Top Ten Best Cordless Drill Brands

For anyone doing home repairs, redecorating, or general handy work around the house, a cordless drill is an essential piece of equipment to have. From drilling pilot holes for screws to screwing in the screws, a cordless drill is about the cheapest and most versatile of any home power tool.

Not all brands are created equal though. Some drills break after a few months while others have batteries that lose their power. In some cases you can send your drill in for repair or replacement within the first year while a few offer lifetime warranties against anything from breakage to battery drains.

When it comes time to invest in a cordless drill, you can either buy a new one every couple of years or you can buy once, buy right, and never worry about it again. Below is a list of the best brands for cordless drills. While I know not every brand makes a drill with the exact same specifications to other brands, this list is assuming a similar voltage size and general use.
The Top Ten
1 Dewalt

Dewalt makes some of the most powerful drills out there. You won't have to worry about the warranty because these yellow tools don't seem to break. The batteries can lose power over time so you'll need to buy new but that's the case with most.

2 Makita

Don't let the teal blue color fool you, these aren't "girly" tools. Best suited for general household purposes, Makitas are an inexpensive choice for a good quality product.

Not too heavy to use, user friendly, lasting. But the problem is the battery easily gets overheated and needs a bit more time to recharge.

Best impact you can buy at a reasonable price. There brushless set is an everyday product for steel stud work and batteries last forever Makita for life!

3 Rigid

These orange drills seem to work forever. As long as you go through the initial paperwork of registering all the pieces (batteries, drill, charger... ) then they give you a lifetime warranty. Batteries no longer holding their charge? No problem. Just send them in for new.

4 Milwaukee

Versatility is their major focus it seems as they make a full line of small and large sized drills. Look for the red drills.

5 Ryobi

Fluorescent green/yellow colors make this brand hard to miss. They can be a bit small for heavy-duty jobs but still a great choice.

6 Bosch

A standard drill with standard features, if Bosch is what you find then you won't be disappointed.

Very good powerful drill and solid built, but rather too heavy and not very practical to use.

7 Black & Decker

The brand has been around for decades and they've built an impressive line of tools to match. The batteries won't last you quite as long but the good news is that you can find replacements just about anywhere.

8 Porter-Cable

While I like some of their other tools better, the drills aren't a bad choice to work with.

9 Skill

Very versatile and should do the trick for you basic jobs.

10 Rockwell

Not a bad choice and better than some for sure. These guys haven't done me any harm but not my first choice.

The Contenders
11 Metabo

Very powerful drill

12 Bostish
13 Craftsman

Its really the same as the DeWalt brand very similar. It's a good drill brand.

14 Ozar
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