Best British Punk Rock Bands From the '70s and '80s

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21 The Ruts

Babylon's Burning - On of the best ever Punk songs!

Cruelly cut short by Malcolm Owen's heroin addiction, but The Crack is probably the best punk album, end to end, especially those searing first four songs.

Top band - a case of what could have been had the lead singer not OD'd, have all the tunes and were/are exceptional musicians.

22 Cock Sparrer

Better than any band on this list. Shock Troops for the win.

The great band

23 U.K. Subs

Should have been no1

Best live act out still rocks

Best punk band ever what a guitarist.

The best and still goning strong

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24 X-Ray Spex

X-Ray Spex represent the punk ethos, their sound, Image and attitude. Poly Styrene is a role model for young women.

What an amazing and complex woman Poly was. Germ free adolescent is years ahead of its time and identity is a feminist roar against stereotyping and sung with such raw passion. Pure punk genius

Yeah they only have one album but that one album is great polystyrenes voice

Nothing to say but OH BONDAGE UP YOURS!

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25 Havana 3am
26 Adicts

The longest surviving punk band with the original line up! Should be way higher!

The adicts should be way higher up the list dude!

Needs to be way higher up


27 The Exploited

What? The Exploited not even in there?! Troops of Tomorrow, enough said and the band are still going strong, better, heavier and with more attitude than ever before. OK so the rawness of the true punk sound is long gone but I challenge anyone to find fault in creating anarchy. Wattie you are THE ANTI-HERO!

Punks not dead, super heavy weight champion of the world punk album ever! FACT!

By far the best hard core band for venting some rage!

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28 The Only Ones

Should be way higher, love the earlier stuff.

29 The Partisans

Great band! Deserve a higher spot on the list!

30 999

Saw them 4 times this year and Nick Cash proudly keeps reminding everybody "40 years of being a true punk-band", rightfully so. They're still amazing and songs like 'Homicide', 'Emergency' and 'Nasty, Nasty' are timeless classics.

31 The Adverts

Not the greatest musicians but interesting songs played to the best of their abilities with witty lyrics from the heart.

Songs that mattered to a teen in the late 70s still sound good now

Just watch the documentary 'We who wait', to realize that T.V. smith is the true punk legend, living and breathing the real spirit of punk every day, And, he's also a great guitarist.

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32 The Vibrators

Great stuff! Many many fine punk pieces!

33 Madness

Madness is not punk, more ska

Not to mention the specials are a better ska band.

34 Cockney Rejects

Far and away the best Punk band / any band of all time, and still going more than 25 years later... awesome...

35 The Drones

Only had one album released called Further Temptations. Included great songs like City Drones, Sad So Sad, and Lookalikes. On my Top 5 list for Best UK Punk Lp.

36 Ad-nauseam
37 Rezillos

A pure fun machine and awesome bass playing.

38 Richard Hell & the Voidoids

Richard Hell was not British he is a yank.

39 Wire

Wire, Chelsea, The Stranglers, The Jam...all in the top ten!

Three immaculate punk through to post-punk albums in the 70s - and they still refuse to confirm as they've reformed and kept producing off the wall stuff.

Seriously, these guys were / are amazing

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40 Chron Gen

I'm so glad they've reformed and touring again. Gonna see them at Leeds Punk Xmas (b4 Angelic Upstarts) and also have been confirmed to play Rebellion 2016 (in Blackpool).

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