Top Ten Cutest Baby Animals

The Top Ten Cutest Baby Animals

1 Kid (Goat)

Aw, baby goats are all cute and stubby and jumpy. Everyone loves them.

The baby goats are so tiny and cute!

We shall soon reign Supreme

2 Puppy (Dog)

I have a golden retriever and she is 5 weeks.she is the cutest thing in the world

This is without a doubt the best baby animal ever! they're so cute and playful!

The cutest to hear on a puppy would be it's bark! Which would be like a baby's first word!

The guy who made the recent comment "Puppies are so dang ugly" is so offensive. Puppies are super adorable when I look at this picture I just wanna cry.

3 Kitten (Cat)

They also just sleep all day so you barely can play with them so not good or cute pet

I love kittens. They are adorable, playful and sweet little things. In fact all baby animals are beyond adorable. Cats in general (both as grown ups and as baby kittens) are really cute.

CUTER THAN DOGS. Dogs are stinky ugly nasty animal and cats are the cutest of the cute. I love these little bundles of joy. TOO CUTE FOR ME. But I still own one. VOTE FORE CATTT

They're annoying all they do is whine and meow very annoyingly

4 Chick (Penguin)

Have you ever asked your self what is it like to fly ask any bird except the penguin and a couple o other birds so since the penguin can't fly it has low self esteem this bird needs, it just needs! To be loved! So before this bird dies of self esteem issues love it love it as much as you can save the bird

Penguins are also my favorite and should be right before Kindle. (Or #1)

Happy feet lol


5 Cub (Panda)

Pandas forever! Although the newborns aren't the cutest, (I find them so but most don't, ) once they grow fur they are ADORABLE forever and to infinity! I love them so much! My phone case is a panda and I find myself kissing it :) I LOVE PANDAS! Pandas pandas pandas come on they are the cutest. What with their black patches around their eyes, and that adorable little grin, and their thick fur, and their happy, carefree spirit- come on. They're the best. And to all of you that are obsessed with some animal (especially a panda, ) obsess on please and I love pandas! PANDAS! Sorry I'm going a little crazy because I love pandas. Pandas!

Cubs are so adorable! which would explain why pandas are my favourite type of bear

Oh my gosh they're definitely the real cute. I love BABY PANDAS!

I love pandas

6 Calf (Elephant)

Baby elephants are so CUTE, reminds me of that ICONIC DISNEY MOVIE Dumbo and I love them. Indian elephants are my favourite elephants.

I disagree, Elephant calves are much cuter

Elephant calve plus there so clingy and loving

I like the movie Dumbo and baby elephants.

7 Bunny (Rabbit) Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world.

Bunny’s are the cutest baby animal ever.

Cutie :3

8 Calf (Tapir)

They look like living watermelons and they have little trunks.

I'm sorry, but how are these cute

9 Calf (Cow)
10 Lamb (Sheep)

The Contenders

11 Kitten (Rabbit)

Just Google images of baby rabbits. They are so adorable that they will melt your hearts.

A kindle? I thought you meant Kindle Fire HDX

If it's a kindle...Set it on fire


12 Cub (Polar Bear)

Polar Bear cubs are so cute! The only reason they aren't in the top 5 is no one has seen them before.

Polar bears and pandas should be higher than bunnies

Polar bears are so cute!

I love there white fur

13 Piglet (Pig)

Pig should be number two the babies are SO CUTE

They're even cuter than kittens and puppies!

14 Joey (Kangaroo)

Kangaroos are so cute when they hop around or when they have a kid in there pouch come on! This is the cutest animal other than the panda and yes I am talking to you pandagirl about your obsesion over then I just wanna say these are the second on my favorites list

15 Cygnet (Swan)
16 Hatchling (Crocodile)

It's so adorable!

17 Chick (Chicken)
18 Hoglet (Hedgehog)

Hedgehogs are so adorable🥰🦔

19 Pup (Otter)

I love otters!

Otters should be number 1 wut happen?


If you don't think otters are cute, look up Oshawott, the cutest Pokémon, who is based off a sea otter.

20 Calf (Giraffe)
21 Duckling (Duck)

So cute.

It's a ducky

It shoulld BE NUMBER ONE!

22 Pup (Seal)

Harp seals are adorable.

Plump Pup

Seals are the cutest on the planet, puppies are cute but hyper.
Whoever wants to club a seal pup needs to jump into a black hole that leads to a sun and incinerate to death.

23 Cub (Tiger)

I love tigers! My absolute favourite. Why aren't they higher on this list?

Just cute

So incredibly cute! There soft, fluffy fur is just darling

24 Kit (Fox)

My sisters favorite animal

- TheDuttyGyal

25 Pup (Wolf)

I love wolf pups


Aww <3'! Thank you! Yes I know, we are cute! We are wolves! Wolf puppies to be more specific.

26 Hatchling (Bearded Dragon)

So cool

so cute

27 Kit (Ferret)
28 Goslings (Goose)

Goslings are the fluffiest and most adorable thing ever!

They are so cute and fluffy.

29 Cub (Red Panda)


30 Hedgehog A hedgehog is any of the spiny mammals of the subfamily Erinaceinae, in the eulipotyphlan family Erinaceidae.
31 Moose

All baby animals are cute except humans

32 Fawn (Deer)
33 Cub (Cheetah)

They are the most adorable little things in the whole entire universe!



34 Foal (Horse)

I mean who doesn't love a baby horse? They r powerful, sleek, smart and HILARIOUS

35 Cub (White Lion)
36 Cub (Raccoon)
37 Pup (Meerkat)
38 Wallaby
39 Cub (Hyena)
40 Baby (Chimpanzee)

Chimpansee CUTE I WANT ONE!

41 Cub (Lion)

Lion cubs are the cutest animal ever

42 Kit (Stoat)

Just look it up guy it is the cutest little thing in the world

43 Cub (Snow Leopard)

So cute and fluffy.

44 Cub (Sun Bear)
45 Baby (Human)

No, they are actually little annoying poop factories that scream over EVERYTHING!
Not to mention, they smell HORRIBLE!
Pets are WAY better!

Compared to animals, human babies are UGLY. There. I said it.

Humans=All the bad words add together

They are ugly though. All they do is scream and cry, so they don't act cute either.

46 Kit (Beaver)

Come on! Come on!

47 Owlet (Owl)


48 Cub (Caracal)
49 Kitten (Lynx)
50 Caterpillar (Butterfly)
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