Best Characters from "The Outsiders"

Which "The Outsiders" (1984) character is the best?

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1 Dallas Winston

My favorite character in the book, his personality reminds me of my favorite fictional character. And he kicks butt too, like in that rumble! - AnimeDrawer

Best personality of all the characters

Bad boy but good at heart=Dallas Perfect Winston

He was always so amazing when it came to the gang. Even if he was tough, you knew he had your back. And at the end... well let’s just say, I cried. A lot.

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2 Johnny Cade

I never thought I would love a fictional character so much

My second favorite character. I feel bad for him, but he is a very nice guy though. - AnimeDrawer

Johnny Cade is awesome. Hands down best character ever. - DynastiNoble

I LOVE you so much! Rest in peace Johnny Cade :(

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3 Ponyboy Curtis Ponyboy Curtis

He is kind, outgoing, and an all around great person.

He is so cool

Ponyboy is smoking hot. Hands down best handsome dude ever! 😍😍😍 - DynastiNoble

Seriously. You judge a book character by their LOOK. I like the book because it has action and murder (I'm reading this book in English class.) But I don't care if Ponyboy looks like this or Dallas acts like that. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

4 Sodapop Curtis

WHen you wish you had a brother so you could have a brother like him... - AnonymousChick

Hands down best guy ever. He's so cool. - DynastiNoble

He is so happy and cheerful!

He’s HOT

5 Two-Bit Mathews
6 Darry Curtis
7 Cherry Valance

My least favourite from the whole book - pjo

8 Steve Randle
9 Bob

He sucks he really not even in the book why is he even on this list?

The only thing I know about him is that Johnny murdered him. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

10 Marcia

The Contenders

11 Randy
12 Sylvia

I know she sucks but she is a character...

13 Sandy

I HATE her so much...but she is a character... poor Soda :(

14 Rebecca Rose Curtis

She is Ponyboy's long lost sister...

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1. Ponyboy Curtis
2. Dallas Winston
3. Johnny Cade
1. Sodapop Curtis
2. Ponyboy Curtis
3. Johnny Cade
1. Johnny Cade
2. Dallas Winston
3. Sodapop Curtis


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