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61 Bobby Brown Bobby Brown

best ever so sad to see him in the shape he is in now

Should be top 10. Watch Every Little Step video.

UNBELIEVABLE! THE GREATEST DANCER OF ALL TIME AND YOU HAVE HIM AT #123? OH I SEE... you meant #1, 2, and 3. This list has NO CREDIBILITY whatsoever

62 Donald O'Connor

His dancing (and singing) in Singing in the Rain was astounding, and way superior to Kelly's performance. He was MAGNETIC!

Great dancer. Kept up with Kelly in Singin' in the Rain and may have beaten him. Good comic dancer

Have you seen him perform make 'em laugh It's just brilliant!

When you see Singing in the Rain, you can't help but watch him. He's superior to Kelly when it comes to dancing AND singing. Simply magnetic.
His performance with Vera-Ellen in Call Me Madam was simply magnetic!

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63 Phillip Chbeeb

If you don't say that Phillip is a great dancer, then you probably never saw him dance! He is amazing. The way he moves is like "Oww, don't dance like a human.. Because you're more of a superhuman! "

You own my Vote PAPA

64 Misty Copeland

I have an affinity for ballet, despite never doing it, and she is STUNNING. Misty has a way of making every move look effortless, yet powerful and full of strength and life. It's beautiful. - keycha1n

SO inspiring! She started at 13 and now dances at the best ballet company in the US!

65 Nia Frazier

She is great at every single dance its just people like to let her down and that's not fair because you really do not see her amazing personality so she should be way up so don't read this comment if your not going to vote for nia!

Amazing dance and person.

66 Mia Diaz
67 Marlon Jackson
68 JoJo Siwa JoJo Siwa V 1 Comment
69 Zendaya Zendaya

She is a star

Zendaya is the best hip hop dancer she is awesome :]





70 Stephen "Twitch" Boss

If you don't know who Twitch is, you need to go look him up right now. He is an amazing hip hop dancer and would destroy Chris Brown or Usher.

Y is twitch all the way down here he should be in the top 5 good job dancin in So You Think You Can Dance. Twitch you have the moves.

71 Jordyn Jones V 2 Comments
72 Tito Jackson
73 Govinda

He is considered as a one of the best dancer in Asian country, truly amazing and solid dancer that no won can beat him in his style

Dance can do by anybody but he is doing from heart and natural

He is the best different dancer in the world. I love you very much. Raj Singh. IN India GORAKHPUR.

Superb dancer...

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74 Boa Kwon

She's really talented and if she is known worldwide she could be one of the best dancers that ever existed in the world. She'd be a dancing legend.

She is definitively one of the best dancers in the world! Her steps are completed, elegant, and keep your eyes on her the whole time!

She has the greatest dance moves. Her steps are so amazing to see. This girl has too much energy to beat these.

BOA is a Good Dancer and Singer, He can dance better than the other dancer in the list above BOA

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75 Omarion Omarion Omari Ishmael Grandberry, better known as Omarion, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and dancer.

CHRIS BROWN? Ask anywhere on internet or watch an YouTube video.. any one can say that Omarion aka king of dance is one of the best dancer alive...


Omarion isz better than Chris Brown yall all hatersz

He is so boss.

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76 Lee Taemin

He is certainly one of the best dancers I've ever known. Although he is still young, is one of the most talented dancers in Korea, and if he was more famous, I'm sure he would also be one of the best in the world! - ConyJ

He is one of the best dancers I've ever seen..

His dance bring me in the entertainment world - viasuci

He's ammaazigg

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77 Javed Jaffery

1st person from India to do break dancing. He is really an amazing dancer. - samirkapoor32

He was a trend setter and like some names, from Bollywood to hollwyood he has managed to help young aspirants through his shows, probably the best under rated personality in our crafts!

He has an awesome flexibility. He doesn't just dances or moves, but sways like a wave.

Loving his dance...
First dancer from India which make dance large in India...

78 Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar (born 1 May 1971) is an Indian film actor best known for his work in Tamil cinema. He is one of the most successful actor in Tamil Cinema. In addition to his acting, Ajith Kumar in a sabbatical, participated in the 2004 British Formula 3 season as a Formula Two racing driver and was ranked more.

He dances like a eighty year old grandma.

He is best actor and best dancer

Thala Ajith Kumar is the Best Dancer in the World

79 Yesh
80 Brooke Hyland

Your a amazing dancer

Sheis the most flexible dancer she should be number 1 - saanya11

She has great frexiable

Brooke is a horibale dancer

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