Cringiest Things Nickelodeon Did

The 90s Nick was better. At least they brought a program called "The Splat" if 2010s vibes aren't your thing.

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1 Made Lola Hit the Dab Made Lola Hit the Dab


2 Had Spongebob Reference "Deal With It" Had Spongebob Reference

Why is this not at the top - AliciaMae

3 Referenced "Shooting Stars" on Daylight Savings
4 Referenced "Watch Me Whip"
5 Spongebob Checking His "Snapperchat" and "Instaclam"
6 Referenced "The Floor Is Lava"

In the Loud House and during commercial breaks - Spicygarlic

7 Nyan Cat Gary

Fine, it was cringy and cute - Spicygarlic

8 Aired Sanjay and Craig

Let me know how long it takes until you barf. (If you like the show, by all means, that's fine) - Spicygarlic

9 What Does The Snake Say?

Didn't What Does the Fox Say fade into irrelevance years ago? Goes to show how desperate Nick is to cash in on hip and cool trends, even if they're outdated. Next thing you know, they'll be trying to parody "All your base are belong to us". - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Unfortunately, what you said is very true. It isn't just dabbing 7 year olds watching Nick. You've got old school fans, and they'd be pretty annoyed to see What Does The Fox say and dabbing. - Spicygarlic

10 India's D is for Dab

The Contenders

11 Referenced Pokemon Go

Referencing latest trends though. - Spicygarlic

12 All the cliches in The Loud House
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1. Had Spongebob Reference "Deal With It"
2. Made Lola Hit the Dab
3. Referenced "The Floor Is Lava"
1. Made Lola Hit the Dab
2. Referenced "Shooting Stars" on Daylight Savings
3. Referenced "Watch Me Whip"


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