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1 German

Language of logic, words combine and seperate in a way that makes sense. always has been the language of the working man by driven people. the only ones who are rude and offensive enough that say German sounds angry are lazy people who love and study languages with a culture based around pleasure, not hard work or efficiency. German has beautiful pronunciation and of course there's variation between who the speaker is and what country they are from (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, etc) most peoples only experiance with the language are racist sterotypes and speeches from Hitler in highschool they heard. people are very uneducated to say such ignorant things like it's a angry sounding language.

For sure French is the most beautiful language and english is my favourite language. But german is the language you will really sound sophisticated and cool in at the same time. Einstein was a german and wrote his relativity theory in it, that's a big point for this language. But I am glad, that the Nazis have destroyed the science german, because it would be much harder for the world to learn german as the dominating science language. So hail to the Nazis for this.

Most of you may don't know this, but german is one of the newest languages on the planet, when Martin Luther translated the bible he formed the german language, that is spoken today. He made something genius there, he formed a language all german districts could understand and it is the beginning of modern german. As a native german I have to thank you for voting us up here, wouldn't have thought, that it sounds cool to you...

Many modern German words are the same as words from Middle English! That means Chaucer! Shouldn't be a surprise since both languages are Germanic. It is also the main lingua franca in Europe. And if almost 70% of Japanese students learn it then it has to be cool. Longest written words are written in German. German helps to correctly pronounce beer names. Toughest English spelling contest words are usually Germanic. Too cool!

2 English

English is spoken in Eurovision, Junior Eurovision, NATO, European Union, airports, all of the football confederations, except Conmebol. It is the most taught language in schools. English is everywhere, it is around us.

What wrong with the votes this language should be tops when not why the bloody hell is every tom dick and harry learning it it a world language admit it or shove it

I think it's easy to learn even though I live in an English speaking country and I probably don't know what it would be like for other languages.i don't get the wh thing and for some reason K and c make the end sound in words like sock when you could just say sok because that's easier

It's amazing and easy and widely spoken. It is spoken on every corner of the world, and the most widely spoken second language by a huge margin for a reason!

3 French

I have to say that I do think German is pretty cool, but it always sounds like you are coughing. I speak French and German and I think that French is far more beautiful. This makes French expressive, but the only thing I find German useful for expressing is anger. Si on parle français et allemand, on va trouver que le français est plus expressif en tout des situations.

As for comparing French to the other languages, I don't speak them. I can say though that I like the sound of French much better than any of them and I think French deserves the top spot, or at least #2 (it is hard to compete with German).

When you learn french you see the world differently, it's no coincidence if it's the second language the most learn after english. Moreover it's useful in many countries all over the world, it's the most beautiful language, the language of love, culture, elegance... Its really the coolest language in the world.

"Rouge. " I like how in French, the beginning of the word gets ahead of the tongue of the person speaking it. Then, at the end of the word, the tongue catches up to the word.

French is the Mona Lisa of languages for it's artistic beauty compels and blows away anyone who once second guessed French as a stupid language in general.

4 Russian

Russian language for creative people.
You can say any thought with any subtleties without any rules.
This is the language for talented people. It is a language who hates any borders.
In Russian, there are many pirated literature of any genre.
A L L A U T O R S!

Russian, even though is extremely difficult to learn, is so interesting with the flexible word order and mysterious sounds. I have been studying for 3 years and feel as if I am just now appreciating the culture and influence the Russian people have made upon the world.

It sounds very cool and is difficult to learn, making it something impressive to know. Additionally, there are plenty of Russian speakers in the world to practice it with, making it something practical, rather than Gaelic and Irish.

Russian is a fab one to learn. It sounds so awesome. Although it is quite a complex language, it definitely is one of the best!

5 Spanish

There's a reason why it's the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. By the way, 95% of Chinese speakers live in China while Spanish speakers are everywhere, therefore, technically Spanish is the most spoken language globally. Spain rocks.

Passionate and to the point. It is what it is, there is no hiding in fancy French or Latin vocabulary (it be silly). No need to make weird noises to sound good, as long as you say something meaningful you are good.

I feel that Spanish is easier to learn than a lot of other languages, and that it's fun, too!

The only language when you can say "hoy" (meaning "today", pronounced "oi! ") without offending someone.

6 Italian

Italian is very cool. When written the language looks simple yet accurate without the use of many accents. When spoken, all of the words come together to make a beautiful sounding language. This is by the far the coolest language.

Italian is the most beautiful language! I have been living in Italy (as an American) and it is simple yet elegant. No other language can compare!

Italian is the closest language to latin so if you knowing even a few latin roots will make the while process easy. It is Also the language that most music is written in. Have you ever wonderd what words like adiago, esspressivo, presto and fortissimo mean? They are all Italian for how the music is played; slow, with expression, very quickly and loudly.
As a musician I have learned a lot of Italian just by reading music sheets.
Give Italian a go it is a beautiful language and definitely worth learning.

I love Italian so much. It a 'bella' language, and I constantly come out with Italian phrases every day at home. I have been to Italy before (I'm English) and the country is as beautiful as the language. Ciao bella/bello!

7 Japanese

Learn it at school. Makes us sound good. It's an awesome language! I love the kanji too and how every picture means a word and a when you put two or more pictures together you can guess what the word is. It's a very sensible language.

Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and Romaji (the one I am using now), mixtured together. Add a bunch of inconsistencies in reading, plus counters and onomatopoeia and you got the coolest language. I love languages in general, and there are a bunch other I love as well, but Japanese is pure magic.

Japanese sounds so cool and at the same time it is easy to pronounce. Just like the language, the culture is interesting and both of them just as amazing as the other.

Japanese sounds so cool and cute. Many Japanese words were spoken all over the world. If you hear these sounds, you'll die because of this amazingly coool sounds.

8 Swedish

I learned Swedish (English Is My 1 Language) Simply Because I Randomly Chose It (& Because I Visited A Swedish Store" and I have to say I'm glad I chose Swedish. Almost identical grammar and syntax when compared to English as well as an amazing eazily memorized vocabulary. Hur är din dag? (How is your day? )

I love Swedish. I used to teach myself Swedish, and then my parents took me to Sweden for a week so I could practice more, and I love the language so much now. Ha en bra dag!

Some of you have never heard Swedish before and are just passing this one by. You guys HAVE to look up someone talking in Swedish. ' amazing.

Swedish is so beautiful! I love the language so much I just had to learn! Some of my favorite singers are Swedish

9 Irish

I've been studying it due to having Irish blood (not from Ireland, but my great grandparents are fully Irish) and I can feel it running through my veins

It sounds so beautiful and unique, and the phonics are very different from English. Also, it feels very soft and dancing on your tongue.

I gotta admit that Irish is among the most warm-sounding language there is. It truly sounds magical.

The coolest of the Celtic languages and the one with the greatest number of speakers.

10 Dutch

Dutch is a really fun language and a great choice for an English speaker who wants to learn a second language. Dutch culture is really interesting to learn about and Dutch people are really nice and fun to interact with.

I'm a native English Speaker, so I found it quite easy to learn. That's the only reason I picked it.

I like this language and very interesting with the different accents between the Netherlands ans Belgium.

It sounds so funny to me, since I speak both English and German - very child-like!

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11 Arabic

This language sounds so fantastic with the cool sounds that most of the languages doesn't have. It has its own unique sounds, and also the Arabic alphabets are really beautiful! My dream is to master Arabic some day.

A lot of countries speak Arabic.
Arabic is the official language of 23/25 countries
Awesome,Cool letters,sounds!
Alsalam alekom!.
Hard but close to semitic langs and farsi
Nice language
cool. Learn egyptian
Easy depending on accent!

Honestly for me Arabic is easier to learn than German or French
Lots of people say French & German sound sophisticated but to me it doesn’t really

Honestly, the best part of a language can be its complexity, and Arabic is pretty cool since letters can vary in shape but since several letters have similar shapes with very distinct differences, even learning these variations is simple. I haven't gotten into sentence structure yet but the words by themselves are pretty cool.

12 Korean

It's my first language and I love it. I also do love English, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese so I tried to learn them all, and I find that English is very brilliant and efficient as I can speak with people all around the world, and Japanese is very smoothing and sound so cute, but Chinese and Korean have some kinds of feeling, I guess? Their words are full of meanings. I really like to write 'Love' in Chinese character after one of my Chinese friends taught me its character is a combination of roof and friend (Please correct me if I'm wrong). And I love my language because, maybe because I am a native speaker, but I find it beautiful whenever I read or write poems and novels.

It has a sort of calm and soothing but also trendy and sophisticated sound (Standard Korean - A.K.A. "Seoul-mal"), and their dialects are also unique and sometimes funny (no offense). Koreans also have two ways of saying numbers - Traditional Korean: hana, dool, saet and "Chinese" character Korean - il, ee, sam, as similar to Japanese. The Korean language also incorporates honorifics meant to show respect or manners for those who are older than them or higher in position of them (sunbaes - Korean way of addressing students or workers who are above ones grade or position, elderly, etc.), as well as strangers. What's best about Korean is how follows a phonetic alphabet system, enabling one to say words that you do not know but can still pronounce it and ask what it means without having to write it down. (Chinese and Japanese use characters, excluding hiragana, katakana, etc., and even some natives can possibly not able to read a character they have never seen, making it ...more

I am learning Korean and I find it the most beautiful language. I actually gave up my career as a cardiologist in Minnesota just to go live in Seoul because I fell in love with Korean culture. Korean dramas are simply AMAZING! ~ How they say "oppa" and "nuna" is so cute!

I liked Kpop and tried learning Korean, and about a month and a half I could already speak common Korean phrases, read, write and understand Hangul/Hangugeo. It is very easy to learn and is very fun to speak in this language. Saranghae!

13 Finnish

Amazing Language, very melodic, sounds very beautiful when people are not trying to sound like douches... The language can be really tricky for some people to learn as it is belongs to the Uralic language and it's vokab can be completely alien to people.. As well as tricky grammar...

My opinion is: Finnish is the best and coolest language in the world, mostly because the words are written and pronounced exactly the same. And - SURPRISE SURPRISE - Finnish is my native language!

I'm a native English speaker, learning Finnish currently and let me tell you, it's a beautiful language! It's melodic, unique, and fairly simple! No articles or gender-specific pronouns (a, the/ he, she). It's sweet to roll every "r" you say.

Rakastan Suomen kielen!

I would really LOVE to learn Finnish but it's hard to find resources since it's not really a language that people LEARN... Especially online. It really sounds beautiful!

14 Chinese

Traditional Chinese looks beautiful when written down, Simplified Chinese simply looks bad.

I don't really like the sounds of it but the symbols, when they connected together and for when each one is separated there's two words in one that makes sense :D
There are 4 ways of saying "Qing" "Xing" and etc...

I love Chinese so much is looks so beautiful
When written down

Every character got its meaning.I don't think any of other languages could compare its meanings with chinese.

15 American Sign Language

No phonetics (obviously), but after learning the language from a deaf friend I feel that the hand movements are very fluid and beautiful to watch. The language of hands

It's a beautiful language, that is very unique in its motions and its ability to communicate with poeple without any type of vocals, but rather with facial expression and your arms

Pretty cool ^w^

16 Greek

Greek is the path to open your mind. You succeed a connection with top works from the field of Philosophy, Literature, Arts and ancient sciences. I hope to everyone having this opportunity!

I love Greek with its relaxing beautiful sounds. After studying it along with a dozen languages, it has been my favorite

Very fast and elegant when spoken; the language of liturgical Greek Orthodox chants.

I feel like if I learn greek I'll know more about the root of things. Quite literally.

17 Bulgarian

Bulgarian is a beautiful language, I speak English, French, Spanish and also study German, but my native one is Bulgarian!

It's a nice sounding language and has an interesting yet hard grammar

It has the most logical grammar in the world.

Very nice language!

18 Persian

I think it's the most luvable of all.
The pronunciation of it is so easy to as I have been told.
I have two Italian friends who r speakin it for a year and say that they are by the natives that they sound almost native like.
I would love to learn German too.

PS: Persian and Farsi are the same language. Only different names in English.

Persian might not be the most useful langauge to learn, but I think it is the most amazing language, and I'm lucky my mother tongue is persian...full of idioms and literature(you can find most beautiful and touching poems only in persian), beatiful & unique sounds, and ancient... although persian has been at risk of death in history(after Arabs' and Mongols' attack)it's widely spoken today.persian even has been the official langaue of india for a long time in history, covering a large area in Asia.

I am an Iranian living in India. I learnt Persian from my grand mother. I just fell in love with this language.

Is the best language in the world and that is the language of the Beauty Poems

19 Portuguese

Portuguese is just beautiful be it from Brazil or Portugal os some African countries. The best is from Portugal though, its original, poetic as Brazilian is more fun and happy.

I love the Portugal portuguese because it's a beautiful language and it's the original. It is, without a doubt, the best language in the world, spoken by the best people in the world.

Portuguese is the most poetic language in the world, its sweet and almost sung like in a (lalala) and often senses end with a nice subtil (sh) that remind small breaking waves on the sea shore.

Amazing language. Is spoken by the best people in the world. (Brazilians). Language sounds super cool and Brazilian Portuguese is really open and free.

20 Scottish Gaelic

I'm so happy to see this here. I love everything Scottish and I think the way it flows, yet is powerful is one of the most fascinatingly beautiful things on the planet.

Like Irish, but manlier! All those weird pronunciation rules: dh = g, bh = v, th and sh = h; broad and slender vowels changing thesound of surrounding consonants...M... Its better than Fried Chicken.

I've been learning Scottish Gaelic for a little while now, and it sounds so cool, so interesting, and it sounds so different and cool.

I'm a French dude and do like the Scottish Gaelic, a language which must be more learnt.

21 Celtic

Cheorkee not celtic

22 Belarusian

It is considered one of the most melodic languages in the world, second after Italian. It should get more credit. It is a beautiful language.

Honestly the name just sounds cool

That is a swag money name

23 Polish

Sounds really unique! A lot of "sh" sounds, but that's what makes it sound cool in my opinion.

Polish is not so hard to learn, contrary to popular belief. Also, it's beautiful!

A lot of hissing sounds, polish kind of sounds like insects buzzing.

The only good thing that came from these people was their sausage.

24 Creole

French-based creoles feel like the most intuitive way of expressing your self to me :) Shout out Guadeloupe, Martinique, Dominica,Reunion etc. Adon on dot solei tout moun!

25 Welsh

An oppressed language that managed to survive the down-treading and brutal English rule until Owain Glyndwr proved his worth on the battlefield... And now an ancient Celtic language spoken by caltic barbarians lingers in the teeth and lips of the ancient and weary welsh folk.

Beautiful language with a beautiful and complex history and depth, with meaningful words that no language could describe, like hiraeth.

This should be higher on the list!
1. Arabic
2. Navajo
3. Welsh
4. Cantonese
5. Hindi
6. Scottish Gaelic
7. Hungarian
8. Khmer
9. Thai
10. Mandarin

A very ancient and beautiful sounding language. This should be at the top! Probably the most popular Celtic language.

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