Best Cities to Host the 2026 Winter Olympics

Which City should win the title of hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics? Any city is okay.

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1 Reykjavik, Iceland

Good way to boost Icelandic Tourism and Iceland's all-round reputation in the world. - tailsthebest1

2 Middlesbrough, UK

Great way to spring life in to the town. Would also bring lots of business. - tailsthebest1

I support Middlesbrough FC and I live in the area so I would love the 2026 winter Olympics here. Although it doesn't snow too much here. I though a place in Scotland would be better. Let's hope The Winter Olympics can finally come to my area!

Often gets so much snow all schools are shut and public transport grinds to a halt.

I go for Middlesbrough

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3 Lake Placid, United States

A NY based Olympics with a focused host site in Lake Placid would be amazing. Bringing this world event back to a historic location will not only add an incredible amount of nostalgia, but also make use of preexisting facilities that would require renovation rather than a full fledged build of a new facility that may never be used again - decreasing any environmental damage and making better use of the funds invested in the event planning.

I like the idea of Lake Placid and NYC co-exhibiting, that makes a lot of sense! Combined it would be the perfect and Ideal location for the Winter Olympics! One day you can check out some events in the city that never sleeps NYC and another day enjoy some events in the beautiful scenic and tranquil city of Lake Placid! Sounds awesome and would bring a lot of people!

Great small city with ability to host big Olympic events. Just needs some infrastructure improvement, and New York City could host the big spectator events (Ice events and opening ceremony). If IOC is serious about promoting more financially viable events, then Lake Placid is the perfect place to start and show it is possible!

Laugh out loud

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4 Longyearbyen, Norway

Practically all year snow, Near great mountains for skiing, Will put Longyearbyen and Svalbard on the map and boost the economy and tourism of the area. - tailsthebest1

We could add polar bear hunting events (please don't sue me PETA).

There will most definitely be snow - severalsomeones

5 Salt Lake City, United States

Perfect resorts and already has all the stuff needed to host the olympics - Bradenlovell

They already have all the facilities they need to host. It has been used since 2002 and is in good condition, so this would be a smart financial move.

Would love to see the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City again

Salt Lake hosted one of the better Winter Olympics. They already have all of the infrastructure in place. If the IOC was interested in a profitable, affordable winter games in a place that is perfectly suited for the games again then Salt Lake should be near the top of their list.

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6 Rovaniemi, Finland

Rather large Finnish City in Lapland near the Arctic Circle, Pretty good for a Winter's Olympics. - tailsthebest1

7 Jurbarkas, Lithuania

The olympics had never been to this part of Europe.

Would help the economy and Lithuania's image among the world. And two words: Andrius Pojavis. - tailsthebest1

8 Calgary, Alberta Calgary, Alberta

Winter Olympics will be a huge success in Calgary!

Best city with best volunteers!

Have to favourites for the 2026 Olympics.

Calgary hosted the best winter Olympics ever according to the former IOC president. They left an incredible legacy. The games made money.
They were well organized and fun
Calgary has the history of te best spirit of volunterism on earth.

9 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Its beautiful spot, the weather is perfect for it venues would be close together, Huge boost for Northern Sweden

Nicely Sized Northern Swedish City. (Also Niklas Edin is from there. He's so awesome! ) - tailsthebest1

10 Nuuk, Greenland

Near LOTS of Snow! Help Greenland as it starts its Olympic journey (Planning to enter
The 2016 or 2020 Summer Olympics) - tailsthebest1

Greenland..., ya!

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11 Almaty, Kazakhstan

It should have won the right to host the 2022 winter olympics! CHINA SUCKS.

Large Good Kazakh City. Would help the economy in Kazakhstan. - tailsthebest1

Perfect, near Russia so it will be like Sochi which was amazing. Would also help Kazakhstan develop. - ReganTheBeast

12 Ushuaia, Argentina

People think Argentina is hot! IT IS so COLD laugh out loud! Argentina it snows a lot and also very beautiful

Large Argentine city, Near a lot of mountains, Help boost Argentine Economy. - tailsthebest1

13 Denver, Colorado

Should be at the top of the list. Perfect host city. Easy to get to, Great amenities already in place, ground zero for US ski team and home to several world class resorts. Nearby Beaver Creek has hosted the World Championships previously. Most logistical considerations already accounted for. Minimal new construction required.

Easy to reach. Large airport. The majority of the facilities are already in place. Sports crazy town.

Made for Olympics host xgames for over ten years now has all the Venus pretty much in place

Most venues in place already 300 days of sunshine Olympics ready aspen host the x games

14 Innsbruck Tirol, Austria

Great choice

Simply the best city in the whole world.
Best ski resorts, best medieval district...

15 Trento, Italy

Great scenery, beautiful landscape!

16 Anchorage, United States

Anchorage would be a great city to host the Winter Olympics.

How gorgeous would Winter Olympics in Alaska be?

17 Erzurum, Turkey

It's the safest city of Turkey. 25th winter universiade games were hosted here and it still has the attendance record for winter universiade games. I think Erzurum will host that succesfully.

18 Vancouver, Canada

The city is completely ready to host 2026 Olympic beauty full with all the potential for the Olympic games

How is this city not in the top 5?

19 Methven (Māori: Piwakawaka), New Zealand V 1 Comment
20 Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

The 1960 olympics were hosted here, and with so many venues already built up in the area, not much money would have to be spent.

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