Top 10 Cutest Animal Crossing Characters

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81 Gwen

Gwen is the cutest penguin ever her birthday and mine are the same day

82 Static

One of the cutest villagers out there. I'm really surprised he's not higher, he's adorable!

His adorableness is electric! (Get it? )

I love Static! We were best friends in WW and I'm waiting for him in NL.

83 Melba

She is the cutest out of all of them. Why is she 122nd in the whole list. I don't like haters of melba.

I only voted for her because I couldn't find Goldie.

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84 Hugh

I've had Hugh since day 1 and he's such a sweetheart! By far the cutest pig in the game.

My first Animal Crossing character! - Flowersocks2137

85 Genji

He's such a cutie pie! I was so sad when he left my town.

86 Coco

She is cute and unique! She sort of looks like a gyroid coconut


Cute gyroid. - Loosername

87 Fauna

I'm so surprised she wasn't on this list! Fauna was one of my first villagers and quickly became my best friend! She's so sweet and kind, and every time I see her I just want to swoop her up and cuddle her!

I'm not a fan of Fauna

Yeah she's cute but she also has the personality of a wet flannel.

She was in my ACNL, she moved out before I knew how important she was for the fanon. - Loosername

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88 Gabi
89 Limberg
90 Gaston Gaston Gaston is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 30th animated feature film Beauty and the Beast.

How is gaston on this list...?

I vote, but for the one on the image. - Loosername


91 Tabby

I have her and she is cute! She isn't ugly! Its not her fault she has a triangle nose!

She's so awesome and cute. I wish I had her... :(

I actually laughed when I saw this

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92 Tangy

Have ya'll seen that leaf!? She's an orange... I repeat an ORANGE. DOESN'T GET CUTER THAN THAT.

I want a fruit cat in my town!

Mutated orange cat. I like all of those words!

She stole my heart (How Tangy stole my heart in only 999 words, more or less doilooklikeicare):

So one day I was in my ACNL normaly playing and then this came to my village so she plant her house in MY NICE GARDEN OF ROSES OF ALL COLORS and I went to her house and I felt in love so I kicked ass to my old waifus... but that make me sin, I forgot that I will love Aurora at every cost, so I even like that started going out with this cat, and so I also started drawing pictures... and my cousin... juck... he drew fetish and inflation of her ind his notebook... BUT THAT'S IRRELEVANT SO next days I hear that about Cat Kid Citrus Wardrobe and I actually got upset because I knew I was cheated so he got sad and he moved but that made me look evil because that made Kabuki leave also (NOOO! WHY U DO THIS TO ME YAOI-MASTER ;-;), and that makes me furious and I kick Tangy's *ss but that's not the end because I tried to make her move out but she resisted and she gave me her autograph and eat ...more - Loosername

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93 Blaire

Blaire is fabulous. Also, her Wild World design is much better than her usual design.

94 Alice

She is very adorable she has a cute catch phrase (guvnor) and is very kind and can be mistaken for a peppy villager!

95 Kitt

SO ADORABLE! I mean seriously, who doen't love a mother carrying a baby?! BEST. KANGAROO. EVER.

96 Sable
97 Mabel
98 Bree

Bree is so adorable. My sister has her and my sister wants to know who has stiches. So please just let me know.

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99 Ai

Main female movie name

100 Agent S

Peppy villagers are so irritating...

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