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61 Kalani Hilliker

Amazing wins everything and she works really hard

She is a great and strong dancer!

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62 Shriya Saran Shriya Saran
63 Aishwarya Rai Aishwarya Rai Aishwarya Rai, also known by her married name Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is an Indian actress, model and the winner of the Miss World pageant of 1994. Through her Bollywood acting career, she has established herself as one of the most popular and high-profile celebrities in India.

She is just the epitome of perfection. Not only she is known for her beauty, acting or marvelous personality but also for her dancing skills. Her dance moves in Hum Dil..., Devdas, Guru, Dhoom2 or Robot have just mesmerized the audience with her moves n expressions. She has performed on almost every dance styles n will always be remembered as one of the best female dancers in India.

Her dances are the epitome of perfection. She has such a wide range as a dancer and everything she touches turns to gold. She has acted in over 4o movies and has danced in hundreds of songs. She is my goddess and in my opinion, the best.

Everthing about her is as beautiful & magnificent as she... One of the best miss world who always wins everyone's heart with her dance moves filled with grace and poise... I m just blown away by this beauty queen

You are so dam hot will you are dancing. Kiss!

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64 Bobby Brown Bobby Brown

best ever so sad to see him in the shape he is in now

Should be top 10. Watch Every Little Step video.

UNBELIEVABLE! THE GREATEST DANCER OF ALL TIME AND YOU HAVE HIM AT #123? OH I SEE... you meant #1, 2, and 3. This list has NO CREDIBILITY whatsoever

65 Donald O'Connor

His dancing (and singing) in Singing in the Rain was astounding, and way superior to Kelly's performance. He was MAGNETIC!

Great dancer. Kept up with Kelly in Singin' in the Rain and may have beaten him. Good comic dancer

When you see Singing in the Rain, you can't help but watch him. He's superior to Kelly when it comes to dancing AND singing. Simply magnetic.
His performance with Vera-Ellen in Call Me Madam was simply magnetic!

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66 Phillip Chbeeb

If you don't say that Phillip is a great dancer, then you probably never saw him dance! He is amazing. The way he moves is like "Oww, don't dance like a human.. Because you're more of a superhuman! "

You own my Vote PAPA

67 Mia Diaz
68 Misty Copeland

I have an affinity for ballet, despite never doing it, and she is STUNNING. Misty has a way of making every move look effortless, yet powerful and full of strength and life. It's beautiful. - keycha1n

69 Nia Frazier

She is great at every single dance its just people like to let her down and that's not fair because you really do not see her amazing personality so she should be way up so don't read this comment if your not going to vote for nia!

Amazing dance and person.

70 Marlon Jackson
71 Raghav CrocRoaz

Id say CrockroaX can rival even Michael Jackson. His style is seriously unique. And cooler than MJs. Plus his dance requires more body controlling skill which is very rare to find. Not everyone can copy him. His powerful slowmotion dance has become a brand on its own.

He has create his own style which is very unique, his slow motion dance is best ever in world, no one can match him, he is Awesome dancer, please vote for him

He is up with his unique dance form.I. E, slow motion. He excels in his dance form. He has a marvelous body control. HE is my favorite dancer. He has give a new dance form to the world. Not only he excels in slow motion but also in speed dance forms.

He is Amazing

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72 Sridevi Sridevi Sridevi Kapoor is an Indian film actress who has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada films.

Sri is very beauitifull and very great dancers.

I like sridevi very much

I like sridevi! S dance

Sri devi is best dancers in india, agar top dancers ki baat hai too, sri devi koo no1 par hoona chiye.

73 Eunhyuk Eunhyuk Lee Hyuk-jae, better known by his stage name Eunhyuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor.

We believe it Eunhyuk definitely menang. Eunhyuk has a handsome face, multi-talented, smart and talented be super junior dancing machine. Attention! To super junior fans to please vote Eunhyuk Eunhyuk wins.

I ask that Eunhyuk wins and be the best rapper in Asia. FIGHTING...!

I am sure that eunhyuk is World New Michael Jackson. That's why we called him dance machine

I love donghae's dance too... But here I think I should support eunhyuk!

He is the best dancer I'v ever seen

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74 Ram Charan Teja

He is one of finest dancers in India with only 3 pictures done. In future films he is going to rock India with his cool and fine movements...

He proved himself in a short period of time! He is a very smart and a talented person! He has good sense of dance, music, film selection, acting and many more! He is the real superstar of today's generation! Ways to move forward.. Hope he achieves the best in his life... Love you charan!

I think he is one of the best dancer in young generation of tollywood and his dancing steps are so simple and cool

U r the favorite hero of me and the best dancer in the world.

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75 JoJo Siwa JoJo Siwa V 1 Comment
76 Bruno Mars Bruno Mars Peter Gene Hernandez, professionally known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and choreographer.

He is awesome it will rain when I was your man grenade just the way you are count on me 24k magic uptown funk it all good

No way he should be at the top stupid website.

77 Stephen "Twitch" Boss

If you don't know who Twitch is, you need to go look him up right now. He is an amazing hip hop dancer and would destroy Chris Brown or Usher.

Y is twitch all the way down here he should be in the top 5 good job dancin in So You Think You Can Dance. Twitch you have the moves.

78 Zendaya Zendaya

She is a star

Zendaya is the best hip hop dancer she is awesome :]





79 Jordyn Jones V 2 Comments
80 Tito Jackson
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