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1 German

For sure French is the most beautiful language and english is my favourite language. But german is the language you will really sound sophisticated and cool in at the same time. Einstein was a german and wrote his relativity theory in it, that's a big point for this language. But I am glad, that the Nazis have destroyed the science german, because it would be much harder for the world to learn german as the dominating science language. So hail to the Nazis for this.

The official scientific language. Extremely sophisticated and classic. It's a required language for those studying Physics, Chemistry, and Astronomy.

English and German are very related to each other. Actually English comes from German, but through invasions by Frenchmen and the Vikings, English made a lot of changes compared to German. English conquered the world though and to be coolest sounding language in the world, is at least one achievement, English can leave to German.

German sound so sophisticated. I think of German as the official political and leadership language in some sense, just because it sounds so captivating and sophisticated.

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2 English

It's my second languge a speak seven different languges and this was the easiest to learn.

English sounds very normal and very popular

Speaking English is the only way to be understood in each corners of this planet. There is nothing cooler than that.

It is Universal

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3 French

It's the best... better than all the rest and sooo sexy!

I speak French and it is beautiful

Most difficult language to learn, but in a complexly beautiful way

I speak fluent French and I feel this language is beautiful

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4 Russian

Russian language for creative people.
You can say any thought with any subtleties without any rules.
This is the language for talented people. It is a language who hates any borders.
In Russian, there are many pirated literature of any genre.
A L L A U T O R S! - Serjozha

Russian is definitely a cool language, very nice sounding as well.

Russian, even though is extremely difficult to learn, is so interesting with the flexible word order and mysterious sounds. I have been studying for 3 years and feel as if I am just now appreciating the culture and influence the Russian people have made upon the world.

It sounds very cool and is difficult to learn, making it something impressive to know. Additionally, there are plenty of Russian speakers in the world to practice it with, making it something practical, rather than Gaelic and Irish.

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5 Spanish

No hoblo el englsh

The only language when you can say "hoy" (meaning "today", pronounced "oi! ") without offending someone. - Rocko

Sounds cool. Really love it!

There's a reason why it's the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. By the way, 95% of Chinese speakers live in China while Spanish speakers are everywhere, therefore, technically Spanish is the most spoken language globally. Spain rocks.

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6 Italian

The sexiest, coolest, most erotic and sensual language in the world!

Italian is beautiful language to learn not the easiest but once you get the hang of it you won't want to stop speaking it

I should say that these are utterly subjective postings - all languages have their own appeal. But even so, Italian is by far the most sophisticated language out there.

Words and sounds are really cool and they've got a very lovely accent, sometimes hilarious (I've been to Italy twice).

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7 Japanese

It sounds so cool! By just listening to a Japanese song or watching an anime you'll find it amazing and cool!

2 alphabets, and Kanji make it hell of a challenge. That's why I love it.

Japanese IS AWESOME! Enough said

Learn it at school. Makes us sound good. It's an awesome language! I love the kanji too and how every picture means a word and a when you put two or more pictures together you can guess what the word is. It's a very sensible language.

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8 Swedish

Jag pratar lite svenska, och jag gillar Sverige!

I love Swedish. I used to teach myself Swedish, and then my parents took me to Sweden for a week so I could practice more, and I love the language so much now. Ha en bra dag!

Some of you have never heard Swedish before and are just passing this one by. You guys HAVE to look up someone talking in Swedish. ' amazing.

Swedish is really awesome

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9 Irish

I gotta admit that Irish is among the most warm-sounding language there is. It truly sounds magical.

It sounds so beautiful and unique, and the phonics are very different from English. Also, it feels very soft and dancing on your tongue.

Very interesting, immensely growing language. I love it! I highly recommend it.

I've been studying it due to having Irish blood (not from Ireland, but my great grandparents are fully Irish) and I can feel it running through my veins - stromaemaestro

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10 Dutch

Dutch is a really fun language and a great choice for an English speaker who wants to learn a second language. Dutch culture is really interesting to learn about and Dutch people are really nice and fun to interact with.

I'm Dutch. - Userguy44

So sophisticated, pure and beautiful.

It sounds so funny to me, since I speak both English and German - very child-like!

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11 Korean

Korean has the most scientific alphabet of any other language.

It's my first language and I love it. I also do love English, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese so I tried to learn them all, and I find that English is very brilliant and efficient as I can speak with people all around the world, and Japanese is very smoothing and sound so cute, but Chinese and Korean have some kinds of feeling, I guess? Their words are full of meanings. I really like to write 'Love' in Chinese character after one of my Chinese friends taught me its character is a combination of roof and friend (Please correct me if I'm wrong). And I love my language because, maybe because I am a native speaker, but I find it beautiful whenever I read or write poems and novels.

It has a sort of calm and soothing but also trendy and sophisticated sound (Standard Korean - A.K.A. "Seoul-mal"), and their dialects are also unique and sometimes funny (no offense). Koreans also have two ways of saying numbers - Traditional Korean: hana, dool, saet and "Chinese" character Korean - il, ee, sam, as similar to Japanese. The Korean language also incorporates honorifics meant to show respect or manners for those who are older than them or higher in position of them (sunbaes - Korean way of addressing students or workers who are above ones grade or position, elderly, etc.), as well as strangers. What's best about Korean is how follows a phonetic alphabet system, enabling one to say words that you do not know but can still pronounce it and ask what it means without having to write it down. (Chinese and Japanese use characters, excluding hiragana, katakana, etc., and even some natives can possibly not able to read a character they have never seen, making it ...more

I am doing a poster on a language blood line. I think this will be my choice.

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12 Finnish

I live in New Zealand and I've heard a lot of languages and Finnish is my favorite after Icelandic, Slovak, German and Old English

My opinion is: Finnish is the best and coolest language in the world, mostly because the words are written and pronounced exactly the same. And - SURPRISE SURPRISE - Finnish is my native language!

I would really LOVE to learn Finnish but it's hard to find resources since it's not really a language that people LEARN... Especially online. It really sounds beautiful!

People would think like you're some extremely unique person Andrew like exotic LOL

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13 Arabic

Honestly, the best part of a language can be its complexity, and Arabic is pretty cool since letters can vary in shape but since several letters have similar shapes with very distinct differences, even learning these variations is simple. I haven't gotten into sentence structure yet but the words by themselves are pretty cool.

Arabic is the difficult lanquae so it's the coolest language

El 3araby gamed fash5 bezat l masri

I am swedish and I think 1-Arabic 2-French 3-Italian 4-Chinese

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14 Greek

They sound like Spanish and a slavic language combined.

Greek is the path to open your mind. You succeed a connection with top works from the field of Philosophy, Literature, Arts and ancient sciences. I hope to everyone having this opportunity!

I feel like if I learn greek I'll know more about the root of things. Quite literally.

Very fast and elegant when spoken; the language of liturgical Greek Orthodox chants.

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15 American Sign Language

No phonetics (obviously), but after learning the language from a deaf friend I feel that the hand movements are very fluid and beautiful to watch. The language of hands

It's a beautiful language, that is very unique in its motions and its ability to communicate with poeple without any type of vocals, but rather with facial expression and your arms

16 Chinese

Modern Mainland Chinese is the best, it is.

Traditional Chinese looks beautiful when written down, Simplified Chinese simply looks bad.

I love Chinese so much is looks so beautiful
When written down

The. Best. Language. Ever.

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17 Bulgarian

It's a nice sounding language and has an interesting yet hard grammar

Bulgarian is a beautiful language, I speak English, French, Spanish and also study German, but my native one is Bulgarian!

Very nice language!

18 Persian

Coolest language for sure


I am an Iranian living in India. I learnt Persian from my grand mother. I just fell in love with this language.

... PersiaN and all of the IranIAN languages are the COOLEST ...

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19 Portuguese

Portuguese is just beautiful be it from Brazil or Portugal os some African countries. The best is from Portugal though, its original, poetic as Brazilian is more fun and happy.

I love the Portugal portuguese because it's a beautiful language and it's the original. It is, without a doubt, the best language in the world, spoken by the best people in the world.

Brazilian Portuguese has a bit of love mised with happiness and music.

A very interesting language to lear for sure! If you like good music or nice literature is a very nice choice!

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20 Scottish Gaelic

I'm so happy to see this here. I love everything Scottish and I think the way it flows, yet is powerful is one of the most fascinatingly beautiful things on the planet.

I'm a French dude and do like the Scottish Gaelic, a language which must be more learnt.

I've been learning Scottish Gaelic for a little while now, and it sounds so cool, so interesting, and it sounds so different and cool.

Awesome grammar, syntax and spelling! A shame it's dying

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21 Belarusian

It is considered one of the most melodic languages in the world, second after Italian. It should get more credit. It is a beautiful language.

Honestly the name just sounds cool

That is a swag money name

22 Celtic
23 Polish

Sounds beautifully

Sounds really unique! A lot of "sh" sounds, but that's what makes it sound cool in my opinion.

Very cool sounding language in my opinion. Lots of polish where I live and it would be nice to understand them :D

Super complicated (and therefore cool-sounding) pronunciation.

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24 Creole

French-based creoles feel like the most intuitive way of expressing your self to me :) Shout out Guadeloupe, Martinique, Dominica,Reunion etc. Adon on dot solei tout moun!

25 Hungarian

Especially when the badass Freddie Mercury sing the hungarian folk song.

Really beautiful language, sophisticated, romantic. Hungarian could be a fashion language haha. I'm voting while it is #32, and it is currently ridiculously underrated.

The absolute best language in my opinion

So much character, history and beauty in this language. My background is Hungarian, and only now, at age 16 am I learning my language and my history.

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26 Welsh

Beautiful language with a beautiful and complex history and depth, with meaningful words that no language could describe, like hiraeth.

A very ancient and beautiful sounding language. This should be at the top! Probably the most popular Celtic language.

I love welsh it sounds very beautiful and is fun to pronounce

This should be higher on the list!
1. Arabic
2. Navajo
3. Welsh
4. Cantonese
5. Hindi
6. Scottish Gaelic
7. Hungarian
8. Khmer
9. Thai
10. Mandarin

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27 Filipino

My best friend is Filipino and she speaks it BEAUTIFULLY! I could listen to it all day!

Filipino language is cool simply because easy to understand and easy to learn, and Filipinos are hospitable that you can talk to them anytime;anywhere.

Filipino is an amazing language. It is unique and not a lot of people speak the language. I count myself lucky I learnt Filipino at a young age.

Filipino language is cool for me because as an anthropologist I have found out that filipinos have their rich culture and a rich heritage thta persuades me to study them for me that's cool.

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28 Estonian

It's like a simpler Finnish! My estonian friend is teaching me and it's so beautiful - stromaemaestro

This language is very ancient sounding. It flows really well. It is similar to Finnish in its difficulty in both grammar and vocab. My favorite language!

29 Hebrew

Lame language and I speak it.

Keep clearing you throught.but its fun to learn.i can't speak it flunitly but I know a lot and I can read heberw

A beautiful language, the sentence structure is very flexible, you can have " big red balloon, red big balloon, or balloon big red ext. (Spanish speakers will be happy to see Noun before Verb possible, and English Speakers will like it because you can put Verb before Noun. The Language is simple each word is written as it's spelled. (English speakers will love that)

The language looks and sounds great! Modern Hebrew is also very closely related to biblical Hebrew; this means that by learning one (modern Hebrew) you have almost learned the other (biblical Hebrew). It is of course a very flexible language as well.

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30 Icelandic

Listen to vor I vaglaski by Kaleo, then come back

Remember, this is a list of the coolest language, and that is defiantly Icelandic. One of the oldest languages still used today, Icelandic is practically identical the most fascinating historical language of all time, Old Norse. Icelandic is an absolutely magical sounding language, and in my opinion, it the best poetry language of all time. When you visit Iceland like I have done, you will realize that all other languages absolutely pale in comparison. Icelandic sounds like it is from a another world, it is beautiful, unique, and ethereal just like the perfect country from which it comes.

Basically the language of the Vikings! Sounds awesome yet bouncy and firm

Love all the symbolized letters and the way the words sound.

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31 Ukrainian

I say simple - as for me the most beautiful language in the world. Great songs

Probably the most beautiful and tuneful language in the whole world!

Ukranian is the best I am in Ukraine right now I love to speak

32 Turkish

Should be higher ranked on the list. It is an old language with so much harmony. It is the best language I know. Just to be able to read Turkish writers and poets in their original language is priceless.

Turkish language is not only beautiful but also very well-structured. It has a unique vowel harmony. Which makes it very poetic. It's a little hard, I'll give you that one. It's a language of 2000 years of history.

Has a very unique morphological and syntactical structure that makes sentence creation both highly logical and flexible at the same time. Analytical people will love it as there are hardly any irregularities.

Damn awesome language! It should be in the TOP 10 at least!

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33 Farsi

Farsi is a really cool language. When I hear Persian songs and their nice poems I feel so good even if I don't know the meanings I love the way the poems giggle me!

Awesome Language to speak

Persian and Farsi are same - Ramtin_MH

34 Romanian

I speak romanian and its complicated and hard but its totally worth it when people tell you how cool and exotic my language sounds... I'd totally recommend this language to anyone that has a sense of adventure and patience.

Romanian sounds pretty cool. In my opinion, it sounds better than Italian.

Romanian is a very beautiful sounding language

Its one of the five Latin languages and it sounds cool.

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35 Latin

It's a dead language, whenever someone speaks latin it sounds cool and mysterious :3

I think Latin is cool because it's something like modified English like Aquarium comes from Aqua, meaning water... Actually a lot of English words comes from Latin

Latin is beautiful. It was widespread, and the basis for most languages. This basically means that if you learn Latin, learning other languages will be easier.

Its just awesome! A window into the past. Plus you can read all those ancient inscriptions.

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36 Hawaiian

Ohana means family

I don't speak much Hawaiian, but it's lovely to listen to, and I think more people should definitely speak it. Aloha!

Marsipan should learn more than just Ukulele

37 Tagalog


38 Hindi

Hindi is my first language. And I thing it helped me a lot to learn a new foreign language because of its script and especially sounds and grammar. I am learning Japanese and french. Through I had learnt the french pronunciation and a bit of Japanese accent ( I had started learning 2 months ago). Through hindi I am able to find out which word in french is feminine and which word is masculine because french and most of the European languages are derived from Sanskrit and Hindi is almost a copy of Sanskrit. It also helped me for Japanese grammar especially its syntax.

Hindi is a great language

First of all whoever says Hindi is funny it is is a simple language to learn & if you learnt it,it will be easier to learn any other language - shivanshirocks03

Hindi is a very nice language.

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39 Norwegian

I live in Norway and have Norwegians parentes, but It is some words is weird, but it good

I know both Danish and Swedish, and I always used to think it sounded so stupid and child-like. But after living in Norway for a few months, and getting some exposure of the language it sounds really cute. Definitely the easiest out of Scandinavian languages for native English speakers in terms of pronunciation. It's also sort of like the in between Scandinavian language, since Norwegian is understood by both Danes and Swedes,.

It's both melodic and beautiful. But most important; Norwegian are ' awesome.

Really easy. Enough said

40 Cantonese

Compared to the official language in China (Mandarin), Cantonese has a much longer history.

One of the coolest languages even in China. It has 12 tones for each sound, each tone a word, making it one of the most difficult languages to learn. Everyone in Hong Kong speaks Cantonese.

It just sounds cool. My dad speaks it. Jackie Chan speaks it. Bruce Lee speaks it. Jet Li speaks it. Yeah it's the language of kick-ass kung fu. And there's a lot of colorful expressions in Cantonese which makes it the coolest damn language in the world.

Born and bred in Hong Kong knowing fluent Cantonese and knowing how to speak Hindi, Punjabi and English I can't emphasise enough how expressive Cantonese is where kne word could mean many with the different tones

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41 Thai

It sound like robot

The language sounds so calm and peaceful.

Hard to learn but it sounds amazing!

It is so soft that you can't imagine

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42 Vietnamese

I am Vietnamese and it the most easy in south asia

My native language is Vietnamese and I love it. It defines who I am and where I come from. Besides it's so elegant in its ancient simplicity!

Simplicity is beauty, but art is handsomeness. Decorated letters truly symbolize resilience, beauty, excellence & kindness of each & every Vietnamese person. - VNTMFans

It is an amazing language, and very easy grammar structures, but you need train youe throat for the tones hhh but once you get the pronunciation right your road gonna be easier to walk each day, if you wanna learn vietnamese I suggest you start with pronunciation first!

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43 Tamil

Tamil has been there more than 6000 years.

It is one of the coolest languages to be used on earth.
It has 15 dialects, out of which all of them are cool!

Tamil THERI!

44 Lithuanian

Lithuanian language could be hard to learn, but it is useful to have it in your mind here

As a Lithuanian speaker I can say that Lithuanian grammar is very hard but it's really fun to learn it and know more and more about Lithuania's history and language.

This is one of the oldest languages, but people still speaks.

Love Lithuanian. One of my favorite languages after Russian and Romanian.

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45 Malay

One of the easiest non indo-European languages, in terms of sound, to learn. I think it sounds nicer than other more popular Asian languages, like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

46 Czech

Wow best language every!

Its just such an awesome language

Beautiful, rich, funny, quite difficult to master compared to english, few tough sounds.

Czech is a marvelous language! Unlike its close sister Polish it has a very nice melody and clear sound to it. Czech is a beautifully structured and logical language. For persons appreciating "purer" languages Czech is definitely a great pick. A great part of words, which often happen to be internationalisms in other indoeuropean languages or German/French leanwords, are completely genuine in Czech. It has a very difficult grammar indeed, also the pronunciation is quite tough, but here are some benefits, few people would share with you:
+ extremely easy spelling
+ past/present/future tense, no funky tenses in between
+ verbs in general a strong point, since quite easy
+ more or less liberal syntax
+ very poetic, profound and sophisticated language, many inventions, sly heads and authors originate from the Czech Republic
+ very diverse: you can easily beat latin, which is by far less profound within its less distinct case system, in forming short, sharp and ...more - Ijsmann

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47 Afrikaans

Best language. It had this uncanny ability to also focus on the points. ò

I love it Beste taal ooit

My favorite language it sounds amazing and it's easy to learn my gunsteling taal in die wêreld

48 Armenian

Pretty hard, but very beautiful, unique, ancient

Its a language and its really hard for English learners

It's exceptionally beautiful when sung.

I am Armenian and I love the language

49 Tongan

So wonderful

50 Sinhala

I like hoe the letters look and also the grammer looks hard and is pretty hard to learn but still I wish I knew it

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