Crash Bandicoot 2 - Cortex Strikes Back


I've had this game almost my entire lift (literally), and now as a 20 year old, I still play it in my college dorm room. To this day, it is a combination of endless fun and still packs a punch in terms of being challenging. Trying to dodge and time electric fences while running from bees is still to this day one of the hardest challenges of my childhood. (Don't judge my little kid thought processes).

Played it in 1997 when I was a kid.

Lost the copy several years later

Suddenly got a strong urge to play it again in 2007.

Finally find it on eBay.

Greatest game ever that stood the test of time, and some of the most original level design and music.

Why is this title so overlooked compared to 1 and 3? Warped strayed too far away from platforming and had those stupid world tour scenery. This one is my favourite platformer of all time, beating every Mario game in existence.

I personally consider this the strongest title in the series due to it's fantastic soundtrack, huge boost in variety and story-quality from the original, and such a huge graphical upgrade from it's predecessor which completely wowed players of the time.

Single-handedly the best crash bandicoot. I'll never understand how people think warped is better than crash 2. Warped got too childish and too repetitive. Crash 1 was also a great game but cortex strikes back is the definitive crash game. It improved on the original in every way and had a great storyline and difficulty was at perfect setting. Can't wait to see what they do with remastered trilogy for all the games!

A huge step forward, comparing this game to the previous one. Someone mentioned the level design - that, the general atmosphere (darker, earnester) and the soundtrack made this game the most considerable of the three. Not even mentioning the gorgeousness and gorgeousity of its cover.

One of the main things I like about this game is the fact that few of the characters in the game move on to become "main characters" (such as the Komodo Bros., N. Brio, and Ripper Roo), resulting in unique cutscenes and boss fights that can't be found in any other Crash game, while the most characters that do become part of the main cast (such as Coco, N.Gin and Tiny) have beautiful introductions to the series in this game. On top of that there is several simple and original level designs, intuitive controls, and a unique forked storyline that allowed you to enjoy the game to the maximum as you decide whether you want to trust Cortex or take the extra step to help Brio thwart him.

It's a perfect medium between the original game with no moves at other than spinning and jumping, and Warped with the over abundance of power-ups and the odd jumping and collision boxes.

Crash Bandicoot 2 is definitely the best of the Crash Bandicoot games. It beats Crash 3 because this game was more enjoyable because there is no time trials and the music is so addictive! - moults_1999

Even though my first game was Crash Bandicoot; TWoC, I felt something better about this one, this game had so many great ways to spend your time! Yes, even though getting 100% was a pain, it was still fun! Also 1st game to introduce us to the Crash Dance (or victory dance)!

I prefer this crash bandicoot game because I don't like powers you can get and I don't like flight, motorbike simulator crash bandicoot 3 was.

In my opinion, it has a slight edge over Warped, I was not a big fan of the time trials or Coco levels, and I thought the boss battles in 2 were much better than in Warped

Crash 2 sticks to the core gameplay features with modest but effective additions. Many players find Crash 1 to be to challenging, and Crash 3 to be to stuffed with gimick levels and relic grinding. Crash 2 isn't too easy/hard, doesn't have any grinding, and doesn't have a single bad level.

Though Warped is considered the best of the lot, I still think that this game tops it; The absolute best game I ever had as a kid!

This was my first game EVER! Aw geez, I love this game so much!

Got me into Crash Bandicoot, this game and Warped were the best!

Best pure gameplay in the series. It isn't interrupted by unnecessary mini games (like in WARPED) either.

Crash 3 has way too many gimmick levels (literally 15/30) and Twinsanity is great, but a wee bit overrated

Wish I could play this again. wish I never lost this game when I was a kid. - dragon13304

Best Crash Bandicoot game ever! I lived on this game when I was growing up

Awesome, but it's in my opinion the second best

Whilst Warped is also very good, it has too many vehicle levels, Crash 2 has the perfect balance.

First one I played, and possibly the first video game I've ever played. Holds dear to my heart.

First game I got for PlayStation and still play it now. Great game!

The most entertaining crash bandicoot game of all

First game ever played by yours truly. One of my favorite games of all time.