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1 Spitfire

Spitfires are the best wheels I have ever skated. Period. They never flat spot and they all offer an insanely smooth and fast ride. I have skated on some of my friends wheels before and they are no where as near as good as spitfires are. You can't go wrong with any spitfires you buy. I have 53mm formula 4s (101a) and I've had them for a year and they are probably 52mm now! They will never wear down you can skate them forever! I would recommend spitfire wheels over any wheel you can buy because they are the fastest, smoothest, longest lasting wheels on the market.

Spitfire skateboard wheels are extremely popular. Spitfire wheels are made in the USA and guaranteed against defects of any kind. Spitfire wheels are high quality, and I highly recommend them.
When it comes to selection, Spitfire has it. If you are looking for fast, try Spitfire's Firelight Core wheels, with built in airflow vents. Some people think stuff like this is only a gimmick, but other swear by 'em. Want to shave off weight? Try the Ligherer wheels, with their mini-cores.

2 Bones Skateboard Wheels

Bones are far better than ANY wheel and that's a fact. They don't flat-spot, they slide well and if you don't mind the waxy white look of the urethane, they stay white.

If money wasn't a factor in my decision I would say Spitfires because of how they slide. Unfortunately they flat-spot way to easily. Even the F1 Streetburners end up flat-spotting in the end. Their good in the streets don't get me wrong but the thing with the F1's is their too slippery on anything that isn't asphalt.

One of my favorite pro-skateboarders (Shane O'Neil) rides for S0pitfire, so I was like "alright, you know what, I'll try out Spitfires." Lasted me four days of vigorous skateboarding in streets, skateparks, and verts. Four days. I ended up getting three different flatspots at the same time after landing a bad 180 heelflip. As pissed as I was, I kept on skating em', which was hell. I bought myself some Bones a week after, which was two years ago, and I still ride those same four wheels. Two years of prolonged use, and it still holds up, no shape change, absolutely no flatspots. I bought some Rictas for the hell of it, they were fun, but lasted me two and a half months, before I got a HUGE flatspot on one of the wheels. There is no way I am going back. Bones wheels are the best, without a single doubt.

3 Ricta

I've had a pare of Ricta wheels for about 2 years now. They are crystals with chrome 99a 53mm and they still skate great. They never flat spot and I power slide to stop 30% of the time and they are pretty smooth for 99a. These skate great, never gonna stop buying ricta because they last for ever and they are super smooth. They also look pretty cool, how they are translucent and chrome on the outer rim.

Had spitfires for a while but they were always either too small or they wore down too fast. A friend told me once to get bigger wheels especially because of Long islands horrible roads he had rictas I picked up a pair and I never looked back, better pop with the bigger wheels,smooth and fast and they last very long. I sticktly ride mini now I picked up a set of 58mil clouds and couldn't be happier they definitely live up to their name. Only thing I don't like about them is that they're a little too grippy

4 OJ Wheels

Used OJ's with Bennett trucks in the early to mid 70's as I
recall the timeline, our skateboard team skated on an amazing half pipe we built of plywood, rode some empty pools, skateboard parks, and a lg fiberglass skate park, mostly pleasure riding & some competition
We bought & made some skateboards, good memories...

I've had spitfire and OJ. I prefer OJ because their faster, they last longer(bits of metal and stone don't appear in the wheels as quick).

Ride smooth don't flatspot great design sick team and locks into grinds easier... Better then bones and tied with spitfire

5 Pig Skateboard Wheels

I had ricta wheels before and they were really fast but like too fast so I would always have to powerslide to slow down and they felt too hard. Then I got pigs day of the dead wheels. They are not too fast and not too slow so I'm always in control but I'm not too slow that it affects my performance.They are hard wheals but ride super smooth a bit like spitfires do. However they wear down a little faster because they are a different urethane but that doesn't matter because they are like half the price of any other wheels so you wont be too poor to pick up a pair of freshies! Overall one of the best wheels in the market. They have sick designs so your board will always look good!

I'm currently using pig wheels, passed down through 4 of my friends and are now with me. The wheels are about 8 years old are have only just gone through! Shame as they were perfect for me and now they're down to about 50/52mm..
Nice and grippy but easy to slide/revent when you want to. Great wheels

6 Autobahn

I've had spitfire, bones, ricta, and autobahn's and by far autobahns are the best... They have the best slide and no flats spot, get these if your gonna get any wheels

They're amazing if you ride a lot of street. I have had spit fires but autobahn beats them by a longshot!

#1 in my book!. AB4life!

7 Element

Element wheels are the BEST wheels for street skating.

That would have to do with your bearings fool not your wheels it depends on how great your bearings are for the wheels to spin the better bearings you have the more the wheels spin bones ceramics are some sick bearings

Hell no they aren't never buy element wheels or trucks cause they suck

8 Gold Wheels

Loved the ricta super crystals had them for years now they do they clean gold wheels 101a hardness even better for street and less flatspot resistant! Was currently riding bones STF and they flatspotted after 5 months can't believe it.

Straight smooth! Feel great, fast, almost feel cushion like but are not soft.. If you can understand that.. Player type of wheel you know.. Almost a delicacy...

Super fast! And have many varieties of colors! Great look, feel, and shape.

9 Mini-Logo Wheels

I think ML's are pretty cool. The Logo isn't so Radical but their A-Cut wheels work pretty nicely. They slide great too! Their cheap wheels for, not perfect, but great product quality!

Mini-Logo is the exact same wheels as Bones, made in the same factory and everything. They just have Mini-Logo Printed on them intead of bones.

Lo is the best
They have sick rider like tony hawk, rodney mullen and pj ladd
They ride smooth and great shock absorber although you ollie from 20 stairs

10 Landshark

As fast as spf. No flat spots. Really grippy once they are broken in.

The Contenders
11 Darkstar Light Knights

Darkstar Light Knights are possibly THE BEST wheels I've used ever in my life.

They are so light and they look really cool.

They don't wear down that fast and they're thin and smooth.

Smooth ride, and the middle of the wheel has the awesome darkstar warrior head thing. Awesome

12 Plan B Wheels

Smooth like Butter they rub smooth and spin well with broken in bearings. I Had bones and they where to hard and big but then plan bs are small and good looking

The best, just like bones.

They have a feeling

13 Tony Hawk
14 Hubba Wheels

Hubbas are so strong. I had mine for 4 years and have switched board and wheels but my old Hubbas are still in great shape.

God on bumpy ground and spin long
They are always riding smooth
They don't flat out at all

Hubba wheels where in skate 1 and I love there different colors

15 Zero

They suck! They have a lot of flat spots and don't work but they do have sick graphics

16 Abec 11 Wheels

Abec 11 have wheels in practically all sizes, hardeness and shapes, and they are good wheels. Also price/guality ratio in bigger wheels is good

17 Blind

I have blind and they are super light. The shape is perfect for ollies, kickflips, manuels, and they go great reds and core. Blind is best. I pick Blind over anything else.

They rock! They are always clean, super fast, and light!

Have mine for 3 years and the are steal rideable!

18 Force

Force wheels are not very good. I got a massive flatspot and the wheels wore down quickly. Just get bones spitfire etc.

I've been skating for two years and force is till now the best wheels I bought:great slide, no flatspots, good graphics...

Force Wheels are amazing wheels no flat spots and are just flat out rad.

19 Girl

Girl are so! Smooth and elements are good to trust me girls the way to roll

Girl is a deck company not wheels? Not the best

20 Bullet

Love the bullet wheels

21 Pool King Wheels
22 Penny Wheels
23 Positiv
24 Kryptonics Skateboard Wheels

I had/have a set of the old original Kryptonic Blues, wow, they were/are fast, mine are a bit worn, but I suppose for an early 80s/late 70s wheel it's to be expected...the Vault Pathfinders remind me of them, except that I've never tried to slide with the blues intentionally, I dunno, it just wasn't the thing back then for me and my bros down at the beach, when we wanted to stop we veered into a bush and lept into it, sometimes resulting into stinging nettle stings all over our arms and legs, but that was the fun of it. We'd first start getting towed behind a motorbike, up to maybe 25/30 mph, we'd let go and then take it from there, no helmets, at least, I can't remember wearing one anyway, perhaps we should've, but that was the whole thing about it, the danger...we were bored surfers, we needed something to release our built up tension of there not being surf 24/7, so we did mad things...surfing a car was kinda cool too :)) They re-released, or at least on our island, the island of Jersey, the Kryptonics downhill wheel but instead of it being 70mm, they were 65mm, and fluorescent colours, that was the 80s ;) they were still a great wheel, lovely, soft and buttery. That's what I can remember of them anyway.

25 Toy Machine

Good quality wheels. 101a is so slick and they don't get any flatspots!

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