Best The Bolshoi Songs

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1 Sunday Morning

Awesome song, not one of the best songs of all time but stills so cool for listen it in some different relaxing places.

So curious song, but I heard it an wasn't a bad song. - pLix33

Its best definitely. - 80sGreatestOffice

¡this song reminds me of my dear father! now he is sleeping with god. Thanks father for show me so obnoxious but great songs like this.

2 T.V. Man

This is a much better song than 'Sunday Morning' in my point of view of course... - CedreticFomento

Right.. is the best song definitely

3 Looking For a Life to Lose
4 Barrowlands

Should be first, super circous style song- it never failed in anything it had, simply one of the most bizarre wonders of the music world.-

Incredible song, it could be first! Bth... how it wasn't planed to be number 1?

I reckon this is the most memorable Bolshoi's song

One of the weirdest masterpieces I've heard.

5 Modern Man

The best song, I can't believe it is not number 1

6 Happy Boy

I wonder how this song ain't the number #2 song on this list! - 80sGreatestOffice

So cool, such a underrated thing!

His greatest song ever

One of the bests

7 Someone's Daughter

And more than only power rock dude

I like this song.

power rock

8 Books On the Bonfire
9 Away
10 Lindy's Party
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