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1 German

Sounds I little bit intimidating, but that makes it so cool!

When I hear some Germans speaking German I think they sound really sophisticated.

German: The most widely spoken language in Europe, most learned language after English in Japan, and- coolest language on earth. And I say that as a Taiwanese!

I'm German and I actually speak a little German and I think it sounds cool too.

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2 French

I speak fluent French and I feel this language is beautiful

"Rouge. " I like how in French, the beginning of the word gets ahead of the tongue of the person speaking it. Then, at the end of the word, the tongue catches up to the word.

When you learn french you see the world differently, it's no coincidence if it's the second language the most learn after english. Moreover it's useful in many countries all over the world, it's the most beautiful language, the language of love, culture, elegance... Its really the coolest language in the world. - lili117

Do it

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3 Russian

Russian, even though is extremely difficult to learn, is so interesting with the flexible word order and mysterious sounds. I have been studying for 3 years and feel as if I am just now appreciating the culture and influence the Russian people have made upon the world.

It sounds very cool and is difficult to learn, making it something impressive to know. Additionally, there are plenty of Russian speakers in the world to practice it with, making it something practical, rather than Gaelic and Irish.

Russian is a fab one to learn. It sounds so awesome. Although it is quite a complex language, it definitely is one of the best!

The most beautiful, rich and unique language.

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4 English

Speaking English is the only way to be understood in each corners of this planet. There is nothing cooler than that.

It sounds so nice! I love English and I'm from Germany by the way :D

There's a reason it's becoming a universal language

My native language

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5 Swedish

I love Swedish. I used to teach myself Swedish, and then my parents took me to Sweden for a week so I could practice more, and I love the language so much now. Ha en bra dag!

Some of you have never heard Swedish before and are just passing this one by. You guys HAVE to look up someone talking in Swedish. ' amazing.

Swedish is really awesome

One of the most beautiful looking and sounding languages you'll ever come across!

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6 Japanese

It sounds so cool! By just listening to a Japanese song or watching an anime you'll find it amazing and cool!

2 alphabets, and Kanji make it hell of a challenge. That's why I love it.

Learn it at school. Makes us sound good. It's an awesome language! I love the kanji too and how every picture means a word and a when you put two or more pictures together you can guess what the word is. It's a very sensible language.

Yes Japanese sounds very beautiful

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7 Italian

The sexiest, coolest, most erotic and sensual language in the world!

I should say that these are utterly subjective postings - all languages have their own appeal. But even so, Italian is by far the most sophisticated language out there.

Italian is beautiful language to learn not the easiest but once you get the hang of it you won't want to stop speaking it

It's just like Spanish but diff

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8 Arabic

I am swedish and I think 1-Arabic 2-French 3-Italian 4-Chinese

Sounds amazing. Arabic has very particular and amazing sounds, and is awesome to hear. My teachers would compliment me about the way it sounds when I speak it.

The words are very beautiful and so pleasing, I wish I could learn it, it's the toughest language in the world, but I like it. - Ananya

Arabic is the best language from god

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9 Spanish

Passionate and to the point. It is what it is, there is no hiding in fancy French or Latin vocabulary (it be silly). No need to make weird noises to sound good, as long as you say something meaningful you are good.

Spanish is easy to learn and to speak. Plus, it looks and sounds amazing.

I love this one! I haven't learned it, but I like using some words in it! - Garythesnail

I feel that Spanish is easier to learn than a lot of other languages, and that it's fun, too!

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10 Irish

It sounds so beautiful and unique, and the phonics are very different from English. Also, it feels very soft and dancing on your tongue.

Very interesting, immensely growing language. I love it! I highly recommend it.

I've been studying it due to having Irish blood (not from Ireland, but my great grandparents are fully Irish) and I can feel it running through my veins - stromaemaestro

Irish is a lovely language, I've been learning it since the age of 4 and it has so much character. Easy to pick up but not easy to master. Gaeilge abĂș!

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11 Scottish Gaelic

I'm so happy to see this here. I love everything Scottish and I think the way it flows, yet is powerful is one of the most fascinatingly beautiful things on the planet.

I'm a French dude and do like the Scottish Gaelic, a language which must be more learnt.

Awesome grammar, syntax and spelling! A shame it's dying

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12 Dutch

Double vowels! Written Dutch looks awesome!

So sophisticated, pure and beautiful.

It sounds so funny to me, since I speak both English and German - very child-like!

I'm a native English Speaker, so I found it quite easy to learn. That's the only reason I picked it.

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13 Finnish

My opinion is: Finnish is the best and coolest language in the world, mostly because the words are written and pronounced exactly the same. And - SURPRISE SURPRISE - Finnish is my native language!

I would really LOVE to learn Finnish but it's hard to find resources since it's not really a language that people LEARN... Especially online. It really sounds beautiful!

I live in New Zealand and I've heard a lot of languages and Finnish is my favorite after Icelandic, Slovak, German and Old English

People would think like you're some extremely unique person Andrew like exotic LOL

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14 Portuguese

Portuguese is just beautiful be it from Brazil or Portugal os some African countries. The best is from Portugal though, its original, poetic as Brazilian is more fun and happy.

I love the Portugal portuguese because it's a beautiful language and it's the original. It is, without a doubt, the best language in the world, spoken by the best people in the world.

A very interesting language to lear for sure! If you like good music or nice literature is a very nice choice!

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15 Greek

Greek is the path to open your mind. You succeed a connection with top works from the field of Philosophy, Literature, Arts and ancient sciences. I hope to everyone having this opportunity!

I feel like if I learn greek I'll know more about the root of things. Quite literally.

Very fast and elegant when spoken; the language of liturgical Greek Orthodox chants.

I love Greek with its relaxing beautiful sounds. After studying it along with a dozen languages, it has been my favorite

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16 Belarusian

It is considered one of the most melodic languages in the world, second after Italian. It should get more credit. It is a beautiful language.

Honestly the name just sounds cool

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17 Polish

Sounds really unique! A lot of "sh" sounds, but that's what makes it sound cool in my opinion.

Very cool sounding language in my opinion. Lots of polish where I live and it would be nice to understand them :D

Super complicated (and therefore cool-sounding) pronunciation.

The only good thing that came from these people was their sausage.

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18 Korean

It's my first language and I love it. I also do love English, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese so I tried to learn them all, and I find that English is very brilliant and efficient as I can speak with people all around the world, and Japanese is very smoothing and sound so cute, but Chinese and Korean have some kinds of feeling, I guess? Their words are full of meanings. I really like to write 'Love' in Chinese character after one of my Chinese friends taught me its character is a combination of roof and friend (Please correct me if I'm wrong). And I love my language because, maybe because I am a native speaker, but I find it beautiful whenever I read or write poems and novels.

It has a sort of calm and soothing but also trendy and sophisticated sound (Standard Korean - A.K.A. "Seoul-mal"), and their dialects are also unique and sometimes funny (no offense). Koreans also have two ways of saying numbers - Traditional Korean: hana, dool, saet and "Chinese" character Korean - il, ee, sam, as similar to Japanese. The Korean language also incorporates honorifics meant to show respect or manners for those who are older than them or higher in position of them (sunbaes - Korean way of addressing students or workers who are above ones grade or position, elderly, etc.), as well as strangers. What's best about Korean is how follows a phonetic alphabet system, enabling one to say words that you do not know but can still pronounce it and ask what it means without having to write it down. (Chinese and Japanese use characters, excluding hiragana, katakana, etc., and even some natives can possibly not able to read a character they have never seen, making it ...more

I am doing a poster on a language blood line. I think this will be my choice.

Coolest and the MOST scientific language

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19 Hungarian

Really beautiful language, sophisticated, romantic. Hungarian could be a fashion language haha. I'm voting while it is #32, and it is currently ridiculously underrated.

The absolute best language in my opinion

So much character, history and beauty in this language. My background is Hungarian, and only now, at age 16 am I learning my language and my history.

One of the most unique languages that doesn't have an actual related language as if a few other languages were added into the Old Hungarian. Finnish family and Turkic family but still there's 30% unknown source of language :D

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20 Hebrew

The language looks and sounds great! Modern Hebrew is also very closely related to biblical Hebrew; this means that by learning one (modern Hebrew) you have almost learned the other (biblical Hebrew). It is of course a very flexible language as well.

A beautiful language, the sentence structure is very flexible, you can have " big red balloon, red big balloon, or balloon big red ext. (Spanish speakers will be happy to see Noun before Verb possible, and English Speakers will like it because you can put Verb before Noun. The Language is simple each word is written as it's spelled. (English speakers will love that)

It's the language of the Jews.. the Jews are the coolest.. do the math

I absolutely adore the Hebrew language! I started studying it a year ago and the thing I love the most, is how much the language is related to the history of the Jewish people. Once you start studying it, you start seeing how close Jewish culture and the Hebrew lie to each other. For exemple, the present tense of the verb "to be" is not used when speaking or writing Hebrew. You literally say "I Joe, I from America". The word does exist, though, and it is a form of the name of the Jewish god.
The two words I love the most in Hebrew are shalom (hello, goodbye and peace), because I find it so wonderful that they greet, as in Arabic, someone by saying "peace" and firgun, a Hebrew word that signifies the joy you find in seeing someone else happy.

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