Chanyeol has big eyes and is so positive and has the best smile and personality out of them and he's just so cute in every way. Also Luhan is more handsome than cute while chanyeol is handsome and cute

Chanyeol is so cute! Like little puppy

Chanyeol is a gorgeous big baby. I also love his smile after Chen. His teeth are perfect too, his whole mouth and eyes area in general.

I vote him because he is not cute he is handsome boy and when he smile ahh god damn he is so handsome

Chanyeol is the cutest ever! He's so charming and always do aigoo. chanyeol you're so adorable little puppy

I love it when he smiles, he's just so overly cute... I'm obsessed with him.

He is super nice and looks super good with anything

He's so cute he infected me with his happy virus :3

He is combo of handsome and cuteness...

Chanyeol is one heck of a cutie pie!

Chanyeol is a handsome cute guy that smiles always and has a cute smile that can jux take your breath away

HONESTLY I AM IN LOVE WITH HIS EYES! And yes I agree with the person who says that his face doesn't suit his voice. He doesn't really have a baby face but it's just his beautiful eyes that makes him look so cute... I used think Kris was the tallest just by looking at his face but NO. CHANYEOL THE CUTIE YODA HAPPY VIRUS IS! I also love him because his personality. I find it so adorable when he claps and says "yay! " Or when he's the only one clapping and jumping about in the MAMA's. He did that in the Block B Vs BTS collaboration in the MAMA's... He just CAN'T ' KEEP STILL WHICH I FIND SO CUTE! I have to say, Luhan and D. O are very adorable because D. O has eyes like Chanyeol and Luhan looks like a cute baby BUT ALWAYS Chanyeol is in my heart but the crazy thing is... My brother looks like Chanyeol and Suho a bit :O But still I find Chanyeol cuter... It's just something about him...

Chanyeol is so cute in selca's photos and another photos I like him to smile...

Chanyeol oppa I like your voice. Your cute like prince. HAPPY VIRUS OPPA. BAEKNYEOL FIGHTHING

ERMAHGAWSH chanyeol is like the most handsome - NO DOUBT - in the group.

I rest my case.

PS have you seen his smile ITS SHO CUTE AHH

Chanyeol is easily my second bias in Exo and it's not a surprise that he's number 3. He has the brightest, most content eyes I've ever seen, along with his cute Yoda ears and adorable baby face.
Good lord, he's perfect. - Nixxiom