Top 10 Inventions that Were Probably Inspired by Laziness

I'm not complaining - I enjoy most of the inventions I put on this list.
Also, these inventions can be explained in a more serious way, such as society changes and transition to urban life style, changing needs/demands, etc.
But what if some inventions were actually products of human laziness? That might be also true. Haha.

The Top Ten

1 Remote Controls Remote Controls

It seems like too many inventions these days are created due to laziness. This is why I don't like the direction the world and humans are going in. - ParasN2000


2 Elevators

Just press a button, wait for the elevator to come down, get in, and the elevator will take you up. They’re good if you’re pushing a cart or in really tall buildings. - HoldenFanatic

3 Online Shopping

Want to find a rare item that you probably wouldn't find in the shops.

Click this. Click that. Click delivery. Done! - Metal_Treasure

4 Revolving Ice Cream Cone Revolving Ice Cream Cone

Revolving ice-cream cone. That's not laziness, that's genius.

Licking ice cream takes so much effort, man 😂 - Metal_Treasure

5 Automobile / Car

You don't have to walk to the next town to buy a new horse. - Metal_Treasure

6 Phone

- you don't have to walk to the person you wanna talk to;
- you don't have to write letters telling what you did last summer 😜 - Metal_Treasure

7 Washing Machine
8 Dishwasher

Women are a great invention.

9 Delivery Delivery

"We have to install microwave ovens, custom kitchen delivery..." - Gg2000

Haha, very suitable quote because Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits is known as one of the laziest musicians ever. - Metal_Treasure

From pizza delivery to bulky home appliances delivery. - Metal_Treasure

10 Online Banking

The Contenders

11 Treadmills

Some people don't even use these things to exercise their own legs; they put the dog on it so they don't have to walk it!

LOL. I didn't know people use them instead of walking their dogs! But that's a great idea...haha - Metal_Treasure

Soz I go to the gym to run on them. Lose weight.

12 Instant Noodles

No need to cook food when you can just pour water, microwave, and eat some noodles in a cup. - HoldenFanatic

13 Snowball Maker Snowball Maker

Totally this cause our hands are perfect for making snowballs already like who would buy that!?!?!

14 Internet Internet
15 Guns
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