Mews Systems PMS


I installed Mews about a year ago and what a refreshing change it was from the previous PMS's I've seen out there. The software works seamlessly with both our staff using the PMS and customers using the Navigator Online Check-in portal.

What we liked about it most was the instant chat function between arriving customers and customers in house directly into the PMS. We can instantly tackle problems answer questions, which saves phone calls and the use of emails all the time between us and the guest. Plus guests can order products directly in their room in the PMS via a phone or tablet.

I would highly recommend the PMS platform to anyone looking to move from the old way to a new way of working, thinking and selling your hotel and delivering customer service. - Meadoo

The PMS solution built by hoteliers to bring true innovation to guest experiences. Cloud-first and mobile optimized, giving flexibility in the running of your hotel or hostel. Amazing and flexible reporting tools, online check-in, concierge-application, housekeeping-application and many more.

I recently had Mews Systems installed at my property. I have to say that I have been impressed with the way that having my PMS in the cloud has transformed my operation but also increased my ability to sell rooms/beds and dorms which I never had before. Training and install took around 2 weeks and I am confident that the team are now fully up to speed, it has been such a smooth process and I can only see the system continuing to grow! Thanks Mews!

Mews PMS is a great and effective property management system for me as an innovative hotelier. It saves me from doing a lot of manual work which I can now spent more wisely. By saving time, our front desk has now more time to concentrate on improving the guest's satisfaction. At the same time, our managers have a prefect overview about what is going on within the building. Mews also provides a mobile concierge application which allows our guests to review and book hotel services.

Mews connects clients from any computer in the world; it is able to visualize the availabilities and the results of the hotels.. Mews PMS allows knowing the availability of the different hotels in real time. This unique tool allows comparing the hotel to the largest independent hotel database. This connectivity allows updating the distribution channels of the hotel concerning the diffusion of the modifications of rates and availabilities on Booking.

Mews PMS values our money and provides an optimized solution to save overall operational cost. Mews provides cutting-edge tools and features to assist us to improve cost effectiveness. Key features for us include online check-ins and outs and revenue management solutions. The entire operational cost of hotels can be minimized by 25% through mobile payments and integrated channels: something that we're monitoring right now and it looks promising!

Mews property management system is fully mobile-optimized which makes it super easy to use for everyone within the team, anywhere at any time.. Mews provide a wide variety of services such as integrated online payment solution, online check-in and out, online concierge, customer service support 24/7 and much more. For the satisfaction, it offers an array of different languages and as far as we know, there is more to come.

Mews PMS aims to make the customer journey as hospitable as possible and provides modern hoteliers with all the tools they need to stay on the top. The cloud-based system has been designed from the ground up to ensure that the guests save time and always leave happier than before. The online support system enables hotels to quickly and efficiently manage queries for an enhanced guest experience and rapport.

Mews PMS is an intuitive and powerful hotel management platform, built around total customer satisfaction. The PMS not only helps businesses save money, but also ensures that they sell more by ensuring constant availability and great support. The system offers the flexibility required for a reception-free welcome and allows personalized guest registration.

Mews redefines guest experiences and delivers a platform that aims to reshape the future of the industry. It's is easy-to-use and works on all devices having internet access, so that our housekeepers can manage the rooms from their mobile device. The system offers real-time data and helps managing operations from anywhere, anytime. I love it!

After years of working with Opera, paying too much for an user unfriendly system, it was a relief for us to switch to Mews. The system is extremely simple to understand and to work with. The support from Mews is great and they are way more flexible than what we have experienced with Opera the last years. Thanks Mews!

I've had Mews in place in my Hostel for 3 Months now, there were a few options I considered and trialled in one case before choosing but Mews really blew the rest out of the water for functionality and reliability. For my property Mews has helped us connect with Guests like never before, they understood where we were going with the evolution of service and we are really pleased to be on board with them.

I am confident Mews property management system is the right choice for managing operations from any location, at any time and from any device.. With their beautiful design (we adore it! ) and amazing functions, Mews have the most innovative and powerful cloud-based PMS allowing us to create quality guest experiences but our managers to handle different departments from wherever they are.

My guests are loving Mews, check-in online has changed the way we interact with them, focusing more on their experience than the generic processes that they have long suffered. Can't say how happy I am with Mews, from initial enquiry into installation I felt secure with their team, all of them know what a hoteliers life is like!

Mews has the best cloud-based property management systems which allows me to use a powerful and intuitive hotel management platform. Mews offers a Navigator option for the contentment of my guests, the guests have a mobile concierge that helps them check-in online, and it offers some communication tools so my staff and the guests are in touch continuously.

I recently switched over to Mews for PMS and I wish I had done it sooner! The system is really great, I love how clean and simple it is to work with. Onboarding was smooth, the guys are amazing! Helpful and knowledgeable and truly caring. Integration with channel manager was also quick and painless. The team just started to work with the system but I already see that the check-in and -out is so much faster and convenient, the receptionists have more time to actually spend on the guests.

Mews provide cutting-edge tools and features to assist us to improve cost effectiveness. Key features for us include online check-ins and outs and revenue management solutions. The entire operational cost of hotels can be minimized by 25% through mobile payments and integrated channels: something that we're monitoring right now and it looks promising!

The fact that MEWS Property Management System can do everything that a guest can imagine, is everything I want. MEWS Property Management System is easy to use and support recalls quickly. This PMS has a simple configuration and so new users adapt quickly after a few clicks throughout the system. There is no need of proper training for using this system.

Mews provides me the fastest and most innovative property management systems, which can be easily used by myself or my team members with any device. By using Mews I am not only saving money but also valuable time. By using mews as a PMS I can be more focused on the guest experience which helps me get better reviews and more important a happy customers.

Finally a system that understands Hostels. We looked high and low, but unfortunately all systems on the market are hotel-systems, which do not fully get the intricacies of our business. Mews built out a lot of custom reports for hostels with REVPAB and Bed-Occupancy, in addition to new ways to sell beds, which we previously were not able to handle correctly. LOVE THESE GUYS

Mews PMS can help guests in connecting with hotels with the support of this tool sitting at any corner of the world. Online check in and out is the most relaxing and comfortable option for clients and hotel staff as well. This PMS system is designed particularly by keeping the convenience of guest in mind. Most of all it is user-friendly.

MEWS is a robust and performance-driven PMS and is available in different languages for modern hotels around the globe. The PMS ensures effective and efficient coordination between departments and allows guests to do their check-ins/outs online using the device of their choice.

Mews property management system is fully mobile-optimized which is easily used by anyone, anywhere at any time. Mews provides me a wide variety of services such as using various proper navigators, online payment, customer service support 24/7 and much more. For the satisfaction, MEWS PMS offers an array of different languages.

Mews property management system is a powerful and the most innovative smart web-based solution I have ever seen. Mews offers multiple languages, and a proper navigator for their beloved guests, and for the continuous connection between guests and hoteliers, mews provides a concierge application and a great 24/7 support.

The PMS from Mews helps us to focus on guests more without worrying about administrative responsibilities. Mews really divides the burden of its clients by taking care of al lot of administrative work. Due to this, we can focus on other important things without worrying about anything that is in control of the system.