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21 Miracle

You all have heard this song if not then hurry and listen. This song is REALLY A MIRACLE in both lyric and MUSIC. Especially I like those lines where Kevin~oppa sang. Love you you kiss and Kevin.

22 Words That Hurt Me

Catchy song plus the lyrics completely contrast the melody

23 She's Mine/ That's My Girl

That is the best song I have ever heard it's the bomb like 4 reals!

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24 Someday

It's message is good

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25 Party All the Time
26 Te Amo
27 Mworago
28 Amazing

By hearing this song I feel like very happy in my mind, not only amazing from you kiss but all of their songs.

29 Am I That Easy?

THis song is just great and fantastic and really addictive!
And their dance moves in the chorus..! So manly...
No other kpop bands would have perfected the song like you KISS did... They are unbeatable..

30 Quit Playing

This song from the mini album of mono scandal is the best this was the 1st song that I heard from you kiss and it sort of got me in to you kiss!

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31 When Love Stops

Why it is in the top 35?

32 Top That

I really like this song, it's so addicting. I've been listening to this like 24/7 since I first heard it The LALALALALA in the background laugh out loud
And Dongho's rap is really awesome!
They're all awesome.. U-KISS fighting!
They're so underrated it's frustrating
I feel the song is dedicated to all the other KPOP groups :P

Lallalal top that top that top that~~ love this song totally recommend people to listen to this song totally wanna dance this and just uhh its amazing seriously.

33 Distance

This song is SO PRETTY. I'm a ballad girl, so although I still LOVE their songs like neverland and stop girl (and... Pretty much all their music haha), this song just made me fall in love with them all over again <3 I will be a proud kissme forever! U-KISS HWAITING! My favorite group~

34 Play Back
35 Time to Go V 1 Comment
36 Baby Don't Cry
37 Break Up
38 Playground V 1 Comment
39 Love On U V 1 Comment
40 Touch Me
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