Top Ten Best Clash of Clans Strategies

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1 Gowiwi

I've used it before with amazing success, and no failure (almost)!

This is only for masters/crystals/champions

I have done this stratergy be for and it was the best good for getting cups and if you get a base with a lot of loot 100 persent gowiwi rules

2 Mass Dragons

Only good at TH7 and maybe 8

Best in my opinion

Well, it depends who you r facing. this is the number two attack strategy for th8 and 9 for trophies. 1. is hogs

It is the best it always works you will win at least 1 star the best village it always works for me I tried all the top ten strategys non of works unless you find a town hall level 5 or 4 lol I'm helping you guys out that doesent means you have only forever try the top 1 no try all dragons and you will win garunteed

3 Giant Healer

This helps me cause I'm only th7. I like to spice some lv3 wiz in there also.

Good for th6's not really for high players

Good for th6's not really high players

4 Hogs

Hogs can only be stopped by double giant bombs, and clan castle troops

5 Chief Pat's Farming Strategy

This works so awesome

6 Gowipe

The only strategy that Titans use. I don't understand how this isn't #1.

This should be higher dragon attacks are so bad lol

This should be higher, it's a great strategy.

Damn bring this old school attack back

7 Balloonion

Totally the best every good player does this attack

I think this is farming attack

8 Barch


9 Hog & Giant Healer
10 Dragoons (Dragon+Balloons)

Unstoppables, easy three star strategy, I carry about 9:9 ratio and its awesome and the best

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? Hero Healers
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11 Hog & Valkyrie Team

Amazing, always 2 or 3 star bases

12 Queen Walk Gowivalk

What is wrong with u guys this strategy is dead easy and works great for th9

13 GoHog
14 Lavaloonion

Lava hounds take out air defences than nothing but daylight for your minions and balloons

Excellent for trophy pushing

Op can three star a max townhall 9

15 Mass Balloons

Your balloons will die from wizard tower and air bombs

Really a good strategy from townhall 6 to 10

TERRIBlE strategy, ESPECIALLY with th 8 and up. Too many air definitely

16 GoHoWiGiArBreaker
17 Barcher
18 WallWipe

A really god strat, I’ve been using it since I got pekkas in TH 8 in gold 3and now I’m a TH 9 in crystal 1, such a reliable start as long as you get the funnel going and your wall breakers don’t die.

19 Golem Giant Wizard Team

It is cool! Golem level one has around 5100 hitpoints so can Let defences to target it but deals a little damage.Giant behind will help to be the main attack so won't be dead easily.The giant's hitpoints is just right to be use with the heal spell.The slowness take it easier to use the range spell.Their habit (attacking defences) makes them always attack walls.Then why don't use a bounce spell? wizard's fire ball deals 300 damage in level 7 and mine is currently level 6 and deals around 280 damages and with area damage.Good to attack non-defensive buildings on the way with the giants.When need,attack opponent's clan castle troops is the best with wizard because the lack in health will be covered by golems and giants.The three troops comes up with the best strategy.

20 Witch Slap

OP if u know how to use it.

21 GoVaHo

It’s a very good attack. The token tank the hits well the hogs trigger the giant bombs and clean the outer area of the base then the valks and heal plus rage take it from there

Whatever I don't like valkyrie

22 Hog+healer+archers
23 Town Hall Snipe

Hey! no one invited savage 7 :P

24 GoVaLo
25 Drage (Drag+Rage)

Great For Th8 looking to Attack A Th7, Especially with a few lightning spells in there. Should be #2 Behind GoWipe

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