersen's best themes; colorful and compelling, it is delivered with a potent blend: the flair of brass and Merethe Soltvedt's lucid vocals. The percussion motif propels the song through its bombastic density, which yields to the breathtaking contrast of Soltvedt's soaring voice over the dark thunder of brass. While it suffers somewhat from audial saturation, its strong theme and electricity deserve better than a #30 spot.

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42 Miracles

I always listen to this when I want to be inspired, I just feel as though it lifts my spirits

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43 Empire of Angels

Empire of Angels ought to be #1! It is an injustice! It is far superior to Heart of Courage (unpopular opinion, I know)! The melody is incredibly beautiful and it builds spectacularly! It may be repetitive, but that is one of the things I like about it. It doesn't stray from it's incredible melody while not failing to increase in energy.

The catchy pairing of melody and beat suffers from repetition, but it benefits from glorious orchestration and the rousing syncopation of the finale; it is a memorable piece (albeit an ear-worm).

'seriously, THIS LOW? ' should be at least top 5

It has a really awesome melody, should be at least in top 5.

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44 Fill My Heart

Makes me nearly cry, I listened to this while reading One Piece when the Merry Go died and I cried so hard!

45 Magic of Love

Whoa! What two steps music have I been listening to forever? This song is so good. - NymeriaWaters

This song is amazing! Its so uplifting, I'm suprised it isn't in the top 10

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46 Love & Loss

Really? This was the first song I'd heard by them and it has always been my favorite.

Heart-pounding. Two Steps at its best.

47 Rise Above

This song is just song is just so amazing, with the mix of different instruments/vocals, great melodies and buildups, and all around very deep.

Great song, deep and catchy, should be in Top 10.

48 Sun & Moon

Yeah the atmosphere is very special indeed!

This has a really special feeling.

49 Starvation

Incredibly complete and brilliantly orchestrated song the rhythmic motif in string arpeggios is complexly syncopated and suspenseful, and the sliding dissonances build drama raw, dark chant punctuates the explosive brass and percussion above it runs the haunting choral melody of the Bulgarian folksong Ayshenko, pilya shareno these intense passages alternate with those in brass, namely a soaring refrain and swashbuckling bridge in the finale, ALL of these elements are integrated into a scintillating climax the dying echoes of drums deftly complete the experience.

With its abundance of vivid motifs and masterful orchestration, Starvation is a MASSIVE snub at 40.

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50 Icarus
51 Sons of War

Very underrated song - could potentially beat heart of courage, it depends on the person's taste.

Underrated, it could beat Protectors of the Earth in some ways. Really depends on your tastes.

Can't believe that tis song is in the bottom

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52 False King

This song is easily one of their best! The first song that bought me closer to this band!

This song is better than all of the ones listed! It deserves to be much higher on the list! Definitely should be in the Top 5!

Best of Two Steps from Hell without a doubt

This is clearly one of their best. Should be placed in top 10 list.

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53 After the Fall

Seriously, THIS LOW? Top 5 at least?

THIS and Blackheart is the two most sad and beautiful songs of TSFH.

Up up up

One of TSFH's best songs ever!
Really surprised it didn't even make top 50!
You guys have no idea what you're missing on here!

54 Jump

Jump is just awesome! Definitely not the best song. (Archangels or Aura no questions) but this needs to get higher up on this litle unfinished list.

Really good war song. Try playing dodgeball playing Blackheart in your head.

Marvelous combination of string instruments and electric guitar.

One of the new era songs (Area 51... ) for the use of electric guitar.

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55 Breathe

The best! I would place it number 1

This is my absolute favorite from Two Steps From Hell.

Would absolute have in top 10. A better end song to a movie I cannot find. It just sets everything right no matter how bad everything has been. Total forgivness, letting go.

One of the most touching TSFH songs ever.

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56 Cassandra

This song is so stunning, beautiful, moving. One of the greatest epic songs ever made. Why is is not higher? Unlike some of the other two steps songs, it doesn't have the awkward intro. It's all gorgeous.

This song is just beautiful... you can imagine a princess named Cassandra escaping from the palace she was forced to live into for her entire life. That moment of elegant freedom.

The voice of that woman on in this song alone should put this on the top 3. come on. Enough with the jokes. Listen to this song and then vote.

A new beautiful variety of epic music. This could actually be my wedding song!

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57 He Who Brings the Night

This song remind me the awakening of a great monster, or the boss battle, then it seems turning to metal.

Did you hear those awesome drums?!? And that guitar! Love a lot of the other songs too though

58 Starchild
59 Free Fall
60 Enigmatic Soul

Very beautiful Song. One of their best in my opinion

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