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61 1978

I've always thought 1978 was the best overall year. I was 13 years old, but wise enough to know when times were good. One last good year of the 70's, between Watergate and Reagan/Thatcher, Vietnam, Oil Crisis (early 70's) and Trickle-down economics and big recessions of the 80's (and since!). Not so great for fashion I admit. These experts seem to agree...

62 1942
63 1950
64 1953

Cause that's when I had a 11 inch cock


65 1962

It just is..

66 6 BC

That's the year Jesus was born in. This should be No. 1 the year 0 didn't exist

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67 2013

2013 was NOT the best year ever. 2014 was just a little better than 2013, but 2013 was AWFUL. Lots of games and stuff getting discontinued. Shows becoming a lot worse, UGH what an AWFUL year! - TopTenJackson

2013 was a pretty lousy year. Bombings, terrorists, hurricanes, and even some of my experiences that happened turned it into crap

2013 was my favorite year of my life so far. I was 11 and I'm now 15. I did so many adventurous things that year. I went to Wyoming and South Dakota for 3 weeks in the summer. 5th and 6th grade were amazing. I still played my Xbox 360. And a lot of good songs came out. And Minecraft became very popular.

Worst year of my life, to be honest. - SwagFlicks

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68 1956

Melbourne Most liveable city They hosted the Olympics and TVs were introduced here I would go back there

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70 1954

Godzilla movie released in 1954 japanese movies - SpencerJC

I just like the number hhh

71 14 Million BC

The year I was born.

I remembered that year like it was yesterday

Lots of rocks and stuff

10/10 would die in again

72 1955

Disneyland opened for the first time. - anonygirl

Vietnam war starts in 1955 - SpencerJC

73 1600
74 439 Million B.C.
75 1938
76 1919

The year right before alcohol was declared legal new forms of art started. I'm in!

77 1845
78 1945

The year Hitler killed himself.

This was a good year. WWII ended and my great-grandparents were married. - AlphaQ

The year Hitler and Anne Frank died. - Untildawn8

WWII ended

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79 1960
80 1831
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