Most Controversial Picks on this Website in Sports

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1 Pele named the most overrated athlete

Pele is not overrated. Soccer is a sport and Pele dominated at it. That was just a list made by a jealous person that is jealous of those athletes because they are great.

Pele is the best!
People from argentina are jealous!

2 Carlton Fisk in the Top 10

Carlton Fisk is ranked #10 on the list of Greatest Major League Hitters ever. Batted. 269 in his career and Ted Williams and WIllie Mays are not even on the list. Terrible pick Fisk is not one of the best hitters of all time.

3 Adrian Peterson ranked #6 on the greatest running back lists

Adrian Peterson has only played one season. In about 5 years he will be top ten, but it is too early to put him up there.

4 Craig Biggio named the fourth best baseball player

Biggio was named the 4th best player of all time. Players behind him: Barry Bonds, Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson, and many others.

5 Patriots of the 21st century named best dynasty

The Patriots were named the best dynasty of all time. What about the Yankees, Celtics, and the Montreal Canadians

6 Jets ranked #18 in all time sports upsets

On the list of all time sports upsets the Jets over the Colts is ranked #18. When the Jets won it changed football forever.

7 Notre dame not ranked number one

On the greatest college football program list Oklahoma is #1 and Ohio State is #2. At #3 is Notre Dame, the teams that has won the most championships.

8 Nolan Ryan named the best pitcher ever

Nolan Ryan was named the #1 pitcher ever on the greatest pitchers ever list. There are several pitchers better than him.

9 Brady Quinn over Otto Graham

Otto Graham led the Browns to 10 straight championship games, what the hell has Brady Quinn done?

In the list best NFL quarterbacks Brady Quinn is ranked 14th and Otto Graham is ranked 19th.

10 2007 Patriots named the second best team of all time

In the list of the Top NFL team of all time the 2007 Patriots are ranked second. However they didn't win the Super Bowl and the teams that did should be ranked ahead of them.

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