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1 Kokichi Ouma Kokichi Ouma

He's just pure genius! I don't know any other character who pulls of the comic relief and the antagonistic role so magnificently and still has another layer to him.

Yes I love this good boy
I love all the good boys
My favorite boys are Kokichi, Kiibo, Avocado- I mean Rantaro, Gonta, Nagito, and Chihiro. All the best boys

Ahh my favorite boy, he certainly is one of the deepest and most interesting characters this franchise has to offer.
He also had some really good character development, which is quite rare in Danganronpa series lol.
And as person above me stated he is a
perfect mix of rival (quite antagonistic one on top of that) and a comic relief. He really makes you ask many questions which is good because' it engages player a lot.
Well, I could write poems and esseys about him, but why would I do it if someone else's already done it way better than I could ever do? Anyway I recommend you to read some character analysis about him.

2 Gundham Tanaka Gundham Tanaka

His four dark devas of destruction should be on this list too to be honest

Saddest death my opinion. - Manowar9

He is best boi

3 Nagito Komaeda Nagito Komaeda

Ah, Nagito-kun. His mixture of polarising qualities as well as seemingly contradictory personality traits has resulted in an intricate, complex character with a multitude of different facets. He definitely deserves number one on the list!

Nagito had the most impact on the game (other than Junko and Izuru). You either love him or hate him. He has a twisted view of hope, but I couldn't help but root for him. You never know what he could be up to, and he manages to be multiple steps ahead of everyone else. When I first saw Nagito, I thought he was a Naegi ripoff. But when he revealed his true colors, I started to like him as a character. I knew he was insane, but I couldn't help but root for him. Call me a Nagito fanboy, but he will always be #1 to me. Not even Kokichi or Kyoko can beat him.

Very complex character, that's why I like him so much


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4 Kyouko Kirigiri

Kirigiri is my favourite character! I've only started watching the series and I love her attitude and how she's so calm and serious. She is an elite and always takes in different points of views when investigating. I also really want to cosplay her, and I hope she doesn't die sooner in the series!

Best detective ever!

She's my favorite character too

I like Kyoko

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5 Ishimaru Kiyotaka

Just watched the "Dangan Ronpa Abridged Thing" I can't help it... - Fandom_Lover


6 Junko Enoshima Junko Enoshima

Junko is such a badass, and is actually the most relatable character! She's basically the girl with no friends who wants to make other people know how she feels. How does she do that? By torturing them and making their lives a living hell, of course! Seriously though, being at the "friendship is everything" state that the other characters of Danganronpa are in is both sickening, and mentally and physically impossible for anyone to do

One of the most badass and awesome villains of all time, anyone who hates her has no good taste (that goes for you, Sassy13crown)

SHE IS JUST SO AWESOME! I also love moonbeam too... so

I fell in love with her at the moment she appeared. Everything she does makes me love her with all my despair filled heart ♡

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7 Ibuki Mioda

I love her personality, design, music, everything. - cam1922

She hella recked the official best character polls, didn't you know!?
I-bu-ki Mi-o-the!

8 Fujisaki Chihiro

He is in my opinion the best trap- even after death he did so much to help the others escape and find out the mysteries of the killing game- also it's really sad that he got murdered cause come on! He's such a great character and could have helped out and given so much more!

Chihiro is in my opinion one of the best characters Dangan Ronpa. He is a kind person who also is the main part of one of the biggest plot twists in the game. Also, he I very brave and also very adorable!

I'm a trap, enough said

One word. Cute.

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9 Rantaro Amami
10 Oogami Sakura

She was the one who opened everyone's eyes to the truth. She also was a character that broke so many girl stereotypes despite her extremely feminine name. Sakura did not think of anyone as the enemy even though she was supposed to be a spy. Sakura had enough self honor, and kindness to kill herself instead of murdering other characters like the game seemed to require.

SAKURA IS THE GREATEST CHARACTER IN ALL OF DR! She sacrificed herself for everyone else and deserves more love.

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? Juzo Sakakura Juzo Sakakura

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11 Touko Fukawa

I don't know why I just love her

Waifu very relatable

I think Toko is far better than Leon, Mondo, and Sayaka. Sure, she didn't do as much as Kyoko, but Leon is barely in it, Mondo is an idiot, and Sayaka betrayed her friend so she could pin him as guilty and escape.

I love her obsession over Byakuya. BEST GIRL WAIFU WRITING PRODIGYYY!

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12 Naegi Makoto

He's my favorite character. He has unwavering determination and optimism, a trait that I like about him. He is very kind to several people as well. I also think he's cute. In episode 11 of the anime, just look at his eyes when he realizes that Kyoko has saved him from the person who could have killed him! THOSE EYES! - listotaku17

He's a cool guy who cares for those around him. I hate how unnecessarily cruel everyone was to him. He deserves a lot for what he did.

He such a cinnamon roll #protect

He is my son! He is so lovable. He is not only cute and good look. He is a smol cinnamon roll, that cares for others and not only himself!

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13 Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
14 Togami Byakuya

The ultimate badass. Some of the funniest quotes, and one of the smartest characters.

His fandom of haters is almost as big of his fandom of lovers I know that people will just accuse me of being a fangirl, but that's not it. Without him, Celestia and Kirigiri, we would be left with my little pony amount of gag worthy friendship dialogue.

I love him because he is so hondsome he is perfect with glasses and he is smart and cool Togami should be number 1

by:Precious Gomaod

15 Celestia Ludenberg Celestia Ludenberg

Why she is down here? She has a large fanbase and is my favorite character too - Sassy13crown

She has the best quote in the whole game, and her death was uber sad. Plus, she looks awesome, and was responsible for the most difficult case to solve.

She was the one of the smartest characters of the game's franchise, and a fascinating person as one learned more and more about her.

I really love celestia's hair.curly and beatiful.and also she is the best killer because she make the others feel confused

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16 Sonia Nevermind

She is such a quirky character even though princesses are to be portrayed as perfection incarnate.

17 Miu Iruma Miu Iruma
18 Ryoma Hoshi

18th? , This list still got a ways to go

19 Korekiyo Shinguji Korekiyo Shinguji

He is my favorite character and I think he needs more love.

I... love...kork...

20 Asahina Aoi

She feels like a very real relatable character! - sonicrosebeam

21 Sayaka Maizono

Just me who likes her? - Justaloli

Definitely the most relatable dr1 character, in my opinion

22 Maki Harukawa Maki Harukawa

Relatable. - buttersock

23 Oowada Mondo

Mondo butter anyone? It is human flavour.I find it yummy. - buttersock


24 Kuwata Leon

I didn't like him at first... but I felt really bad for him when he was executed. He's a great character, too.

Cute punk baby

This guy died in like, the 3rd episode, I don't think he has a very large fanbase...


25 Shuichi Saihara Shuichi Saihara

He needs to be higher

Cinnamon bun

My favorite Danagnronpa Protagonist and favorite Danganronpa character in general - VeranAsh

This charchter is really good.
I mean we love Kaede And All. But Shuichi Is problay the best protaginast of all time.

26 Chihiro Fujisaki Chihiro Fujisaki
27 Mukuro Ikusaba

Just because we barley know her doesn't mean she isn't awesome

In my opinion, I think she should've survived. She definitely deserved to survive - VeranAsh

28 Monokuma

How could you guys forget him? - lavashooter

He is a mass executioner, I love that.

I just love him. he's a cute little evil guy!

What?! 19?!

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29 Kazuichi Souda

Last night he was in Sonia's room

And he stole her underwear too - xandermartin98

30 Genocider Syo

The reason why I held up scissors in science class and started laughing maniacally. - Absolite


31 Yamada Hifumi

Needs more love

32 Chiaki Nanami Chiaki Nanami

Chiaki is so awesome! She's probably my favorite anime character ever

Why isn't this cinnamon roll higher

Chiaki Should at least be one of the Top tens

She needs to go up like 15 places stat

chiaki is best waifu

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33 Mikan Tsumiki

Ultimate fan service.


Mikan was only trying to be nice in any she could and was rewarded terribly (I cite you Hiyoko grand dutchess of cruelty) and possibly had character change for the better, especially after coming to reduce the world in the stand alone anime after being cured of Junko’s influence.

34 Kaito Momota Kaito Momota

Best Space Daddy

Best boy

35 Kaede Akamatsu Kaede Akamatsu

Easily one of my favourite characters if not my favourite.

Such a sweet girl! She’s easily one of the best characters in Danganronpa! Even in the first chapter when nobody knew each other that well, she still gave it her all in order to protect her friends by killing the mastermind. In the class trial, she stood her ground until she finally gave up and admitted that she killed Rantaro. She’s sorta like Chiaki, she pushed Shuichi to give the clues that she was the killer. She also left a will like Chiaki, she also loved her friends like Chiaki. Easily the best characters the the charcterters who love their friends so much that they’d sacrifice their lives in order to save them.

36 Gonta Gokuhara

I quite liked him. He just seemed like a guy who needed some comfort. Heck, he's awesome!

37 Kiyotaka Ishimaru Kiyotaka Ishimaru
38 Teruteru Hanamura Teruteru Hanamura

Lick my fingers

39 Peko Pekoyama Peko Pekoyama

She is quite nice!

40 Sakura Ogami Sakura Ogami

Already on the list, at #18 - izayaorihara

41 Hajime Hinata

My baby boy deserves so much better :(

42 Yasuhiro Hagakure

Vote him for da hair - buttersock

Nobody like you.
I do. The ones who hate you are being brainwashed by the brymuda triangle.

43 Alter Ego

Everyone forgot about Siri huh? Laptop waifu for lifu - buttersock

44 Ragyo Kiryuin Ragyo Kiryuin Ragyo Kiryuin is a fictional character in the anime television series Kill la Kill produced by Trigger. She is the mother of Satsuki Kiryuin and is the main antagonist of the series.

Wait... Something seems off here... - OPZoroark

45 Angie Yonaga Angie Yonaga

Nyaha here comes the first true artist of the franchise and Tenko's rival in popularity

46 Aoi Asahina Aoi Asahina
47 Nekomaru Nidai Nekomaru Nidai
48 K1-B0 K1-B0

Did we all forget about best boy?

My Favorite Roboboi
Also Ravioli, Ravioli, Do Not Lewd The Innocent Robot Child please

Dis is my cinnamon roll that must be protected ^w^

49 Himiko Yumeno Himiko Yumeno
50 Tsumugi Shirogane Tsumugi Shirogane

I really liked Tsumugi, but of course I knew she wouldn't be really high._.

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