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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


Nato, initially was a great idea and still is...a great idea to maintain peace in unified nations. From that came some other great ideas. Doctors without borders, for instance. However, most of the joining nations have cultural differences, like bribery is their norm. Sex slavery is their norm. Domination of education by extreme right and abusive religious practices are the norm. So, the idea became a nightmare. As in engineering, an idea might look good on paper but production gets flawed or the idea needs reworking.

Everyone hates the United States because they know it is the best country in the world with the most influence and the most power. The hate that comes from foreigners is pretty pathetic considering the U.S. saved the world from fascism and imperialism many times in the past and continues to defend innocent people from the growing threat of terrorism. Unlike many weak European countries, the United States has the courage to stand up for itself and that is why no one wants to attack us. America is what is protecting the world from terrorism and destruction, so hating the country that protects all others is a pretty stupid thing to do.

The US is like a man with small-penis syndrome. The most corrupt political system in the WORLD. Only in America you can have a bunch of corporations literally controlling the government, every war, every intervention was not for "democracy" or "liberty" but for pure economic gain and PROFIT.
I feel sorry for the American people and I feel bad for thousands of brave American men who have lost their lives so some ultra-wealthy person can become a little bit wealthier.

If the USA is so rotten, why whenever there is a world crisis or a natural disaster, nothing gets done until the USA comes to the rescue? Nobody else in the world can do anything without US leadership, direction and assistance. Honestly, we in the U.S. are getting sick and tired of bailing the rest of the world out. We have been doing it since 1914 WWI. And if the U.S. is such a rotten place, why have 50,000,000 people immigrated to it in the last 15 years? Why are there 4,000,000 people waiting for visas to get in? Honestly, we have about had it with Europe, the Middle East, Israel. especially we have had it keeping order among you stupid ever infighting, 4th century mentality Muslims. Go screw yourselves.

I just want to start off with saying that Donald Trump is right about NATO and I don't give a crap about what anyone else thinks about my opinion. We are spending way to much money defending ing countries who are weak and don't even like us! Why?!? We either need to kick the useless members out, re-purpose NATO for the 21st century, or abandon the organization entirely.

I am American and I think I hate Nato I am glad Trump won I hope he does something about Nato, either we change the purpose of Nato or QUIT, also I agree with Obama and Putin that Obama founded Isis. - countnightdark13

Sorry I meant to say I agree with Trump and Putin not Obama and Putin - countnightdark13

The U.S.A. IS in fact NATO. They contribute a lot of money. They still have a lot of power, but this will not last very long anymore. Every empire has a beginning and an end. The end of America will come very soon, I expect within the next five years. The dollar will fall. As soon as this happens, Nato's power will be gone too. This will be the end of the arrogance of people who think they mean something, but in fact mean nothing.

The USA shouldn't be responsible for defending Europe. Washington's farewell speech was right about European entanglements. We never should have joined WW1 or WW2. Europe has always been a violent, pestilent hell of war an hate. This fake peace across the Atlantic is only temporary. Article Five is just a tool to circumvent Congress's authority to declare or refuse war. Our valiant soldiers should not be at risk for a continent that was never worth one drop of American blood.

NATO has become an extension of American economic interest and by "American" I mean strictly corporate. Most US citizens are great people.

The US of A is nothing more than a bully on the international stage.
It has probably damaged world peace more than any other nation. Need proof?
Look up pollution, the Iraq invasion, its irrational support to Pakistan, and it heavy handedness in Afghanistan.

The United States really needs to get its domestic house in order and forget about imposing the will of its bankers overseas.

The Cold War is over stop fighting it.

US would be lost without its common sense the UK. As an ex member of save mobile force a nato rapid reaction force I know to keep nato its more needed now than ever. That prat putin china. New world order take your tinfoil panty's off your head - danspill

A country can't leave it's own faction, they can dismantle it. Why is this on here?

There aloud to bomb any country they want so keep there dollar alive and no one does anything to stop them... It makes me sick

Oh and to the Americans claiming they "saved" Europe during World War 2. Newsflash the Russians had already turned the tide before you even started contemplating the Normandy landings.

America should save the world and stop being a country.

This country pays through the nose for ambitions of Germany and Baltic states. Why? Who in US does know what's Ivangorod and whom it belongs? Yet they pay to protect Estonia, who's eager to start new war.

US doesn't need Nato and should quit

I still can't understand why us tax payer will have to take responsibility of europe where all countries combine together have a greater tdp and large population

Europe should break up with the zionist control. No more New World Order Chess Game.

If Europe can afford to take in all these migrants,they can afford to defend themselves.Italy is a dump now because of these migrants.We should ally ourselves with Britain and Canada,and stay in the western hemisphere more.