Top Ten Most Creative Cuphead Bosses

This is a subjective and votable list determined by creativity, not difficulty. These bosses in Cuphead are what I found the most creative in terms of phases, design, and stage.

The Top Ten

1 King Dice King Dice

King Dice I feel is more creative in design and the way he looks, but his boss fight is the most unique and hardest in the whole game

2 Phantom Express Phantom Express

The best boss in the game! Who thought about a phantom train as a boss? Just awesome.

You actually get to fight the engine. That's pretty creative...

3 Djimmi The Great Djimmi The Great
4 Cala Maria Cala Maria

Very interesting with the petrification and electric attacks.

Ye Cala Maria

Personally, my favorite. I like how you fight her disembodied head in the third phase.

5 Sally Stageplay Sally Stageplay
6 Beppi The Clown Beppi The Clown
7 Ribby and Croaks
8 Baroness Von Bon Bon
9 Werner Werman Werner Werman
10 Hilda Berg Hilda Berg

The Contenders

11 The Root Gang

They are 3 people per stage unlike the other bosses

It's the Root Pack

12 Goopy Le Grande Goopy Le Grande

No - ToadF1

13 Cagney Carnation
14 Grim Matchstick Grim Matchstick
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