Biggest Problems with the Lego Ninjago Movie


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1 It's Another Lego Movie

I like The lego batman movie and the lego movie, but lego ninjago? Will they ever take a break from the lego heroes stuff?

At least on the bright side, there taking a break from Lego in 2018

Yeah, Disney might make up with wreck-it ralph 2, Gigantic and incredibles 2, - VideoGamefan5

I like lego movies. Usually full of LOADS of humour and fun without being cringy or bland, yet still have some emotional moments. I Want to see the lego batman and ninjago movies but haven't yet. - Lunala

Just shut up about it - 445956

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2 It Tries Too Hard to Be Cool with Kids

Nya mentions "dab", seriously what has animation become today - VideoGamefan5

3 It's Plagiarized

Same thing as lego movie, but with ninjas - VideoGamefan5

Ninjago was already by the Lego company. - naFrovivuS

... Dude, Ninjago was made by Lego group, so this didn't make sense - BorisRule

4 The Jokes
5 It Doesn't Live Up to the Trailer

Most of the scenes in the trailer weren't even in the movie! - VideoGamefan5

Some scenes from the trailer were in the movie, just re-edited

6 Some Stuff Isn't Lego

The water isn't lego, the fire isn't lego, the food isn't lego!, - VideoGamefan5

Most of the Lego Movie was CGI. - naFrovivuS


It isn't worth calling it a Lego movie anymore, the part in the Lego movie that was live action was because it was breaking the 4th wall, and showing a story of Lego - VideoGamefan5

How is that a bad thing? This list honestly just sounds like you took every little thing from the movie to nitpick about.

7 It's Too Rushed
8 The Characters Aren't Interesting

Lloyd is just super bland, nya is annoying like she always is, zane, cole, jay, and kai all feel the same and just seem like filler, garmadon is an unfunny villain, and koko is just meh, like really meh, sensei wu was hilarious though, - VideoGamefan5

9 It's Overrated

Overrated does not mean bad. It means it gets too much attention. You really need to get a dictionary to learn the meanings of words

Overrated does not mean bad. - PeeledBanana

Look guys, what I meant by "It's Overrated" is that people complain about it's score on Rotten tomatoes, when they don't get how RT really works - VideoGamefan5

Overrated does not mean bad. And TLNM isn't even that overrated anyway. It has a 54% at Rotten Tomatoes. - Eraser

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10 The Only Good Character is Sensei Wu

The only good character in the movie, - VideoGamefan5

I have the minifigure of him - BorisRule

Wu didn’t interest me, only meouthra interest me

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11 It’s Made to Sell Toys

The only thing on the list that actully deserves to be on the list. - darthvadern

12 Meowthra was the only good character in the movie

Meowthra is so cute ^w^ - MLPFan

13 It's Made by Warner Bros

Warner Bros made Looney Tunes, the greatest cartoon ever, cause without it, most of what is in animation wouldn't exist. - Drawbox

Warner can be full of garbage, but they still have lego BATMAN movie, and wonder woman, - VideoGamefan5

So? Warner Bros is a good studio. - Eraser

Every studio has it’s flops

14 Bad Messages for Kids
15 It Has Cringe Moments
16 The Beginning
17 Teen Stereotypes
18 No One Watches the Cartoon Anymore
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