Top 10 Cover Songs by Vader

Vader are awesome at covers, these are their best ones.

The Top Ten

1 Raining Blood

The sample here is a live cover but I'm referring to the cover they recorded during the sessions of Impressions in Blood (their best album), it's one of the best metal covers of all time they took the original and made it even heavier and more brutal. - christangrant

Excellent cover. Vader are a very good band in general - Metal_Treasure

Amazing! - EliHbk

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2 Fight Fire with Fire

Awesome Metallica cover, again they made it even heavier. - christangrant

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3 Black Metal

Hey, it's a death metal band covering a song called Black Metal, by a Blackened Thrash/Speed Metal band called Venom, and one of the lyrics in that song is " lay down your soul to the gods rock 'n' roll" - christangrant

Yeah, half of the metal subgenres were involved in this cover and even some non-metal (rock 'n' roll)
;-) - Metal_Treasure

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4 Fear of Napalm

Terrorizer cover the sample is the rerecord of the cover which I think is better. - christangrant

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5 Death Metal

Hey this makes since A Death Metal band covering the Possessed song called Death Metal - christangrant

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6 Angel of Death

Thin Lizzy cover - Metal_Treasure

7 Silent Scream

Slayer cover, pretty good since Vader is basically a even heavier Slayer. - christangrant

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8 I Feel You

It's a Depeche Mode cover, It's funny to think a Death Metal band would cover a song that's not even close to metal and yet it's such a great cover. - christangrant

9 Black Sabbath

I think everyone who is reading this knows whose song is being covered here - christangrant

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10 Dethroned Emperor

This is a Celtic Frost cover, much better than the Anthrax cover that was recorded during that awful Stomp 442 album. - christangrant

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The Contenders

11 Freezing Moon

I personally prefer this to the original. That song is a black metal anthem without a doubt, but I love the clarity and speed Vader injected into it with this cover. - MetalFoREVer1228

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12 Merciless Death

Dark Angel cover - christangrant

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13 Outbreak of Evil UListen to Sample
14 Flag of Hate UListen to Sample
15 Storm of Stress UListen to Sample
16 Overkill UListen to Sample
17 Total Desaster UListen to Sample
18 Rapid Fire UListen to Sample
19 Troops of Tomorrow UListen to Sample
20 Raping the Earth UListen to Sample
21 Immortal Rites UListen to Sample
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