Darkest and Saddest Sounding Chords

Well, here's another list. This time focusing on which chords which sound darkest/saddest. I will not be adding major chords, as I don't think major chords sound particularly dark or sad in any way. At least not on their own, in my opinion.

The Top Ten Darkest and Saddest Sounding Chords

1 B-minor

The scale is also painfully saddening as well. - DCfnaf

2 E-minor

One of the easiest chords to learn. - zxm

3 Eb/D#-minor

The Black Lodge chord - DenyYourMaker

Yes, my teacher once said major chords don't sound that sad. But almost all minor chords sound very sad. Especially on acoustic guitar. - zxm

4 D-minor
5 Bb-minor
6 F#/Gb-minor
7 G#/Ab-minor
8 A-minor
9 C-minor
10 F-minor

Favorite chord - DenyYourMaker

The Contenders

11 C#/Db-minor
12 G-minor
13 Amaj7sus2

A different kind of sad.

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