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1 Sunday Morning Sunday Morning

Awesome song, not one of the best songs of all time but stills so cool for listen it in some different relaxing places.

So curious song, but I heard it an wasn't a bad song. - pLix33

Its best definitely. - 80sGreatestOffice

¡this song reminds me of my dear father! now he is sleeping with god. Thanks father for show me so obnoxious but great songs like this.

2 T.V. Man T.V. Man

This is a much better song than 'Sunday Morning' in my point of view of course... - CedreticFomento

Right.. is the best song definitely

3 Looking For a Life to Lose Looking For a Life to Lose
4 Modern Man

The best song, I can't believe it is not number 1

5 Happy Boy

I wonder how this song ain't the number #2 song on this list! - 80sGreatestOffice

So cool, such a underrated thing!

One of the bests

I love it too.

6 Barrowlands

Deserves top five.

Incredible song, it could be first! Bth... how it wasn't planed to be number 1?

Better than ''Happy boy''

7 Someone's Daughter

And more than only power rock dude

I like this song.

power rock

8 Books On the Bonfire
9 Away
10 Lindy's Party
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1. Sunday Morning
2. T.V. Man
3. Looking For a Life to Lose


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