Biggest Problems with the Lego Ninjago Movie

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1 It's Another Lego Movie

They also focus too much on Lloyd and his dad.

We didn't need a LEGO movie in theaters to begin with. Let alone THREE others. - B1ueNew

The original Lego movie was the only good lego feature film - B1ueNew

I like The lego batman movie and the lego movie, but lego ninjago? Will they ever take a break from the lego heroes stuff?

2 It Tries Too Hard to Be Cool with Kids

To be honest I think it actually is more grown up. The show is cool but the movie is modern and has an older age range. Well the movie was 2017 anyway and the show was 2011. Its supposed to be funny and anyway it has more famous cast

Yep definitely same can be also said for The Emoji Movie, Teen Titans Go movie etc - B1ueNew

Nya mentions "dab", seriously what has animation become today - VideoGamefan5

3 Betrays the Show's Versions of the Character's Personalities and Appearances

In the show, almost every character had a distinct, unique personality with layers and a great narrative. The characters are not just a bunch of teenage ninjas, but a family. The movie RUINS this. The movie spends all its time on Lloyd. Lloyd this, Lloyd that. He was a complete Gary Stu and his powers were a joke which was SO annoying! In the show, Lloyd had flaws, but was still a great person. Oh, yeah, and he shot energy balls! The other ninja's personality and appearance changes just get worse. They turned Cole, the hard-working, self-sacrificing leader who struggles with his past into this 2-Dimensional stereotype of "the chill one". And they gave him terrible hair! They took Jay, the funny, sarcastic, brave inventor of fun gadgets into this cowardly, awkward, insecure stereotype with bad hair and few good qualities. Also they threw away his relationship with Nya! Speaking of Nya, they really ruined her. Nya in the show was originally a sammuri who could solve problems before the ...more

The only good things about this movie were the catchy music, the fact that it gets tou to laugh, and recognizes Moms. All I could think of while watching it was how it betrayed the show worse than the Percy Jackson movies betrayed the books.

All I could think about while watching this movie was all of the ways that it betrayed the show to make the movie funnier or more Lloyd-centered. So annoyed with this movie! It was a big disappointment.

How was this not on the list, and yet "made by Warner Bros" was? Harry Potter movies were made by Warner Bros!

4 The Jokes

Jokes were awful. - B1ueNew

5 It Doesn't Live Up to the Trailer

I expected more characters from the cartoon to be in the movie. - B1ueNew

Most of the scenes in the trailer weren't even in the movie! - VideoGamefan5

Some scenes from the trailer were in the movie, just re-edited

6 The Characters Aren't Interesting

EVERYONE except our favorite sensei was horrible

More character development in the show. The main characters are very bland, Garmadon is not very evil like in the show, and Wu is basically the only good character in the show. The ninja aren't that powerful like in the show; especially Lloyd, who has "Green". Lloyd should have Energy instead. Energy is cool and powerful, while "Green" is just stupid and useless.

There's no character development. At least in the show there is. - B1ueNew

Lloyd is just super bland, nya is annoying like she always is, zane, cole, jay, and kai all feel the same and just seem like filler, garmadon is an unfunny villain, and koko is just meh, like really meh, sensei wu was hilarious though, - VideoGamefan5

7 It's Plagiarized

Ninjago was already made by Lego but the story in this and Lego Batman were pretty much the same as The Lego Movie, the city is under attack and some heroes save it, pretty much the same thing - B1ueNew

... Dude, Ninjago was made by Lego group, so this didn't make sense - BorisRule

Ninjago was already by the Lego company.

Same thing as lego movie, but with ninjas - VideoGamefan5

8 Some Stuff Isn't Lego

Between this and the characters, I found the sorest thumbs on the hand

Most of the Lego Movie was CGI.

The water isn't lego, the fire isn't lego, the food isn't lego!, - VideoGamefan5


It isn't worth calling it a Lego movie anymore, the part in the Lego movie that was live action was because it was breaking the 4th wall, and showing a story of Lego - VideoGamefan5

9 It's Too Rushed
10 It’s Made to Sell Toys

Outrageous! A LEGO movie being made to sell toys, I have never heard of such a heinous crime!

The time that this came out I saw the toys everywhere it was annoying as hell - B1ueNew

The only thing on the list that actully deserves to be on the list. - darthvadern

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11 It Has Cringe Moments
12 It's Overrated

Since when? - MrCoolC

Overrated does not mean bad. It means it gets too much attention. You really need to get a dictionary to learn the meanings of words

Overrated does not mean bad. - PeeledBanana

Look guys, what I meant by "It's Overrated" is that people complain about it's score on Rotten tomatoes, when they don't get how RT really works - VideoGamefan5

13 Teen Stereotypes

No they don't! Nya is Kai's sister and hangs out with him but Kai also hangs out with the others therefore Nya became their friend.

They think 5 guys hang out with 1 girl in real life? The hell - B1ueNew

14 Meowthra was the only good character in the movie

This doesn't live up to the LEGO Movie.

Meowthra is so cute ^w^ - MLPFan

15 The Only Good Character is Sensei Wu

I have the minifigure of him - BorisRule

The only good character in the movie, - VideoGamefan5

Wu didn’t interest me, only meouthra interest me

16 The Beginning
17 It's Made by Warner Bros

Warner Bros made Looney Tunes, the greatest cartoon ever, cause without it, most of what is in animation wouldn't exist. - Drawbox

Warner can be full of garbage, but they still have lego BATMAN movie, and wonder woman, - VideoGamefan5

So? Warner Bros is a good studio. - Eraser

Every studio has it’s flops

18 No One Watches the Cartoon Anymore

I Stopped watching it after Lloyd became a evil ghost and all these crap pirates. - B1ueNew

The movie is not bad. Although the show is WAY better.

19 Bad Messages for Kids

Teaches kids to hate their fathers - B1ueNew

20 The Movie Focused on Lloyd

So apparently Lloyd got 90% of screentime more than any character
While the 10 are for the other ninja, all what they did is just walking around and cole only had 9 minutes and around 7 lines in the movie
*Visible disappointment*

21 Lloyd’s Face


22 The Action is Hard to Follow
23 Nya got more screen time and was focused on more than Jay
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