Best Characters from "The Outsiders"

Which "The Outsiders" (1984) character is the best?

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1 Dallas Winston

My favorite character in the book, his personality reminds me of my favorite fictional character. And he kicks butt too, like in that rumble! - AnimeDrawer

Bad boy but good at heart=Dallas Perfect Winston

Best personality of all the characters

Better than johnny

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2 Johnny Cade

I never thought I would love a fictional character so much

My second favorite character. I feel bad for him, but he is a very nice guy though. - AnimeDrawer

Johnny Cade is awesome. Hands down best character ever. - DynastiNoble

MY FAVORITE. Cute, adorable, innocent, little cinnamon roll Johnny. WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!

Mentally dating Johnny Cade βœ…

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3 Ponyboy Curtis Ponyboy Curtis

He is kind, outgoing, and an all around great person.

He is so cool

Ponyboy is smoking hot. Hands down best handsome dude ever! 😍😍😍 - DynastiNoble

4 Sodapop Curtis

WHen you wish you had a brother so you could have a brother like him... - AnonymousChick

Hands down best guy ever. He's so cool. - DynastiNoble

He’s HOT

5 Two-Bit Mathews
6 Darry Curtis
7 Cherry Valance

My least favourite from the whole book - pjo

8 Steve Randle
9 Bob

He sucks he really not even in the book why is he even on this list?

10 Marcia

The Contenders

11 Randy
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1. Ponyboy Curtis
2. Dallas Winston
3. Johnny Cade
1. Sodapop Curtis
2. Ponyboy Curtis
3. Johnny Cade
1. Johnny Cade
2. Dallas Winston
3. Sodapop Curtis


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