Top Ten Most Brutal Empires In History

The worlds most brutal and violent empires in history.

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1 Mongol Empire Mongol Empire

Yea, the British Empire had some very rough spells, but the Mongol Empire, in it's 160 or so years, killed AT LEAST 30,000,000 people, with some accounts of up to 70,000,000 people throughout their conquests. - Miniman1676

Mongols were messed up. There was a point where they made streams go black because of all the books they dumped in the water as the ink polluted everything. Many died. Countries such as the Arab lands and China were major victims.

Any empire who invaded you and your only options were: death by fighting or death by surrender gets my vote.

I think Mongol Empire wasn't brutal at all. what about other brutal kingdoms and empires?
when Genghis Khan offer peace or war. Most of them choice war that's why there were lot of casualties. If the rival kingdom and empires gave up their weapon Khan will spare them, but they don't that's why. its hard to fight and own 9.300.000 square mi. One person with his wise personality he did what he point it. I really respect Genghis khan what he done to human world.
Silk road and Freedom of religion was big step for human life. Silk road was like Wall-street of Mongol Empire. Freedom of religion was main peace of world first seen largest contiguous empire of human history. We should what Genghis Khan did in human life. - Henryotgoo

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2 British Empire British Empire

This is absolute garbage. The French, Belgians, Spanish and Portuguese were all far worse than the British. The Brits were not saints by any means and many less than savory things happened (more than I've got time to list here) but generally their Empire was far more neutral than others. Railways, roads, hospitals, education, religion etc etc. were all taken around the world. That is why their legal system forms the basis for much of the world, their tongue is the most influential and western culture with all its freedoms predominates.

"Us Brits ruled."
Yes. And really proud of what your "rulers" did to India and China? How about the crown-sanctioned shanghaiing of "impressed" seamen; or the atrocities committed against the American colonies before the "peasants" kicked your uppity butts back to your dreary little island--twice?

Atrocities done to our predecessors..Ruined our economy..India along with other countries should be compensated

This is just total garbage.
The British Empire was started as a commercial enterprise by private companies. They could not possibly have succeeded without getting the locals onside first. It was generally the locals that formed the civil service and ran the whole thing anyway. There were problems and atrocities were commited as we all know but compared to other empires, theirs was positively benign. Look at Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain etc.! As has already been said, they started world trade and globalisation and gave so much to the world (Government, Legal System, Civil Service, Education etc. etc. etc. I know where most of the criticism and downvotes are coming from but would point out that India as we know it today didn't even exist before the British rocked up. It was just the rump end of various other empires.

In summing up, The British Empire was a product of its time and it is easy to judge the actions of yesterday based on today's more enlightened ...more

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3 Japanese Empire

Very evil deserves its place

Deserves its place, absolute nightmare

The forced WW2 prisoners to work for them

4 Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire

Also, read about how they did the North African slave trade for over 1,000 years. It was the most brutal slavery ever. Read what they did to the male slaves, too.

Whats wrong with you people spanish portuguese and the brits were worse than this

Ottoman is the most evil empire of all time

They commuted mass genocide against the Armenians and deny it happened.

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5 Assyrian Empire

They would be the ancient nazis combined with isis. They share similar thinking to that of the nazis controll,superiority and propaganda. But of course when comes down to the most evil one its definitely Nazis since they killed 6 million innocent jews without a reason but just dumbness plus the assyrian empire was also an good empire since they had schools, literature,eduaction,good agriculture,rich cities, good army system and democratic laws(but not the modern law) It was okay being a gay man in ancient assyria but not an lesbian since gender roles was a huge thing in Assyria since women were treated differnetly than males. Altough its absurd to say that the ancient assyrian empire was similar to isis or isil their warfare and torture would be similar to them in modern times.

6 Belgian Empire

The Belgian Congo was called "the heart of darkness" for very good reasons. They were far more cruel and brutal than all the other European Empires combined.

If anyone thinks the British, French, Spanish empires were brutal, then they need to read up about the Belgian Congo. That is horrendous to read about.

Really nasty, the worst of all the recent Empires.


7 Nazi Germany

#1 Worst as they forced mass genocide unlike the brits who at least built infrastructure modern development and in most places freedom and peace, this of course does not mean they were perfect but they created some of the richest and most free countries like the USA and Australia, if you live freely it is probably because of the British empire

Kill 6 millions of jews.

8 Timurid Empire
9 Soviet Empire

Well seeing as Stalin alone killed around 60 million people in a couple of decades it hard to argue. Oh and they killed the Jews too.

That's almost half of the entire population! How would they have survived that then? Where's your logic? - DieGedankenSindFrei

The Soviet Union makes Nazi Germany look like France.

The Holomador killed 6 Million Ukrainians in a man made famine. Removed Ukrainian culture from Kuban, and caused the Donbass War we have today. This would show a long line of Russification where Stalin would deport many of an ethnicity to Siberia and replace them with Russians so as to keep Rebellion from happen. Today, 25 percent of Khazakstan and Estonia and 17 percent of Ukraine is Russian

10 Russian Empire Russian Empire

The Newcomers

? Qing Empire
? Babylonian Empire

The Contenders

11 Aztec Empire V 1 Comment
12 Spanish Empire Spanish Empire

The Spanish slaughtered over 15 million Aztec people. The Aztecs were not evil at all. Human sacrifices happened very rarely. We kill prisoners of war too, but we just don't offer the hearts to the sun god. All of those "evil" things that the Aztecs did were just propaganda created by the Spaniards to make people like you think that the Aztecs were evil.


13 French Empire French Empire

The French Empire over history wasn't so bad, but the crimes they commited during Algeria's struggle for independence are astonishing. They would open fire on PEACEFUL protestors, and were often too controlling.

14 Roman Empire Roman Empire

Second I thought of along with Greece and British empire - FerrariDude64

The first I thought of. - icthruu

15 Portuguese Empire Portuguese Empire

In the 1970s, the Portuguese were losing their Empire, so they decided that the best way to keep it was to commit genocide throughout Africa. And all to own a fraction of a pebble.

They turn the angola people into slaves

Evil things the Portuguese empire did

1. They invented the slave trade
2. They tortured the people of Angola
3. The Goa Inquisition (look it up)
4. In the 1990s, Portugal was told by a few nations to release it's colonies, and you know what they said? THEY SAID NO AND STARTED A MASS GENOCIDE IN THE EMPIRE BY KILLING CIVILIANS

16 Abbasid Caliphate Abbasid Caliphate
17 Dutch Empire Dutch Empire
18 German Empire German Empire

#16 really

It's the Nazis

19 Mughal Empire Mughal Empire
20 Bulgarian Empire

This empire isn't at all evil! Why is it even on the list!

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