Top Ten Best Clash of Clans Strategy


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1 Gowiwi

I've used it before with amazing success, and no failure (almost)!

This is only for masters/crystals/champions

I have done this stratergy be for and it was the best good for getting cups and if you get a base with a lot of loot 100 persent gowiwi rules

2 Mass Dragons

You can NEVER go wrong with dragons! - lukemcnamara72

Best in my opinion


OP for th7 and 8 and is decent at 9 - HazzaInHisMazda

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3 Giant Healer

This helps me cause I'm only th7. I like to spice some lv3 wiz in there also.

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4 Hogs

Hogs can only be stopped by double giant bombs, and clan castle troops

5 Chief Pat's Farming Strategy

This works so awesome

6 Gowipe

The only strategy that Titans use. I don't understand how this isn't #1.

This should be higher, it's a great strategy. - micahisthebest

GoWipe is the way to go

I don't know why its not 1st

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7 Balloonion

Totally the best every good player does this attack

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8 Barbarcherian

This is Called BARCH


9 Hog & Giant Healer
10 Dragoons (Dragon+Balloons)

Unstoppables, easy three star strategy, I carry about 9:9 ratio and its awesome and the best - glambert

The Contenders

11 Hog & Valkyrie Team

Amazing, always 2 or 3 star bases

12 GoHog
13 Queen Walk Gowivalk

What is wrong with u guys this strategy is dead easy and works great for th9 - HazzaInHisMazda

14 Barcher
15 Hog+healer+archers
16 Lavaloonion

Lava hounds take out air defences than nothing but daylight for your minions and balloons

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17 Town Hall Snipe

Hey! no one invited savage 7 :P

18 GoVaLo
19 Mass Balloons

TERRIBlE strategy, ESPECIALLY with th 8 and up. Too many air definitely

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20 Drage (Drag+Rage)

Great For Th8 looking to Attack A Th7, Especially with a few lightning spells in there. Should be #2 Behind GoWipe

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