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The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.


Corruption is embedded in the Filipino culture that every Filipino knows how corrupt politicians are and yet they keep on voting and supporting them. Even in corporations when run by a Filipino it gets corrupted. Greed and envy are major Filipino traits that's why they are known to have the crab mentality. Some Filipinos who went abroad still envy their fellow Filipino who were able to attain a good life and will try to put him down that's why if you've migrated to another country it's best to avoid your fellow Filipino as you can't trust them. Philippines is also the scam capital of the world. It's really a God forsaken nation.

Catholic religion there is too much.. They like power like politician but they don't how to run a country. They always want money but if there is a disaster they always rely in prayers. Religion is alright but they should only stay in the church not to be part of the laws.

Pinoy pride isn't concentrating on the bigger issues in our country, usually "Pinoy Pride" comes from our sports entertainment and OFW's working abroad. Our pride should be our cleanliness and the feedback that foreigners gives to us about our country and our surroundings. Sadly, our surroundings are dirt and lack of self discipline makes us impoverished and over-populated.

I hate that the politicians who promise to serve the people are the one whose taking advantage of the people. All I can say is they will never be truly satisfied maybe they want our blood and tears too. Ohh but they are already killing us so I guess they would be more satisfied but NO they would steal from you even through your grave if they can. Pigs!

While it is true that the Philippines is a corrupt country, however, it is not the most corrupt in the world. Maybe in Asia, but is it the entire Asia? And even in the entire Asia it is still not the most corrupt. And clearly, none of you have traveled to Africa and South America where corruption is an epitome of all corruption. These comments are so biased.

I am not making an excuse for those corrupt Filipino politicians, but this is just to say that,
a thorough research should have been helpful to justify those comments.

Corruption in both Government and Corporations. The Philippine constitution 1987 gives benefits to the Oligarchies, Oligopolies, and Monopolies.

Government and Domestic Corporations here in the Philippines have been enslaving us.
An example for that is this (which is happening today) :
PLDT deliberately keeps local internet in the Philippines slow and expensive. It's not just the internet. There are also more like energy companies such as Meralco.

If the debts from foreign nations and from IMF (Until today) after the Marcos Dictatorship made us poor, why is our government able to propose those pork barrels, DAP, and BBL huh?

The reason why our professionals and the working class are forced to work as a Overseas Worker is because the tax rate is so high for our professionals and the working class over 30%! It's 2015! It's time to wake up Filipinos! Let's change the constitution for competitiveness! Change the system to parliamentary to prevent corruption and ...more

Pinoy is more corrupt than Indonesia...

Philippines is a country who has a judicial system designed to protect the criminals and the corrupt. The entire country is so messed up from the top, all the way to the bottom. It is in the very life blood of the country, the culture of the people.

With a motto of "pilfer and steal when no one is looking." is this country's national pass time. Even the citizens takes part in the theft, it is the basic way of life in this forsaken dump.

I agree. Corruption in the Philippines is from top to bottom. Politicians are getting richer and richer stealing government money which should have been used for insfrastures and other services and yet they never get convicted of their crimes because they all protect each other, being corrupt/thieves as well. Filipinos should go for U.S. statehood, replace and convict all these crocodiles.

Politically, we are corrupt. Politicians tax us for everything. But our people are actually nice. The problem is our economics and our religious system. We would only pray in a national crisis. While I stand with the power of prayer, we must take more action in a crisis. We are very nice people. South Korea, North Korea, China, and Japan, however, are inhumane. You may call me inhumane, but they throw our infants high into the air and stab them with bayonets for leisure. What is more inhumane; my complaint or their inhumane way to have fun.
And finally, don't joke around about "Its more fun in The Phillipines". A lot of our culture is more memorial than those other countries. If you went here, you would say the US is boring compared to the PH.
Thanks for reading, if you did read.

The funds here in the Philippines didn't use in right things or projects. The senators take the funds to their pockets. No to pork barrel!

Too Much Corrupt Government Officials in the Philippines from top up up to bottom positions also all of the Philippine government agencies are corrupt! They are all garbage

Many politicians in this country have no souls! They only care about their personal gains, completely ignoring the poor people, who could hardly eat three times a day. There is hope though! When God puts an end to them, they will be completely gone!

Definitely the most corrupt country on earth and no one comes close (if you want evidence, try to visit here)

A local here

Politically, Philippines is the most corrupt. You don't have to look at the news. Look at the surroundings itself. The pork barrel of Napoles family, the politicians stealing taxes (extreme stealing), celebrities joining politics because obviously they're damn famous. Also, corruption does not only exist by the other politicians itself. The society is also corrupt itself. called it colonial mentality. Korea, China and some Japanese things are economically invading the nation by these kpop, Chinese products, SM and Robinson mallsand prioritizig foreign workers rather than the Filinos. People are centralized with one particular thing. They also copy American way of life. I once went there and I hear all these Filipino teenage girls singing kpop. Like they sing it but they don't even know what it means. They are also corrupt militarily. The filipino military relies on American military. The terrorist in the south of the Philippines... Yeah because they're scared.

From president down to sk chairman are corrupt! Its more fun in the philippines!

ONE MORE THING: WHOEVER SAID WE shouldn't HAVE LAWS; If we didn't have laws, we wouldn't be on this list. You know why? Because we wouldn't last a year without a SINGLE law, Sherlock. Ever heard of "Anarchy"? Go search it up. It's what would happen if we didn't have laws.

Typhoon Yolanda donations from all over the world is missing until now! Budget for infrastructure and and agriculture is missing. From Senators to congressmen to governors, every fund for approved projects, is missing... Until to barangay captains. Were corrupt. There is no hope for the government to change.

Filipinos are hopeless. Citizens keep to resist what's obvious. You'll here a lot of endless complaints but they don't act to impeach those corrupt politicians. This country is dying...

Billions of pork barrel! Taxes are taken away by politicians as their own money!

I'm an Filipino "sorry bad in english" and I know that my country have the corrupted goverment at all there so many issues about it, it can be money, drugs, etc. If just our country is not corrupt I know that every Filipinos wouldn't suffer in poverty, I'm in middle class but every time I see my fellow Filipinos suffering I feel like it is impossible that our country will progress. And every time Filipinos meet an foreinger, they always awe them because they know that they are rich and we are poor and that's because our goverment doing nothing about to improve our state of living, but they just fight to each other to get the power, they destroy each one to get the it. And I hope that someday there will be a dictator not to make our life more hopeless but to rise our state of living and to reform our goverment and clear those corrupt politicians.

Most corrupt government due to very flawed constitution that forces its citizens to work abroad leaving their families.

See for your eyes! Behold the biggest profit you get of being a politician! If you want to be rich be a POLITICIAN it's a good business.

Laugh out loud 98% of taxes goes to POLICITIANS, and GDP is just same with singapore no progress for the country

Yes, true... The worse part is, they are the ones facilitating drug deals rather that stopping it.. It is really all about the money...