Top Ten Days of the 60201 Lego City Advent Calendar (2018)

Woah, it's already almost christmas, and time has certainly gone by. So I have now gotten to open all the doors on the 2018 lego city advent calendar: 60201. And overall I found this calendar to be an enjoyable one! It's not as good as many previous calendars, but it's definitely recommended and I really thought it was a great one! We will be looking at the days of the advent calendar now, so without further ado, no catchphrase this time!
The Top Ten
1 Day 3: "Racecar"

Yes, I think that Day 3 was the best day of the whole advent calendar, being serious. I never would have thought the best thing of the advent calendar would come out as early as Day 3! So on Day 3 we got this little race car, and oh gods does it look impressive! Some people say it looks quite simple on the whole, but overall I just find it so impressive! While a character can't sit in it, a child can stand in it and drive! not to mention those wheels and that thing on the back are quite rare pieces! Definitely my fave!

2 Day 17: "Chef Minifigure"

Hands down the best minifigure. From my own experience, my favourite minifigures usually come on the earlier days, but that isn't the case this time. This chef wears a knitted sweater that is beige and some dark green trousers, and a unique face and hat! This is my favourite minifigure in this calendar!

3 Day 22: "Robot and Skyscraper"

This was quite a unique one, and Day 22 is usually one of my favourite days of the advent calendars (apart from the 2014 calendar I guess), and this is one of the best Day 22 days! It comes with an awesomne looking robot that includes some cool pieces and while may look a bit odd at times, is a very unique build, there's a clock on his belly hinting that he is a clock toy! You even get a micro-scale skyscraper that I guess the robot is meant to bring destruction too. Definitely an excellent build!

4 Day 11: "Electric Locomotive"

This build highly resembles a real life train and it looks awesomne! Even with only a total of two colours (three I guess), this train looks impressive and offers tons of playability! It reminds me a bit of the train you got in the 2013 calendar as well, except that one is a more steam train variant, plus the colours are different.

5 Day 13: "Girl With Ice Cream"

As we leave the excellent tier and movie onto the awesome tier, we have Day 13 at number #5, which is a little girl with a red shirt, glasses, unique hair piece and a unique face as well. So in my view, Day 13 has never dissapointed me, ever, and that trend continues with the 2018 calendar. I love how she also has an ice cream, during winter, but then agian, I eat ice cream anytime of the year as well.

6 Day 16: "Cake Stall"

This was quite an impressive looking build overall and I liked the amount of different colours and details put into this. Only flaw is that I wish that the wheels were actual wheels, but other than that it's awesome, I especially love the roof.

7 Day 18: "Monster Truck and Ramp"

Looking back at my predictions, I predicted I would get this one in the first day.
*seventeen days after the first day*
I was so wrong. But at least I got it. This one's simple but quite cool! You get a fine looking monster truck with a ramp that can be put on top of the car so that it would look like a cowboy, or a car with a cap. If only the wheels were bigger like actuakl monster truck wheels this surely would've been higher

8 Day 2: "Boy With Coin"

This was quite a cool minifigure I certainly enjoyed a lot! While it seems basic on the outside, the more you study it, the more you realize how creative it is. The hat is quite rare and looks very good, and the coin is very unique as well, you even get a spare one. However the big plus about this minifigure is the double-sided head! This is like the first time ever a minifigure in an advent calendar comes with another face, a worried one! Ah, so awesome!

9 Day 7: "Woman With Shovel"

She may be the weakest minifigure of this year's calendar but certainly a good one still. The torso is quite unique and the overall minifigure looks good overall. Her face is quite basic though with is minus.

10 Day 1: "Space Shuttle"

The first day of the advent calendar is usually a quite awesome build and that trend is the same here as well! Although it lacks some important details it's instantly recognizable as a space shuttle with fuel tanks on its back. Although I prefer the 2015 variant of a space shuttle this one is fairly great as well and offers playability a lot!

The Contenders
11 Day 23: "Helicopter"

This ambulance helicopter looks awesome! Although I certainly do wish the rotor blade was an actual lego rotor blade and not just a underwhelming plank that you have to manually rotate, the rest of the helicopter looks pretty impressive and beautiful!

12 Day 19: "Remote Control Cars"

This one appears to be fairly similar to the ones in the 2015 calendar, although I'd say less effort were put into these one, and it's a blue and red one, and not a green and red one. Overall these are really nice! Quite creative and the blue one is definitely my fave of the two because, well, it's blue!

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