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Here are the most common fanfictions ever made on wattpad!

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1 After (Whole Series)

The absolute best

The best! I cried when I thought they wont be together...

This is the best fabric I have a ever read but has a lot of smut scenes in it...if you want to keep your innocence skip them but the book is amazing!


2 Motel 6

The very first story I read on wattpad! It had me turning page after page in suspense. It was the only reason I got wattad to begin with, my friend had been reading it and would never shut up about it. So I thought, why the hell not. So I got the app, and began to embark on the journey of aimee, Avery and the rest of the gang. Its absolutely amazing!

Amazing fanfiction about a girl named Avery and Niall Horan who go through a drama crisis of tons of things! Has to be one of the most popular ones it has over 49M reads! - Stephanie_Sandler

3 Locker 17

A cute story about a common ship involving Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, called Larry Stylinson! Even if you don't ship them, you definitely will ship them in the story! - Stephanie_Sandler



4 Werewolf Committee

Wonderful story that's nominated as number 1 werewolf fanfic and number 1 fanfiction! - Stephanie_Sandler

5 Royal Pain In the Ass

Hilarious and Romantic story about a girl named Juliet who is an American girl who gets confused in a world of British politics! - Stephanie_Sandler

6 Dark and Dangerous Love

Dark and dangerously written love story which keeps mind and heart tied up in a knot! Your heart flutters of one and aches for the other.

A love triangle fanfic about a girl, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles that has over 85M reads! - Stephanie_Sandler

love it

7 Summer 09


8 Letters (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

A dark version of punk Louis that makes everything incredible about this story! - Stephanie_Sandler

Imma directioner bitch! What else you wanna hear?

9 My Brother's Best Friend

This is an amazing story, first smut/story I read and I can't stop re reading

10 Yellow

Absolutely amazing and extremely different to the other camren stories. I love the concept and loved both the sequels too. A must read if u ship camren or r a harmonizer in general.

This is so good it gives u perspective of things you'll usually don't think about and it's hard such an amazing story line to it. It is a must read especially for harmonizers

A camren (Lauren and Camila from Fifth Harmony) story showing an amazing perspective of a life changing experience

Absolutely wonderful fic that show us a different perspective of life annd the value of forgiveness,friendship and love

The Contenders

11 Hidden

This is one of the amazing books of all time.

Best wattpad fanfic of all time in my opinion (besides the after books) worth the read!

Myy favorite book ever I can’t stop reading itt

It's an amazing book. Please read it. I t is one of the best fanfiction I have ever read. And if you are a Harry girl then please read it!

12 P.S. I Hate You

This story is amazing,

I live this story so much


13 The Marriage and Baby Project

HILARIOUS AND ADORABLE STORY ABOUT LOUIS TOMLINSON AND A GIRL NAMED ROSIE MOORE. Red headed version of ariana grande plays rosie which makes it too cute! This story also has a unfinished sequel called The Fame Project. - Stephanie_Sandler

14 Private Sex Lessons

Hilarious story not just only involving a smut but trust me you'll love it if you can handle it lol - Stephanie_Sandler

15 Twist and Shout

Heart breaking.
Things like Elvis Presley's song 'Can't help falling in love'… beaches, spilling of milk, will never be the same.
And if you ever hear the line 'I can dig Elvis' again after reading this, it will crush you.

Made me want to die... but in a good way.

The greatest love story ever told

Need a good cry? well, go ahead

16 Trials and Tribulations

Such a beautiful book, I loved Yellow, but TaT has to be the best Camren fanfic. It brought such an amazing perspective on love and life and had me crying throughout the entire thing! This has to be published!

17 Anarchy

One of the best, if not the best Harry one out there!

Perfect story

Great book by styleslegend that's worth reading and crying/laughing over

Probably the best fanfic I've read. styleslegend have the way how to put words into life.

18 Alone

Who wrote this book? I've been looking for it but to no avail. I've heard it's really good though

It's a shawn mendes fanfic. It is very well written and won the 2014 warty awards!

19 (Don't) Leave Me Alone

It's the best book on wattpad

YESSS! I love those Tyler Jøseph one!

20 Psychotic
21 Poison
22 A Splitting of the Mind

This fic left me in tears. I recommend reading it, even if you're not a My Chemical Romance fan. It's absolutely breathtaking.

23 The Bad Boy's Girl

I've read it over 20 times and still love it, it's a really good read

I love this. So much. I haven't finished it yet but I’m obsessed with it.

24 The Milk Fic

Ryan was kneeling in a bathtub. If you like milk don't read this, but if you like Panic! At the Disco ships then read it... but beware

€�The milk fic is a fine piece of literature. Everyone should read it.”

25 Homophobic

Another one of those cute Larry Stylinson fanfictions involved with drama and a bunch of other gossip crisises... - Stephanie_Sandler

26 I Never Stopped Loving You

This book is a Haleb Fanfic. She is really good. So if you love Pretty Little Liars and you ship or if you don't you will in this story. It takes place in Season 5 and Season 6. Please Read this book it is amazing

27 Dust Bones (Harry Styles)
28 Tears (Invader Zim AU)
29 A Little Love

It's amazing...It's about Larry stylinson...Everyone should read it
It's the best Larry book I ever read and it seems so real!

30 When Worlds Collide (Z.M)

Favorite of all time! A cute high school story. You think it will be cliché but there just something about this one that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. I read it 3 times all ready!

31 The Hat Fic
32 Baby Doll

Best fanfic in my opinion. Made me cry, gasp, yell. Its just simply amazing.

This was my favourite fanfic by far.

33 Fire & Ice

WOW. WOW. This story is simply AMAZING. (TheWitchAndTheCat)

34 Stuck with You (Louis Tomlinson)

Awesome, emotional book
Must read

35 Dirty Laundry

Best fanfic I've ever read hands down.

One of the most moving Klance fanfics out there! It is a modern day au and trust me, it’ll leave you in tears

36 The Forest Fic
37 The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me

It was amazing everyone should read it!

One word : perfection
3 books

38 Club Of Misfits

May not have as many reads as the other books on this list but 4 million is still quite impressive. This basically tells the story of four male teens (5sos) that make a secret club to help each other and where eventually two and two fall in love. This fanfiction mad me cry, laugh, scream, and has taught me many things about life. I strongly recommend reading! {written by larry_lashton}

39 Villain Academy
40 Eccentric
41 Heaven

Beautiful story based on the famous Larry Stylinson. (Harry Styes and Louis Tomlinson) It's worth the reading. Trust me. Wattpad = Romcoms

42 Uniquely Perfect

It's about Harry and Zayn are both Hybrids (cats) Niall is also a hybrid (dog) Harry and Niall escaped from Dr Shell (their creator) Liam and Louis are humans. Harry speaks in third person. Liam and Niall are a couple.
Uniquely perfect book 1
Uniquely flawless book 2
Uniquely three book 3
Uniquely even after book 4
Uniquely one shots

43 Summer Next to a Bad Boy; Matthew Espinosa

Has a few intimate sences but it's a good book over all kinda sad, and your gonna wish it never ened!
~ ddrb_2000

44 Don't Fall to a Gangster
45 A Hero's Arrival: Book 1
46 Freak (Troyler AU)
47 Depressed Texting

I cried after completing the whole book. And I'm not kidding. I literally cried.

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