Top Ten Career-Ruining Movies

These movies effectively destroyed the career of a famous actor. Although they're obviously still in the acting department, they're very far under the radar.

The Top Ten

1 Jake Lloyd - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999)

This is an awful film

This is a great movie - simpsondude

Because of The phantom menace Loyd Got Bullied At School,Became An Alchoholic,Got Arrested

2 M. Night Shyamalan - The Last Airbender (2010)

He should have used his Sixth Sense to release how bad an idea this movie was. Putting so many hours of animation into a short length of time... bad idea from a Avatar: The Last Airbender fan.

He made some bad movies before this, but The Last Airbender is the movie that put M. Night Shyamalan's once-promising career into the toilet.

No it was After Earth that destroyed it

But A Miracle Happened In 2017, Split Ended Up Great - JPK

3 Mike Myers - The Love Guru (2008)

Oh yeah. This movie completely drowned Mike's career. It's amazing that The Cat in the Hat didn't do that. - BKAllmighty

It's kinda sad that Mike Myers had destroyed his career with this movie. - Pony

The Cat in the Hat was probably the final nail in the coffin for Mike. - Puga

Liking the Maple Leafs doomed him. (Sarcasm)

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4 Elizabeth Berkley - Showgirls (1995) Elizabeth Berkley - Showgirls (1995)

No one ever spoke of her again because of this movie.

5 John Travolta – Battlefield Earth (2000)

At least he came back with Bolt. I honestly thought that movie was pretty good.

6 Chris O'Donnell - Batman & Robin (1997)

As great as Chris O'Donnel is, this movie makes me go "Teenage Chris O'Donnell?! More like Teenage Mike O'Donnell". I will admit, that Batman & Robin is a so-bad-it's-good movie.

7 Cuba Gooding Jr. - Snow Dogs (2002)
8 Halle Berry - Catwoman (2004) V 1 Comment
9 Geena Davis - Cutthroat Island (1995) Geena Davis - Cutthroat Island (1995)
10 Sean Connery – The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

Oh, how I feel sorry for Connery for having to take part in this joke of a movie. - PositronWildhawk

He picked this over Lord of The Rings?!?!?

Sad, too sad - Gamer231

The Contenders

11 Brandon Routh - Superman Returns (2006)
12 Lindsay Lohan - I Know Who Killed Me (2008) Lindsay Lohan - I Know Who Killed Me (2008) Lindsay Dee Lohan is an American actress. She is also a model, singer, songwriter, director, and producer.

It's won more Razzies than any other movie, so it kinda killed her career. - Turkeyasylum

13 Ben Affleck – Gigli (2003)

Ever hear of Argo? It's nonsense to state that a bad project or 2 "ruined" the careers of some of these very successful actors whose careers have been fine - some highs, some lows, as any busy entertainer will likely have - Billyv

This movie didn't ruin his career.

14 Kevin Costner - Waterworld (1995)
15 Demi Moore - Striptease (1996)
16 Mara Wilson - Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000)

She hasn't been in a single film since this one. And that's sad because she was in two movies that I liked as a kid (Mrs. Doubtfire, and Matilda) Also, HOW THE HELL DID THEY CAST ALEC BALDWIN AND PETER FONDA? IT MAKES NO SENSE!

(P.S. I've never seen an episode of Thomas before and I don't intend to) - BigBerry25

17 Mark Hamill - Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983)

How did this destroy Hamill's career?

Vote if you suck. This is the best movie ever! At least in my opinion. - RalphBob

What "career" did he even have to potentially ruin? Lol - Billyv

18 Haley Joel Osment - AI: Artifical Intelligence (2001) Haley Joel Osment - AI: Artifical Intelligence (2001) Haley Joel Osment is an American actor. After a series of roles in television and film during the 1990s, including a small part in Forrest Gump playing the title character’s son, Osment rose to fame for his performance as a young unwilling medium in The Sixth Sense..
19 Madonna - Swept Away (2002)

After many bad movies in her acting career, this is the one that finally led her to stop doing films permanently. - Dancedom

20 Tom Green - Freddy Got Fingered (2001)
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1. Mike Myers - The Love Guru (2008)
2. Elizabeth Berkley - Showgirls (1995)
3. Chris O'Donnell - Batman & Robin (1997)
1. Mike Myers - The Love Guru (2008)
2. M. Night Shyamalan - The Last Airbender (2010)
3. John Travolta – Battlefield Earth (2000)
1. Jake Lloyd - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999)
2. Halle Berry - Catwoman (2004)
3. Elizabeth Berkley - Showgirls (1995)



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