Top 10 Characters On The Suite Life Deck

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1 Zack Martin

Zack my boyfriend my 1st boyfriend who is his girlfriend it is me no one can have him its itself me I and dating Zack I am not braking up with him ever Cady not my boyfriend Zack is my boyfriend Zack cute.

You are very funny you are my favorite boy celebrity

Zack was always the funniest in the suite life on deck, Cody turned into a jerk but Zack stayed the same loveable character we all loved

Zack is my best friend and Cody is my friend and Zack is the best than Cody Zack is the nice person than Cody.

2 Bailey Pickett

bailey is a sweet down to earth kinda girl so she is great for being like that. plus debby ryan plays her and debby is so awesome! go debby and bailey!

Shes sweet, shes smart, shes cute, shes humble. Love her so much. She deals with London. And doesn't rip her head off, ain't she sweet? Love ya country girl.

I like Bailey, she kind of reminds me of me... I'm a nerd too, but have lots of great friends, and I'm from the midwest (Missouri, not Kansas, but still. )

Bailey is the best she s so smart plus so pretty... Debby ryan act so good

3 Cody Martin

Cody is smart and deals with Zack who is annoying. He is funny and I really good friend.

He's smart, funny, and awesome. He's been my favorite character through all the seasons. I love the way how he always outsmarts Zach but somehow always get roped into Zach's mischievous plans and gets in trouble with his mom/ Mr. Mosbey.

Cody is simoly the best... He's cute and best character ever in the whole series of the suite life. He got all what it takes to be the best nobel prize winner. He almost knows everything and he never misses any good events in the S. S tipton.

Why on Earth (Or on deck, ha ha) would he be at the 4th? In my opinion, they should all be tied at 1st. The whole show would be totally different if only 1 of them was gone.

4 London Tipton

The only Disney sitcom character whom I like! Very stylish and funny, even though she is mostly selfish, but she does show a compassionate side from time to time. Anyway, London is awesome!

I miss maddie and the less annoying London from the suite life of zack and cody. But still miss the suite life.

She shows major character development in the spinoff but still maintains her laughable, dumb self

London is awesome! She is so hilarious! I really loved her the most on lost at sea. There is a berret stuck to my butt! Selfish? Fish swim in schools now they will have textbooks! Ha!

5 Marion Moseby

Best funny man award

He is my favorite charcter in the whole series


HAHA! I CRIED at some of his lines! He was honestly my childhood and I don't think the show could have existed without his expertise and presence! I <3 you mr moseby :') I also love your name is Marion! You always looked out for London and it made me tear up how yuou always stuck by her side no matter how annoying she was! You are a brave soul and a friend

6 Woody Fink
7 Marcus Little

At least Marcus can sing!

8 Kirby Morris
9 Addison


10 Emma Tutweiller

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11 Maya Bennett

She is so cool well I think this is the right person is she zac's girl friend?

12 Carey Martin

She's not only independent, single handedly raising two sons on a tight budget, she's sweet to everybody around her.

13 Milos Hawkakapolis
14 Kurt Martin
15 Tom
16 Maddie Fitzpatrick
17 Esteban Ramírez
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