Top Ten Most Brutal Empires In History

The worlds most brutal and violent empires in history.
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1 Mongol Empire

Most ruthless conquerors, wanted to to rule whole world throughout their conquest wiped over 10% of global population killing, raping, destroying everyone and everything against them. Genghis khan is alone biggest killer and rapist in history 1/200 people descendants of hi..

They wiped out 1/3 of china, not cool wished if the Mongol empire never existed like, WHHO WANTS THAT!
Anyways, they try to destroy china (and failed to conquer Japan

they were ruthless warriors who burned people alive, skinned them and also killed women and children their leader Kengis khan killed 40 million people and his son Noyan killed 30.

Mongols were messed up. There was a point where they made streams go black because of all the books they dumped in the water as the ink polluted everything. Many died. Countries such as the Arab lands and China were major victims.

2 British Empire

Almost too many to mention. Killed or starved about 20% of Irish. "Inventor" of Concentration camps in Board War. Massive atrocities in India. Treatment of American soldiers and civilians in War for Independence. Many many more.

Thier flag should be banned world wide. Slave traders, they robbed artifacts from graves in Egypt, they killed millions and nobody seems to care. How many countries did they invade.

Genocidal Britain == Jeffrey Dahmer amongst nations.

They have been murdering/torturing/starving Irish people since Oliver Cromwell to the 1798 Irish rebellion to the Great Famine aka Great Genocide to the Black&Tans to Dublin Monaghan bombings to killing civilians in Derry (google all of it).

They have murdered to extinction countless millions of Native Americans and indigenous Australians.

They have murdered/starved/tortured tens of millions of Indians from 1757 to 1947.

Also google Opium Wars, Batang Kali, Boer concentration camps etc.

This is absolute garbage. The French, Belgians, Spanish and Portuguese were all far worse than the British. The Brits were not saints by any means and many less than savory things happened (more than I've got time to list here) but generally their Empire was far more neutral than others. Railways, roads, hospitals, education, religion etc etc. were all taken around the world. That is why their legal system forms the basis for much of the world, their tongue is the most influential and western culture with all its freedoms predominates.

3 Japanese Empire

They did far worse atrocities to other Asians and Europeans alike in southeast Asia than anything the Germans did, and the only people who deny it are Japanese. The Germans abided by the Geneva convention and treated their prisoners of war quite well, but the Japanese thought torture was a good way to treat them. Germans were said to have used Belgian babies for bayonet practice in WWI, the Japanese ACTUALLY USED Chinese babies for bayonet practice.

The one thing admirable about them is their system of honour, but not when it includes torture and destruction.

They did many evil things to China, people in the Korean Peninsula, the residents of Nanking (goes with China), Russia (kicked them out of Manchuria), America, the United States and Territories (Guam, Philippines, etc.), The Netherlands, France, Britain (British Raj and Malaysia: Uk, French Indochina: France, Indonesia: Netherlands). They also Took some minor islands from Germany during WWI. They have turned many of the Chinese ‘states’ nationalist, forced Thailand to join them in the occupation of the British Raj, and persecuted many minorities just like Josef (Joseph? ) Stalin and Adolfus Hitler. Truly an evil Empire.

Deserves its place, absolute nightmare

Too much massacres. The Nanjing massacre is nightmareish.

4 Nazi Germany

Should be at number 1 for this because of how bad they were during world war I and world war II. Think about what the NAZIS did to more than a million people from countries in Europe. By far responsible for overpowering for what they believed in which was going out and ruling the world by doing in mass killings. Such a sad time. The Nazis were also responsible for the mass killing of the Jews. Blows my mind that Nazi Germany is not at number 1 when they should be. The Nazis did the worst thing by far that no other empire could imagine or not even think to do and yet continued to follow through in HITLER'S ORDERS!

The fact that this is not number one boggles my mind. The Nazis caused the bloodiest war in all of human history and wreaked unprecedented destruction across Europe, bringing more deaths to Europe than any other empire in history. They killed millions of their own citizens, and foreign ones, deliberately, in what is perhaps the worst genocide that has ever occurred. However, what they actually managed to accomplish pales in comparison to what they planned. Hitler's intention was to wipe every last Slav off the face of the Earth, he hated them as much as he hated Jews. He would have literally eradicated the entire population of the Soviet Union and the other Slavic countries, approaching TWO HUNDRED MILLION people, in order to forge his racially pure German empire. This is not even mentioning the other races that would also have been victim to his conquests, such as the Africans. I doubt anything even close to this has even been considered throughout history: the Mongols, the colonial ...more

They kill pepole not good
I think Hitler is drunk and would be already dead!
He think that jews are bad and they would die, LEAVE THEM ALONE MAN!

If Hitler was still alive, I'd probably get sent to concentration camp too as an Asian.
Screw you Hitler! So glad you died centuries ago!

5 Assyrian Empire

They would be the ancient nazis combined with isis. They share similar thinking to that of the nazis controll,superiority and propaganda. But of course when comes down to the most evil one its definitely Nazis since they killed 6 million innocent jews without a reason but just dumbness plus the assyrian empire was also an good empire since they had schools, literature,eduaction,good agriculture,rich cities, good army system and democratic laws(but not the modern law) It was okay being a gay man in ancient assyria but not an lesbian since gender roles was a huge thing in Assyria since women were treated differnetly than males. Altough its absurd to say that the ancient assyrian empire was similar to isis or isil their warfare and torture would be similar to them in modern times.

"Many of the captives I have taken and burned in a fire. Many I took alive; from some I cut off their hands to the wrists, from others I cut off their noses, ears and fingers; I put out the eyes of many of the soldiers. I burned their young men, women and children to death." About a conquest in another vanquished city he wrote: "I flayed the nobles as many as rebelled; and [I] spread their skins out on the piles."

"I slew 14,000 of their warriors with the sword. Like Adad, I rained destruction on them. I scattered their corpses far and wide, (and) covered the face of the desolate plain with their widespreading armies. With (my) weapons I made their blood to flow down the valleys of the land. The plain was too small for their bodies to fall; the wide countryside was used to bury them. With their corpses I spanned the Arantu (Orontes) as with a bridge."

While they did have a massive library, they perhaps were the most militaristic empire of ancient times. They deported ...more

6 Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire was ruled by the leader of Islam, the sultan himself. But they loved their religion so much, they killed, tortured and took and sold them as slaves. Despite the sultans' utmost cruelty, Muslims from other countries fought for their rights, for instance, the Indian Muslims protesting against the British for the Sultan during the 1919-1924 (the Khalifat Movement). But of course, the British were bad in their own way nevertheless not as bad as the Ottoman Empire. (After all, the ruled since 1299)

I have researched about ottomans a lot and I think that they were a great and respectful empire. Yes, they did destroyed many of Muslim empires to be powerful and rule the world but they ruled the world justly and greatly that at last in ww1 nearly everyone were after them because they knew that if the empire stayed alive there would be no chance for them to rule the world the way they like it. It is known that some of ottoman sultans were very horrible, bad and didn't had nice intentions but by taking them as a example and saying that the ottomans were very bad is wrong. Because ottomans also had great sultans who work hard for the empire and the stability of Islam. In my opinion the great ottoman empire and different Islamic empires were only a reason that still there are Muslim countries left.

Their only purpose was to spread their beloved religion, islam. They didn't damage the overall world (like britain, which used the world's sources and caused its polition by a lot). Never slaved any country. I can guarante because I searched it a lot, and was informed by many sources. They never did Armenian Genocide, it's a complete lie ,they might had to have kill some Armenians for the Empire's sake , that's not a Genocide at all. Even if they did , much Empires did things that are way worser (and you are completely missing the fact that Armenians did a Genocide on Them to).

The Ottoman empire was actually good just because they are muslim does not mean you have to hate. I am North African they did not do any damage I embrace that part of me. The British are way worse.

7 Belgian Empire

The Belgian Congo was called "the heart of darkness" for very good reasons. They were far more cruel and brutal than all the other European Empires combined.

If anyone thinks the British, French, Spanish empires were brutal, then they need to read up about the Belgian Congo. That is horrendous to read about.

Really nasty, the worst of all the recent Empires.

8 Timurid Empire

The Timurid Empire was one of the most brutal empires in history. Located in Western Asia, spanning from modern day Iraq to the west to Afghanistan to the east. The Timurids were incredibly cruel to their people. Some even say Amir Timur, the founder of the empire was comparable to the Mongols.

9 Soviet Empire

The Holomador killed 6 Million Ukrainians in a man made famine. Removed Ukrainian culture from Kuban, and caused the Donbass War we have today. This would show a long line of Russification where Stalin would deport many of an ethnicity to Siberia and replace them with Russians so as to keep Rebellion from happen. Today, 25 percent of Khazakstan and Estonia and 17 percent of Ukraine is Russian

Well seeing as Stalin alone killed around 60 million people in a couple of decades it hard to argue. Oh and they killed the Jews too.

Holocaust=1 or 6 million killed
A Famine Soviet=20 or 30 million killed but hidden (except few of them know at least.)
(500yrs)Indian Genoicide=100 million but 80% very hidden.

German NSDAP: Do I look like a joke to you?

This should be number one! Stalin killed way more people than Hitler and he killed his own people.

10 Russian Empire

It used to be, until 1991 when Putin tore up Soviet

This is Austria’s flag not Russia’s(before Austria-Hungary)

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11 Spanish Empire

This empire wasn't bad though it colonised most of america increasing its size rapidly.
It's also quite unfair that when the pope drew a line on the map, spain didn't listen and colonised most of South America.

They liberated the oppressed by killing their oppressors. That is why nearby neighbors of the Aztecs offered to become their allies as soon as they had found out about their plan. They were tired of being bullied for centuries. They also ended human sacrifices in the Americas. Before them the Aztecs would sacrifice anyone. Men, woman and children. Especially their captured prisoners of war. After all of this they married the locals and created an empire that lasted for nearly 300 years, and at one point, being the biggest and most powerful empire at the time.

The Spanish slaughtered over 15 million Aztec people. The Aztecs were not evil at all. Human sacrifices happened very rarely. We kill prisoners of war too, but we just don't offer the hearts to the sun god. All of those "evil" things that the Aztecs did were just propaganda created by the Spaniards to make people like you think that the Aztecs were evil.

The Spanish Empire lead to the death of almost every Native American tribe in South/Central America.

12 Aztec Empire

Can you spell ritualized cannibalism of enemy combatants and vestal virgins alike? Hundreds of thousands BBQ'ed.

Ha! If the Aztecs had nukes we would have wiped off every country off the map

I thought of this too

13 Roman Empire

The Roman Empire wasn't as bad as Nazi Germany or North Korea, but they were still very brutal. By far one of the most evil countries in world history.

The Roman Empire deserves first place. They mistreated their people in many bad torturous ways that would be illegal today. For starters, they’d peel your skin off when you’re still alive, they set people on fire, they would even kill people by waking people with sticks to death. Of course, they’d also make people watch these deaths happen like in arenas when gladiators thought ferocious animal or other gladiators.

They deserved to be destroyed by the barbarian invasions and the Ottoman Empire.

Committed genocide against the Carthaginians, Gauls, and countless others. Sold vast amounts of people into slavery.

14 French Empire

I don't understand why France has a worse empire than Spain. Just look at the difference between Haiti and Dominican Republic. DR is much richer than Haiti because of what the Spanish did compared to what the French did. Obviously there are other factors to Haiti and its poor development but I feel like this a key factor which determines Haiti's poverty.

The French Empire over history wasn't so bad, but the crimes they commited during Algeria's struggle for independence are astonishing. They would open fire on PEACEFUL protestors, and were often too controlling.

15 Portuguese Empire

In the 1970s, the Portuguese were losing their Empire, so they decided that the best way to keep it was to commit genocide throughout Africa. And all to own a fraction of a pebble.

They turn the angola people into slaves

This is Portugal now

Evil things the Portuguese empire did

1. They invented the slave trade
2. They tortured the people of Angola
3. The Goa Inquisition (look it up)
4. In the 1990s, Portugal was told by a few nations to release it's colonies, and you know what they said? THEY SAID NO AND STARTED A MASS GENOCIDE IN THE EMPIRE BY KILLING CIVILIANS

16 ISIS (Caliphate)

Its not an empire and it don't have any match with proper chaliphat..
Isis is a terrorist group has been created by america to rob arabs massive oil resources
And I think the name should be USA it self instead of the chaliphat in the list

I don't think it is a caliphate, by the way. It’s not even considered an empire to my perspective. To me, it is a terrorist group in Iraq and Syria that persecutes certain unwanted groups.

Bruh they took a lot of land and basically they were terrorizing the occupied land

17 The People's Republic of China

Not an empire

18 Abbasid Caliphate
19 German Empire

I don't know guys, you guys are acting like this country started World War 1, when it was all Turkey and Austria's faults. Germany was trying to defend them.

The best empire

20 Persian Empire

Truly, the Persia empire, without a doubt, is the greatest empire of all time. Not the largest, not the longest living; but is the empire that has truly brought peace to the Middle East for at least a little while and taught people that there is a way to co exist without having to learn the ways of others. These are problems we face today, but the Persian empire solved them with a breeze, while also having a great government and which I believe we need to use again. The Persians are the eighth oldest people to live today, they have suffered through a lot. From Greeks, to mongols, to Ottomans, to Russia, Britain and America; they have survived through all and more stronger each time. So, I have no doubt that they will free themselves from the current regime and there will be a time where they will lead the world once again.If the old regimes were here today, I believe that with their wisdom, this world could be a better place... like the time of the Persian empire.

Although Persia's often considered a tolerant empire for its time and sometimes rightfully so (especially with Cyrus issuing the Edict of Toleration), it was not tolerant to the people that didn't submit to their rule upon conquest. The Achaemenid shahs slaughtered, subjugated, and DESTROYED the history of entire foreign peoples. Completely erased. Herodotus even gives an account of how the Lydians were destroyed disarmed and pacified by the Persians, and had their honour and culture erased.

21 Dutch Empire

Robbing Surinams natural sources
Police actions in Indonesia

22 Mughal Empire

Mughal empire was so strong that it could have conquered whole China and Asia because Indian subcontinent that they lived in was most richest and strong with its army.

23 Greek Empire

Best empire! Just kidding! They were amongst the most barbaric people of antiquity, who disguised themselves as philosophers and freedom fighting people, which couldn't be further from the truth! Their philosophy for example named woman to be corpses which imprisoned the human soul! If that is the kind of philosophy that the west wants to see as their cultural heritage, I will be out! And the PERSIAN vision of freedom contained to be able to enslave which ever people they wanted without having greater forces like the Persians who in fact forbid slavery throughout their empires history, to take away the Hellenistic will to be immoral people! It's so absurd how they used to call the Persians barbarians. Haha THE PERSIANS freed the Jews from Babylon and helped them rebuild their temple! And the first charter of human rights was created by the Persians too! What did the hypocritical Greeks do? Giving them credit for having "saved" western culture and values is straight up wrong and ...more

Hey, what you doing? should be in top 5 Greece-balkans-egypt and everything until india!The half of the world population was speaking greek.AND it's greek empire the greeks trusted as their leader Alexander of the kingdom of Macedonia which actually is greek and it has not any affair with north macedonia who they are Slavs and came in the area thousand years after alexander died! and alexander family was from Argos-Peloponnese!

Just to the guy above, seriously, what have you been drinking? I want some too!

There never was a Greek empire. It was the Macedonian empire.

24 Italian Empire

Italy's colonial rule in Libya was a brutal one. Even when the war for Libya was going on the italians already commited crimes by creating the so called Tripoli massacre, 10 thousand turkish and arab tropps were put in concentration camps, there all turkish tropps were executed.
During ww1 libyan tribes men rose up against their colonial rulers, the italian didn't fully engage this until Mussolini came into power and 'pacificated' the region by bombing villages, men, women and children were executed daily and put in concentration camps. It was estimated that half of Libya's population got killed or 'relocated' during that period.
During the second Italo-Abyssinian war, due to international pressure Mussolini authorised chemical weapons, 1/4 of Ethiopia's population would die during that war.
During WW2 Italy commited autrocities in the balkans like the Domenikon massace in Greece. The italians used a very brutal tactics to quel rebellions in Yugoslavia, such as for every ...more

25 Imperial Japan
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