Top 10 Biggest Problems With Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Top Ten Biggest Problems With Star Wars: The Force Awakens

1 It's a remake of A New Hope

Some similitiarities, the protagonist is a young force sensitive human from a desert planet who finds a droid who has important plans. She then finds and old man who helps her give the plans to a rebellion that rebells against an empire that has created a superweapon that can destroy planets. The female protagonist then gets captured by an evil force user that is under the contoll of an more evil force user. The other protagonist then rescues her and the old man gets killed by the evil force user. The rebels then finds a way to destroy the superweapon with X-wings but the evil force user survives.

Many people are arguing the belief that it copies A New Hope, It makes people believe that Disney isn't very creative and that they're ruining Star Wars, our beloved franchise, If this is the case, then Episode VIII would copy The Empire Strikes Back and IX would copy Return of the Jedi, What is wrong with people?

What people don't realize is that it follows the Star Wars formula. Hell, even the Prequels had similarities to the Original Trilogy but nobody noticed that. Sure TFA may borrow a little bit too much of ANH but for the love of god, it's not copy and pasting. TFA may have it's similarities but it would be unfair to say that it didn't try new things and was it's own thing - Johnny1248

Does it have some similar aspects? Yes but is it a rehash? No

2 Rey using the force without any training

URRG! THIS makes me mad more than anything else in this movie! All throughout the star wars movies and many books it states that you DO need years and years of training! Why the hell did Abrams and all of the other makers of this awesome movie mess this well known fact up I have no clue as to why they did it!

This one is stupid! You don't really need training to use it!

If only anyone would realize that it's the first movie of the trilogy and that in the next 2 it will explain her force powers - Johnny1248

That is not a big problem.

3 Finn and Rey being able to fight Kylo Ren despite never using lightsabers before

As much as I was disappointed in this, I'll try to defend it as best I can. Remember Ren had just been shot in the side by Chewie's crossbow, a weapon previously proven to send Stormtroopers flying in the air. Not Ren. He took it like a champ. He then fights Finn, yes, an ex-janitor without any lightsaber experience, but he wasn't trying to kill him. I thought Ren's lax fighting style made it obvious he was only toying with Finn rather than actually trying to dice him up. This is made more obvious when Finn actually lands a hit on Ren, who then immediately disarms Finn and slices his back. A combination of grief after killing his father earlier, being taken by surprise when Rey uses the force and stuff, all the while bleeding from Chewie's crossbow earlier, account for the fact he lost to Rey.

Star Wars 7 was an excellent movie. The only movies that rival this are the movies of their respective trilogies that were the best: Revenge of the Sith and The Empire's Strikes Back. - Therandom

I like the Force Awakens but it's not a perfect film. These are just things that really bothered me. - MegaSoulhero

This is what bothers me. Is Rey really the chosen one? Or is Kylo Ren just a pathetic little Vader wannabe? - IronSabbathPriest

Movies like that are not made to be accurate! - hogwartsjedi

4 Kylo Ren having tantrums

They're still funny though!

I liked him, especially when he mentioned and talked to and of Vader - Therandom

They're Still Funny

Kylo Ren is the best

5 Terrible CGI

The CGI was actually very good, but it's the terrible amount of CGI that bothered us.

What CGI?

6 Kylo Ren's plan makes no sense
7 Luke Skywalker's one minute cameo

I mean come on people, it's just Rey climbing stairs for 2 minutes and holding out a lightsaber. She doesn't even question if it's Luke... This part bothered me

Hey! Luke Skywalker's back! But he's not showing up in the trailers! So, that means they've got a big surprise for him, right?
Oh? He's only there for thirty seconds at the end and doesn't say a single word? Why is his name second on the credit billing before all of the actual main actors?

He'll be used more in VIII hopefully. - htoutlaws2012

When they said Mark Hamill would be making a return, I didn't think they meant ten seconds at the end looking barely recognisable. - IronSabbathPriest

8 Han Solo's death

Harrison Ford didn't want to be in star wars anymore. Disney was not originally going to kill him off. But it was very sad nonetheless.

Spoiler Alert: This was the most tragic scene, along with the destruction of Hosnian Prime by the First Order, in Star Wars history, making it the saddest movie of 2015, and in a while.

This should DEFINITELY be #1. The sequel trilogy of Star Wars is ruined for one reason ONLY: THIS. He was my FAVE character, and I was TOTALLY taken by surprise when Kylo Ren stabbed him in the guts. I will never get over this.

Spoiler Alert! - Unicorn

9 Lupita Nyong'o
10 Kylo Ren removing his mask

Are you kidding? Everyone is whining because it’s too similar too A New Hope, but think about it, this would of made more like Vader because Vader didn’t remove his mask until episode 6.

Nah, I'm glad he did this. Or else he'd be too much like the amazing Vader. - Therandom

Kylo was a ferocious villain, but the moment he took off that mask, I lost respect for him. He looked more like a gawky nerd with a big nose and a geeky voice

I didn't have any problem with that. because not every Star Wars villain has to be a badass warrior with a face that looks like a zombie - Johnny1248

The Contenders

11 The story doesn't make any sense
12 Supreme Leader Snoke

Snoke was just a boring leader. - darthvadern

SW tried to add a new character, Snoke, but they decided to make a Gollum/Voldemort wannabe that's like Emperor Palpatine on steroids, that's who he is.

13 General Hux speech

I know the First Order are supposed to be the bad guys of this movie, but this scene brought too much in terms of Nazi allusions. - NuMetalManiak

14 Starkiller Base is just another Death Star
15 BB-8 replacing R2-D2
16 Lacks originality

Same thing, It's a mashup of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

17 Maz Kanata is only 5-10 minutes in the movie
18 Kylo Ren is a whiny brat
19 Too much CGI

Abrams lied to everyone about this movie using less CGI than the prequels, the prequels actually had less than this movie.

20 Over-hyped

It was expected to be the greatest movie of all time, fans bundled up, until when it came out, people hated it.

21 The lightsaber fight

Honestly, by Star Wars standards, it was very underwhelming. Even the prequels got that right. Still, Force Awakens is a great movie

No, the prequels were terrible. There are videos out of star wars bloopers, but honestly the entire prequels are a blooper. THEY ARE TERRIBLE. Let me repeat: TERRIBLE

I don't care what you fans say, Prequels were much better than this over-hyped garbage. The prequels were at least original, imaginative and creative in their own way unlike this overrated stupid rehash. Honestly, Lucas was doing quite fine with his movies. And ROTS is my second favourite Star Wars film. But you idiotic fanboys bashed the prequels too much that it hurt Lucas and was forced to sell rights to that copycat Disney. Thank you for ruining a great saga. The fanboys' stupid nostalgia ruined Star Wars. Hopefully in the near future, many people and fans will realize that the Disney's Star Wars was a complete overrated copied trash and start respecting and understand how much great were the prequels.

22 The new characters
23 So many questions.

Where did the first order come from? Where did kylo ren come from? Didn't the jedi come back from the dead? - Frouze

24 Han Solo is too old

He aged pretty well too me.

TFA took place like 30 years after ROTJ. You expected him not to age?! - 906389

25 How Luke is portrayed

He was just a loser in this movie.

26 Darth Vader's mask

How did you get that anyway? Luke burned it years ago!

27 Adding a Beastie Boys-influenced character

Why? Beastie Boys are actually good.

28 Lando Calrissian wasn't in it
29 Daisy Ridley Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley is an English actress. She began her acting career by appearing in minor television roles, before being cast as the main protagonist, Rey, in the Star Wars sequel trilogy – first appearing in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

She was amazing! What's so bad about her? - asantalo


30 Mark Hamill was second in the credits

I mean, the guy's only on for all of 2 seconds and said nothing

31 "The Resistance" is just a rip-off of the rebels

It's the new name for the rebels - VideoGamefan5

32 Luke/Anakin's Lightsaber

How did maz even get it? , it fell into the deep of cloud city! - VideoGamefan5

33 Finn's difference with other stormtroopers isn't explained
34 Finn is too pointless
35 Lightsabers have weight
36 Not Enough Phasma
37 The empire is now called the First Order
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