Top Ten Worst Lego Advent Calendars of All Time

Tomorrow the 1st and most lego fans usually have an advent calendar with them, City, Star Wars or Friends, however not all calendars were great, here are the worst ones of all time (cringe description)
The Top Ten
1 Friends Advent Calendar 41353 (2018)

Alright, this calendar is flat-out terrible! And I rarely say that. Even as a Lego Friends hater, I try to look at calendars as objectively as possible. But this one is just so idiotic and poorly thought out that it shouldn't even be considered a Lego Friends Advent calendar, for goodness sake! It's just twenty-four random builds with no relevance and no minifigures. That's right, no minifigures! It's just so underwhelming.

2 Friends Advent Calendar 41040 (2014)

This calendar is just so boring! It's your typical Friends Advent calendar with repetitive items and two minifigures. The content is just very boring. And seriously, it's not like girls only like pink and purple.

3 Friends Advent Calendar 41131 (2016)

There's not a big difference between this and the 2014 one. It has two minifigures, and everything just has to have at least one bit of purple or pink, even though it gets old so quickly. Now, the minifigures are half-decent, but one of them has a glitched face.

4 Friends Advent Calendar 41016 (2013)

There's not much to say about this one. It has some decent builds, but overall, it's just forgettable, like most Friends Advent calendars. Onto the next one.

5 City Advent Calendar 7724 (2008)

I think this is the worst City Advent calendar so far. As you may know, Lego City is the longest-running Lego theme with Advent calendars, starting with 2005. But this one is very disappointing. It includes way too many minifigures and not very many interesting things. Other than some of the minifigures and a minority of the builds, this one's not that good at all, I'd say.

6 City Advent Calendar 7904 (2006)

This calendar is a bit of a rehash of the 2005 City calendar, which was the first calendar released. I don't like that too much. I mean, it's not an abomination, but it's a disappointing one.

7 Friends Advent Calendar 41102 (2015)

Alright, now, this one isn't that bad. It has some decent builds. You get a saxophone, some hockey sticks, awesome-looking ice hockey goals, and a decent catapult. In my opinion, this one's alright. It's just not as great as other calendars. And for once, there isn't pink or purple on every little thing.

8 Star Wars Advent Calendar 75184 (2017)

Most people I've met on the internet agree this is the worst Star Wars calendar. Why, you ask? Well, simply look at the picture and see the underwhelming Santa exclusive included this time: BB-8 with a Santa hat. There's nothing exclusive about that! Some of the builds are bland and boring, too. I mean, some of the minifigures are cool, but overall, this one's disappointing. Also, it's set on a desert planet, which makes no sense, as it's an Advent calendar.

9 Friends Advent Calendar 3316 (2012)

Yes, I think the first Friends Advent calendar is one of the better ones, as it has some pretty cool builds, like the sled that contains two wagons on it! I like it. Even skis are included. Overall, I think it's quite decent.

10 Friends Advent Calendar 41326 (2017)

I think this is the best Friends Advent calendar, seeing as it's quite thrilling. You get a sled with many wagons, a snowboard, and even a horse with a sled on its back! A bit overwhelming, too, I think. Pretty good, I guess.

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