Most Creative Musical Easter Eggs

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1 "Lateralus" Fibonacci Sequence

On the Tool album, Lateralus, the title track Lateralus's verses have a uniform number of syllables for each line, following an ascending, then descending order of the Fibonacci Sequence (a sequence of numbers with the sum of the previous two numbers equal to the next). Also widely known as the Holy Gift, the 13 tracks of the album can be reordered following the sequence. It is shown that the new order makes the song flow better, with each one leading into the next.

2 "Am I Going Crazy?" Backwards Track

The song "Am I Going Crazy? " from Korn's 1999 album. "Issues," has some pretty odd noises in the background while the song plays. Those noises are actually the sounds of the song being played in reverse. This means that playing the track backwards would pretty much be the same song.

3 "YYZ" Morse Code

At the beginning of Rush's instrumental track "YYZ" off of their 1981 album, "Moving Pictures," has a specific order of bell chimes that play the song title in morse code. The track name, YYZ, is also Toronto Intl. Airport's letter code.

4 "Die Eier Von Satan" Cookie Recipe

Tool's interlude track from "├ćnima" is spoken in German. When translated, it reveals that the lyrics, thought to have an unsettling message behind them, are actually a cookie recipe.

5 "The Great Gig in the Sky" Afraid of Dying

The fifth track from iconic Pink Floyd album "The Dark Side of the Moon" has the lightly whispered words "I never said I was frightened of dying" spoken at 3:33. While this wouldn't be very odd, the line can be easily mistaken for "If you hear whispering, you're dying." This fact is made all the more perturbing considering that the words are whispered.

6 "In the Name of God" Rude Message

A well known Dream Theater Easter egg is the pattern in the background at 5:51. Translated to morse code, the pattern reads, "Eat my ass and balls."

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