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1 Pet Arctic Wolves

They look too much like foxes so in my opinion, no. Just, no.

I don't think they are cute but they are pretty

Pet arctic wolves rock they are so cute

They're cute and a LOT of people have them. ~Mistyrain

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2 Pet Sugar Gliders

I have always thought that sugar gliders were awesome and yet I have never gotten one. :(

I want one badly

I hate pet sugar gliders they are so ugly

I lovve suga gliders they so cute this should be first on the list

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3 Pet Foxes

I haven't pulled out my fox ever since I got suspended for saying 'I call her Midnight but her real name is.."

They can wear spikes! They kick arctic wolves butt!

Adorable and super fun! I have 7 of them

There so cute and they are great compaouins lol wroung spelling but you know yea

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4 Pet Cats

Not exactly the cutest pets in stores, but they're okay...

Let cats in animal jam are amazingly cute

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5 Pet Cheetahs

My friend and his wife have two three year old adult males as pets. They are large but very docile, loving, affectionate and wonderful companions. They act more like dogs than cats. Best pets ever!

I think the pet cheetahs are MOST ADORABLE PET I'VE EVER SEEN ON AJ! They are just sooo cute! But my only pet is a joey name Ultragirl, and I'm really attatched to her. I love pets because they're a friend that won't remove you from buddies list!

6 Pet Eagles

In my opinion this is the cutest if you make it look right.

Cute with them wings

They are very sexy

7 Pet Bunnies

Super cute and fun to take to partie to show off to your friends

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8 Pet Tigers

They look kinda scary IRL but cute in aj! BUDDY ME I'm LIODA1 (no caps lol)

9 Pet Hamsters

Pet hamsters are the only pets for non-members lol.

Its available to everyone and are so cute!

These are extremely cute. sometimes they are not cuter and very creepy if you make the hamster's eyes the cheerio eyes. if you want to see my creepy hamster, my username is sarah83264. hamsters are cute. lol.

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10 Pet Dogs

Dogs are ugly

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11 Pet Owls
12 Pet Sea Horses

These fishy critters that sneeze if you click on them are so cute! Buy one today in animal jam

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13 Pet Bats

I love pet bats! They make you look scary and not afraid to be scared!

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14 Pet Ferrets

My username: littlesylvanian11
PLZZZ somebody trade ME a PINK SHORT spiked collar

15 Pet Mice

I love the pet mice! I screamed when I got mine from trading!

16 Pet Squirrels

They are so cute

So kawaii!

17 Pet Jellyfish

Jellyfish is not cute


18 Pet Pandas

I think the pet panda cute and what you can dress them in I don't have one but I sew then all the time I'm going to get one when I renew my membership ~sunnyday2002~

19 Pet Phantom

I seriously love them!


20 Pet Turtles
21 Pet Joey

They are so cute but you can only get them from aj jump

22 Pet Angler Fish
23 Pet Ponies
24 Pet Bees
25 Pet Lions
26 Meerkats Meerkats The meerkat or suricate is a small carnivoran belonging to the mongoose family. It is the only member of the genus Suricata.
27 Pet Penguins
28 Pet Penguins

They are so cute and cuddly!

29 Pet Poodles
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