Top 10 Crazy And Funny Comedy Movies

Stupid, but amazing movies! come on, wach the list.

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1 Shaun of the Dead

This movies weren't to funny! - BloDayBey

I stay loyal to my movie!

A Zombies cult classic... What a truly shame that even is not 1st it deserves!

I'm not that type of comedy person, but I liked this movie so much! it makes me laught just like a mad psychopath, I think I'm not the only one who really enjoys this masterpiece, of course... a comedian masterpiece that's all my friends!

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2 Monty Python And The Holy Grail

This film, is one of the best of the Medieval genre, incredibly it is! Because even so, -
it is a little undervaluated by the current critic...

I never feel something special for Snatch movie, or even Shaund Of The Dead, for be honest both movies were awful for be renamed, comedy movies. I think both were also overrated, and that make no sense... Because Monty Python And The Holy Grail was better than that boring usless...

3 Snatch

Brad Pitt made this a cult classic! I feel so angry, because almost nobody cares so much about this original movie, even if was a movie with censored scenes, it cannot disarm the faith I have only for real and classic movies about comedy and all that stuff!

The plot just was about a stupid diamond, the characters annoys me a bit. But I still thinking Snatch is one of that interesting stupid Mobster films comedy that it has something, that not many movies who always tries to be ''Comedy'' has...!
i saw The Usual Suspects before, it was a very similar film to this one, maybe TUS inpired Snatch. Well, TSU is not a Mobster or Gangster Comedy, but Snatch it is very closely to take by the hand TSU while is a great movie, in my verdict this film is %78 Correctly, and amazing just for me.

What a movie! it was too crazy to visualize it, I cannot even contain the laughter I had.
i would like to see to another similar movie to this one! and if somebody ask me, yes,
i saw first Shaun of The Dead, another classic and funny movie, but I appreciate more snatch it has more powerful and divine characters than Shaun of The Dead in my opinion

This is one of the best comedian gangster films I've ever seen in my entire life, I just want to made a similar scrypt of this film, I'm growing up! Jason Statham was cool in their performance gave it in this film, but even the amazing guy that Brad Pitt is did a lot better for me, that's two reasons why I want to rewatch snatch again! but not a really rewatchable film at all, I can saw it maybe twice... But not by much! it stills amazing!

4 The Wolf Of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort is the greatest cinema character of all time, The Joker of The Dark Knight can it kiss my ass!

Probably and this is the best martin scorsese film he do

People just whining about this classic, Scorsese's film. Only idiots can't seen the comedy facts about TWOWS... I'm very disagree with that people who only cares to throw up good films in trash!

Is this one of the most overrated movies of all time? don't feel bad anyone! But I think this movie is still underrated as Hell! But I like it anyways.

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5 Trainspotting

¿and what about this movie? ¿why do nobody pays real attention to the list?

6 Nacho Libre
7 Paul

This movie is to vulgar! but it entertains a lot


8 Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood
9 Kick-Ass
10 Scary Movie

And how too forget this bizarre classics?

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11 The Hangover
12 Scary Movie 2
13 Scary Movie 4
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