Best Features of iOS 8

Apple has continually raised the bar in the mobile phone world with their groundbreaking hardware designs as well as their innovative Operating Systems. 2014 brings with it the release of both the iPhone 5 (s and c models), the iPhone 6 (regular and Plus models), and iOS 8.

With iOS8 being released to the public in Sept of 2014 (just days ahead of the new iPhone 6) many users are getting to try it out before purchasing new hardware. There have been some mixed reviews about the new Operating System but most result in a net positive score for the upgrade. Below are the best feature and upgrades you get with the new iOS.
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1 Improved Messaging

Not only do you get the typical iMessaging, but you can also see more details about your conversation partner. From a Details screen that shows you all the files and pictures sent to or from that contact, to better and faster word guessing, you have more control over your conversations. There's also a Do Not Disturb button in case you're busy and want to put a conversation on hold for a while.

Messaging is such an important connection between people. I'm glad it's constantly being improved.

2 Locations in Messaging

You can quickly send a snapshot of exactly where you are. This should help when trying to find your friend in a crowd or waiting to meet up with someone.

3 Improved Camera Settings

You can do more in-camera editing without needing third-party apps. From exposure sliders to color correction, you can now make your photos look even better. You can also use a built-in time-lapse mode for making those awesome videos.

I take pictures a lot, and this really helps.

Ever since it came out, I've been having fun with the time-lapse feature.

4 Hands-Free Siri

If your phone is plugged in, you can now simply talk to your phone without having to push any buttons. This is great when driving or typing and you don't want to stop.

Hands-free Siri is excellent. Thanks to Apple for making me like her more.

5 3rd Party Developer Mods

The fact is, iOS 8 pretty much means that Apple doesn't have to do any work. They just let developers do it for them, and that's what makes it so good! The actual people who use it can do what they want and what's best for them!

6 Faster Contacts

Hit the home button twice and you'll not only see your open apps but also recent contacts that can be accessed by simply touching their circle. Immediately, you're ready to call, email, or text.

7 Siri Replaces Shazam

She can identify songs with iOS 8, and the song she identifies is added to a list on the iTunes Store. Very cool.

8 Home Features

Apple is entering the home-automation market by allowing iOS 8 phones to communicate with your home appliances. Turn off your lights, set the thermostat, close the garage, and lock the doors - all are possible now with the right home hardware and apps.

9 Health Features

iOS 8 can now seamlessly connect to your health devices like FitBit and Jawbone. Oh, and it can also connect to places like the Mayo Clinic to send word to your doctor that you need assistance.

10 New Photo Library

You can now search for photos by location, date, and other categories. This saves you from looking through years' worth of photos for that exact match.

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11 New Family Account Feature
12 Improved Notification Center

Now you can see more than just weather and stocks on your lock screen's notification view. You can also read and respond to texts and events without having to unlock your phone.

13 Calling
14 Spotlight Searches

You used to only be able to search for apps and emails on your phone. Now it includes the web. You'll get local results as well as Wiki and basic Google matches. It's not all-encompassing, but it's a start.

15 Deleting Yourself From Group Chats

Good, I'm tired of getting messages from people every three seconds.

16 Camera Feature
17 Time Lapse Videos
18 Grocery List
19 The Default Wallpaper
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