Top Ten Most Brutal Empires In History

The worlds most brutal and violent empires in history.

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1 Mongol Empire Mongol Empire

Killing 90%chinese is too much

They conquered China brutally and set up an ultra-totalitarian government. There is even a social class system which allows Mongols to get away with killing Han Chinese. Worst empire of all time -100/10 - MChkflaguard_Yt

I love the Mongols. Long live the Mongol Empire!

Yea, the British Empire had some very rough spells, but the Mongol Empire, in it's 160 or so years, killed AT LEAST 30,000,000 people, with some accounts of up to 70,000,000 people throughout their conquests. - Miniman1676

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2 British Empire British Empire

Biggest bunch of murderers the planet has ever seen. Ireland to India to Australia to North America to Africa to Iraq, it murdered people in every continent.

Oh no, now we have apologists for the Mongol hordes. Those rascally Brits were much worse. Buzz word- systematic racism- automatic override of killing millions of people, literally erasing numerous cultures and civilizations and annihilating 1/3 of the known world's population by the Mongol Horde. So what if they trampled women and children to death, the Mongols hated everyone equally, so its OK.

The brittish empire may not have been the cruelest but it was was still very cruel to the people in its colonies. Do not forget the Bengal famine and amritsar massacre and the other 12 famines carried out by the brittish!

One of the worst be far, systematic destruction of the indian textile industry, cause great Bengal famine in India, drained India of her resources and essentially caused many of the problems the country faces today. While I don't hold the British people today, accountable, the queen has not even bothered to issue a formal apology. Let's not forget they essentially enslaved Ireland, forced opium into chine, and stole their jade and silk. Hail Britannia indeed

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3 Japanese Empire

Try summing up its ww2 atrocities

Utterly evil! Should be #1!

Too much massacres. The Nanjing massacre is nightmareish. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Very evil deserves its place

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4 Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire

These guys ruined north Africa and middle east forever. And major damage to Balkan region. And do not forget the armenian genocide!

I am half Turkish, so with a little bias, but not too much cause I recognize the Armenian and Greek genocide (I am also Greek), I think the Belgian empire, nazis and ussr if that counts, are worse, but boy were the Turks evil

Also, read about how they did the North African slave trade for over 1,000 years. It was the most brutal slavery ever. Read what they did to the male slaves, too.

Whats wrong with you people spanish portuguese and the brits were worse than this

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5 Nazi Germany

Should be at number 1 for this because of how bad they were during world war I and world war II. Think about what the NAZI'S did to more than a million people from countries in Europe. By far responsible for over powering for what they believed in which was going out and ruling the world by doing in mass killings. Such a sad time. The Nazi's also responsible for the mass kill of the Jews. Blows my mind that Nazi Germany is not at number 1 when they should be. The Nazi's did the worst thing by far that no other empire could imagine or not even think to do and yet continued to follow through in HITLER'S ORDERS!

Read my comment on the Japanese. Yes, it was racist and evil, but nowhere near what some other empires did, even the USSR. - MattAffterburner

The fact that this is not number one boggles my mind. The Nazis caused the bloodiest war in all of human history and wreaked unprecedented destruction across Europe, bringing more deaths to Europe than any other empire in history. They killed millions of their own citizens, and foreign ones, deliberately, in what is perhaps the worst genocide that has ever occurred. However, what they actually managed to accomplish pales in comparison to what they planned. Hitler's intention was to wipe every last Slav off the face of the Earth, he hated them as much as he hated Jews. He would have literally eradicated the entire population of the Soviet Union and the other Slavic countries, approaching TWO HUNDRED MILLION people, in order to forge his racially pure German empire. This is not even mentioning the other races that would also have been victim to his conquests, such as the Africans. I doubt anything even close to this has even been considered throughout history: the Mongols, the colonial ...more

If Hitler was still alive, I'd probably get sent to concentration camp too as an Asian.
Screw you Hitler! So glad you died centuries ago! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Screw Hitler. Screw the Nazis. Nothing but a bunch of genocidal maniacs who left a stain on German history.

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6 Assyrian Empire

They would be the ancient nazis combined with isis. They share similar thinking to that of the nazis controll,superiority and propaganda. But of course when comes down to the most evil one its definitely Nazis since they killed 6 million innocent jews without a reason but just dumbness plus the assyrian empire was also an good empire since they had schools, literature,eduaction,good agriculture,rich cities, good army system and democratic laws(but not the modern law) It was okay being a gay man in ancient assyria but not an lesbian since gender roles was a huge thing in Assyria since women were treated differnetly than males. Altough its absurd to say that the ancient assyrian empire was similar to isis or isil their warfare and torture would be similar to them in modern times.

7 Belgian Empire

The Belgian Congo was called "the heart of darkness" for very good reasons. They were far more cruel and brutal than all the other European Empires combined.

If anyone thinks the British, French, Spanish empires were brutal, then they need to read up about the Belgian Congo. That is horrendous to read about.

Really nasty, the worst of all the recent Empires.


8 Timurid Empire

The timurid empire was one of the most brutal empires in history. Located in western asia, spanning from modern day Iraq to the west to Afghanistan to the east, the timurids were increadibly cruel to their people, some even say Amir Timur, the founder of the empire was comparable to the Mongols.

9 Soviet Empire

"soviet empire" lol

This should be number one! Stalin killed way more people than Hitler and he killed his own people.

Holocaust=1 or 6 million killed
A Famine Soviet=20 or 30 million killed but hidden (except few of them know at least.)
(500yrs)Indian Genoicide=100 million but 80% very hidden.

German NSDAP: Do I look like a joke to you?

Well seeing as Stalin alone killed around 60 million people in a couple of decades it hard to argue. Oh and they killed the Jews too.

That's almost half of the entire population! How would they have survived that then? Where's your logic? - DieGedankenSindFrei

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10 Russian Empire Russian Empire

This is Austria’s flag not Russia’s(before Austria-Hungary)

The Newcomers

? Umayyad Caliphate

They killed the companions and descendents of its own prophet Muhammad as well as treated people of Madinah badly and got killed ahlul beyt. They forcefully converted people from other religions to Islam for their personal gains. They used to steal wives of other people and rapped Muslim and non Muslim women equally.

The Contenders

11 Aztec Empire

Ha! If the Aztecs had nukes we would have wiped off every country off the map

I thought of this too - FerrariDude64

12 Spanish Empire Spanish Empire

They liberated the oppressed by killing their oppressors. That is why nearby neighbors of the Aztecs offered to become their allies as soon as they had found out about their plan. They were tired of being bullied for centuries. They also ended human sacrifices in the Americas. Before them the Aztecs would sacrifice anyone. Men, woman and children. Especially their captured prisoners of war. After all of this they married the locals and created an empire that lasted for nearly 300 years, and at one point, being the biggest and most powerful empire at the time.

The Spanish Empire lead to the death of almost every Native American tribe in South/Central America.

The Spanish slaughtered over 15 million Aztec people. The Aztecs were not evil at all. Human sacrifices happened very rarely. We kill prisoners of war too, but we just don't offer the hearts to the sun god. All of those "evil" things that the Aztecs did were just propaganda created by the Spaniards to make people like you think that the Aztecs were evil.


13 Roman Empire Roman Empire

They deserved to be destroyed by the barbarian invasions and the Ottoman Empire.

One of the biggest cancers in world history.

They should be in top 3 worst empires

Second I thought of along with Greece and British empire - FerrariDude64

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14 French Empire French Empire

The French Empire over history wasn't so bad, but the crimes they commited during Algeria's struggle for independence are astonishing. They would open fire on PEACEFUL protestors, and were often too controlling.

15 Portuguese Empire Portuguese Empire

Brutal people

This is Portugal now

In the 1970s, the Portuguese were losing their Empire, so they decided that the best way to keep it was to commit genocide throughout Africa. And all to own a fraction of a pebble.

They turn the angola people into slaves

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16 Abbasid Caliphate Abbasid Caliphate
17 Dutch Empire Dutch Empire

Robbing Surinams natural sources
Police actions in Indonesia

18 German Empire German Empire

#16 really

It's the Nazis

19 ISIS (Caliphate)

Its not an empire and it don't have any match with proper chaliphat..
Isis is a terrorist group has been created by america to rob arabs massive oil resources
And I think the name should be USA it self instead of the chaliphat in the list

I don't think it is a caliphate, by the way. It’s not even considered an empire to my perspective. To me, it is a terrorist group in Iraq and Syria that persecutes certain unwanted groups. - CashOnlyNoCzechs

He is praticate terrorism

20 Mughal Empire Mughal Empire
21 Persian Empire

Best Empire

22 Bulgarian Empire

This empire isn't at all evil! Why is it even on the list!

23 Imperial Japan
24 Babylonian Empire
25 Libyan Empire
26 The People's Republic of China

Not an empire - MChkflaguard_Yt

27 Greek Empire

Just to the guy above, seriously, what have you been drinking? I want some too!

There never was a Greek empire. It was the Macedonian empire. - SigmaV84

Best empire! just kidding! they were amongst the most barbaric people of antiquity, who disguised themselfs as philosophers and freedom fighting people, which couldn't be farther from the truth! their philosophy for example named woman to be corpses which emprisoned the human soul! if that is the kind of philosophy that the west wants to see as their cultural heritage, I will be out! and th PERSIAN eir vision of freedom contained to be able to enslave which ever people they wanted without having greater forces like the persians who in fact forbid slavery throughout their empires history, to take away the hellenistic will to be immoral people! It's so absurd how they used to call the persians barbarians haha THE PERSIANS freed the Jews from babylon and helped them rebuild their temple! And the first charter of human rights was created by the persians too! what did the hypocritic greeks do? giving them credit for having "saved" western culture and values is straight up wrong and ...more

28 Swedish Empire
29 Ukrainian Empire

The kiled 6 billion people in the year 2030 they slaughter millions of italians

30 Qing Empire

Thanks to this BS we have messed up politics today. - MChkflaguard_Yt

31 Norway Norway Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a sovereign and unitary monarchy whose territory comprises the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula plus the island Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard.

€So terrible. They killed like 826372826227282737 Swedes. I counted.” This is a joke. r/woosh - CashOnlyNoCzechs

32 Ancient Egyptian Empire
33 Italian Empire

Italy's colonial rule in Libya was a brutal one. Even when the war for Libya was going on the italians already commited crimes by creating the so called Tripoli massacre, 10 thousand turkish and arab tropps were put in concentration camps, there all turkish tropps were executed.
During ww1 libyan tribes men rose up against their colonial rulers, the italian didn't fully engage this until Mussolini came into power and 'pacificated' the region by bombing villages, men, women and children were executed daily and put in concentration camps. It was estimated that half of Libya's population got killed or 'relocated' during that period.
During the second Italo-Abyssinian war, due to international pressure Mussolini authorised chemical weapons, 1/4 of Ethiopia's population would die during that war.
During WW2 Italy commited autrocities in the balkans like the Domenikon massace in Greece. The italians used a very brutal tactics to quel rebellions in Yugoslavia, such as for every ...more

34 Serbian Empire

Those slavs killed thousands of innocent people, Bosnian, Albanians, Croats, and more. Not to mention they almost committed a genocide against Albanians if it weren't for the turks and uprisings.

35 Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is one of the most evil empires that has ever existed, and I am surprised that it is not on this list. They started the bloodiest single conflict that the world had ever seen up to that point, matched only in history by the Second World War. They slaughtered civilians and destroyed farmland, causing mass starvation. They were also racist and genocidal, and saw Manchus and other religions that didn't adhere to their narcissistic cult as demons that had to be eradicated, leading them to destroy temples and libraries and to ruthlessly massacre Manchus, often burning women and children alive. Had they won their war against the Qing, they would have likely been even more ruthless than the Qing themselves, and committed genocides against the Manchus on Nazi-level scales. They were essentially a military dictatorship, and ruled over their subjects with an iron fist, and created policies like segregation of the sexes to the point where married couples were ...more

Very far from ‘heavenly’. - CashOnlyNoCzechs

36 Byzantine Empire Byzantine Empire
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